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8 adapted mini PE lessons


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Published in: Education, Technology
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8 adapted mini PE lessons

  1. 1. Kristi YoungPhye 2108 mini lesson plansTime Skills/Activity Modification Standard Reflection1 min transitions 1 min of free 5 time given5 min Walking- Student will walk to get walk with ball 3, 5, 6 warmed up and as part of establishing in hands healthy habits. hands down, no behaviors5 min Volley- student will hit an item back to Vary items- 1,2,5 partner instead of catching and throwing. balloon, foam NO behaviors! ball, use racket, use hands…5 min Hockey- Student will hold hold the stick ball or puck 1,2,5 in the correct hands down position. no behaviors5 min Balance on a balance ball- student will trampoline 1,2,5 work on balance and core strength5 min Range of Motion Differ 3,5,6 (stretching)- as part of lifetime fitness stretches, and mobility the student will work on stretching out with particular attention paid to the legs.5 min Soccer- Student will walk and kick the Hold foam ball 1,2,5 soccer ball with some attention paid to in hands to control over the ball. (dribbling) reduce hitting, scratching, and grabbing2 min Cross Crawls- Student will close by Crawling on 1, 5 engaging in cross crawls (from brain floor gym). This is calming and promotes cross midline unilateral movement.All of these activities with also focus on cooperation and no negative behaviors.Equipment Needed: med size foam ball, soccer ball, balloon, balance ball, tennis racket, hockeypuck, hockey stick,
  2. 2. Closing Activity: Free Time- student usually chooses blue scooter carsAssessment: using reflection, the goal is to track student behavior and find out what works toreduce negative behaviors so that specific skill can be tried out and taught. Using a rubric, ascale can be made to give a daily quantified grade for tracking.References: Cori Dalton- helped to organize format for adaptive plan, gave me a crash course in adaptations and modifications PE Central- APENS- Standards:Standard 1:Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a varietyof physical activities.Standard 2:Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as theyapply to the learning and performance of physical activities.Standard 3:Participates regularly in physical activity.Standard 4:Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.Standard 5:Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physicalactivity settings.Standard 6:Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or socialinteraction.