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The Role of Technology in Special Education


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The Role of Technology in Special Education

  1. 1. Kristi Young’sfinal project
  2. 2. About Me I am an Idahonative but i’m a beach bum at heart. I ammarried and have 2 boys, life is neverboring at my house.In my spare time I dabble inphotography. I love music, reading,and movies. Pink is my favorite
  3. 3. Where am I going?i’m not sure where mY special ed degree will take me. I know what I want to do but i’m not sure how and where i’ll get it done. In a nutshell; I want to rock he world. My dream is to advocate and teach others to advocate for themselves. I dream of a world
  4. 4. What I have Learned Table of Contents1. Cover 7. Word Processing2. About me 8. Communication &3. Teaching Goals Exploration4. Table of contents 9. Spreadsheets5. Role of Technology 10. Presentation Software 11. Favorite Internet Sites
  5. 5. • Technology is a valuable training toolTechnology as a way of getting a lot of information to many people in a timely As a tool for my self and myparaprofessional colleagues… manner. • Technology has transformed the special ed system – Communicate needs to Medicaid and the school district more efficiently – Billing is much faster – Parents can communicate back and forth over e-
  6. 6. Technology • Adaptive Technology cont. – Switches – Talk pads – Touch screens for computers – Simple machinesAs a tool for my students… • Computers help standardize the information • Word for learning to type even with an inability to write • The internet for gathering info and researching students’ needs
  7. 7. Word I will use Word in communication with parents, perhaps in a newsletter.Word will help me keep track of what needs to be done for content standardsWord will be used to teach students written communication so that they can learn andcommunicate at least vital information suchas a Name, Phone number, and/or Address
  8. 8. Communication & Exploration The internet can take you anywhere!• Use the internet to learn new things with a webqwest • Talk to parents in their own setting through Skype• Email information and get responses quickly • Access education programs like touchmath!
  9. 9. SpreadsheetsIn addition to keeping track of grades when necessary; I plan to track data and student’s progress. This can be done visually by comparing data from 3 different6 points throughout the year.4 Sept 2 2.22 1 1 Jan0 May Mobility Social Math Reading Excel will also be used to make calendars and reward charts which are very effective in this setting
  10. 10. Presentation SoftwarePower Point is great for tackling training and large amounts of info that people may want to write down.• In my training presentation, paraprofessionals are given the tools they need to get encourage optimum progress from our students. I was given this same info via power point and it obviously was effective. -You can view an explanation of this project in my week 13 discussion board• Parents can be presented with a variety of information to prepare them for the school year on back to school night
  11. 11. Favorite Internet Sites• I have talked about touchmath throughout this class so here is the link. touchmath is a great hands-on visual way to teach math skills. If you can count, you can do any math with this system.• As an educator we all know that there are new resources and new information constantly becoming available. I love this site for that that purpose!• Yes, I know it’s just Google but it’s invaluable as a resource for finding out the newest changes in advocacy laws and learning more about a student diagnosis.
  12. 12. I found Mr. Olson’s obituary in the paper on 5/7/10. Since this is the week for this final project I wanted to include something about him…In Memory of This is the man who came into my second grade classroom on the first day with a girl in a Steve Olson wheelchair. He introduced her as Brenda and explained why she was different and opened the 1950-2010 floor for questions. Any questions anyone wanted to ask no matter how embarrassing he answered them with dignity. This event changed my life and shaped who I would become. Since that day in school I spent every recess in his room and continued this habit into Jr. High and High School. When I was old enough to legally work, my first job was as a Special Ed assistant in summer school. I still have ongoing friendships with many of the kids I served; including Brenda. Today, I still refer back to his attitude of acceptance and empowerment that shaped my education as a young child. I never saw him again to tell him what an impact he made or to thank him for what he taught me.