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Daily newsletter e -no498 4-6-2014


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Daily newsletter e -no498 4-6-2014

  1. 1. 2014/6/4 -NO. (498) PAGE 2 Syrian Prisoners also vote! Islamic Front: Syrian elections invalid Mortars hit Damascus Assad family`s hegemony gone, Jarba PAGE 3 PAGE 2 Khaddam: Syrian elections “pile of papers” U.S “Syrian presidential election disgrace” PAGE 3
  2. 2. Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )498( 2014/6/4 Islamic Front: Syrian elections invalid Assad family`s hegemony gone, Jarba Khaddam: Syrian elections “pile of papers” “Syrian presidential elections are invalid, Syrian govern- ment shows another chapter for its comic play by elect- ing its president”, al-Islam- ic front claimed. “carrying out Presidential elections in these days adds more insult to injury”, Islamic front add- ed. Earlier, the Islamic Front has banned people from par- ticipating in the elections, being a ‘major sin’. The head of the Syrian op- position coalition, Ahmed Jarba said “The time of Assad family`s hegemony over Syrian people has gone forever, their referendums “Syrian presidential elections are worthless piles of papers, everyone knows this is false”, Abdul Halim Khaddam said. “President Bashar al-Assad insisted on elections just to irk people around the world”, Khaddam added. Syrian Prisoners also vote “Syrian government used prisoners’ ID to cast their ballots in favor of Bashar al-Assad”, Syrian National Coalition’s Political Body member- Nasser al-Hariri claimed. Al-Hariri described the Iranian National Security Head inspecting polling cen- ters in Damascus as “politi- cal violation” A leaked video that has gone viral yesterday shows a man, apparently in charge of a ballot box, reg- istration data sent to him via What`s Up. are no longer deceptive even for children” “Assad has been assigned by Iran, just like al-Baghdadi has been named a prince of Iraq and Syria”, al-Jarba added.
  3. 3. Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )498( 2014/6/4 Mortars hit Damascus A new battle starts in Jisr al-Shoghor FSA declared the start of “Passing Routs” Battle in Jisr al-Shoghor and its country- side. the factions attributed the importance of this battle to the significance of the geograph- ic location of Jisr al-Shogor, which is considered the most important node at the only sup- ply route for the Syrian army in the cities of Ariha and Idlib and the camps between them. “more than 150 mortar shells have hit several regions in Da- mascus and its countryside, in- cluding Bab-Tuma , Al-Baram- kah neighborhoods, Mazzeh Military airports ,in addition to al-Mliha town in Damascus countryside”, opposition an- nounced. “Polling centers in Damascus and its countryside will not be attacked by armed factions, to avoid harming civil- ians”, armed factions in Damas- cus and countryside announced. U.S “Syrian presidential election disgrace” GCC refuses Syrian elections NATO won`t recognize Syria`s elections The United States con- demned the Syrian presiden- tial election held on Tuesday as “a disgrace” carried out by a government of Presi- dent Bashar al-Assad that “Syrian presidential elections including Mr. President Bashar al-Assad’s nomination under- mine international and Arab efforts which seek to end Syr- ian crisis peacefully”, Gulf Cooperation Council claimed. In the wake of Gulf Coopera- tion Council’s meetings which gather Gulf foreign ministers in Riyadh, the council reiter- ates support for a peaceful solu- tion for Syrian crisis according to Geneve1 items, stressing on the necessity of bringing Syrian criminals to justice and activat- ing the French draft resolution which was discussed in Interna- tional Security Council. “Syrian presidential elections are a comic play, we do not approve it”, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Ras- mussen said. is “detached from reality” amid the country’s brutal civil war “Bashar al-Assad has no more credibility today than he did yesterday,” Harf added.
  4. 4. Page NO.4The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )498( 2014/6/4 Opposition control new areas Al-Nusra slaughters ISIL fighters Opposition fighters recaptured al-Mflsa village in al-Sfera and Azzan Mountain in Aleppo countryside. The Syrian army seized the rocket base at Azzan, villages of “We will chase ISIL fight- ers in all Syrian provinces”, al-Nusra Grand Mufti said. In a phone call with one of ISIL fighters, al-Nusra Mufti threatens to slaughter Abtin, Rasm al-Shieh, Kafar Abid, south- ern Aleppo to the outskirts of al-Zarba region eastern Aleppo, unofficial media sources claimed ISIL fighters who distort the concept of Jihad.