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Speaking present

  1. 1. Unit: Science and technologyTopic: Invention
  2. 2. Questions 1. What is the news about? 2. What do you see in the video?
  3. 3. Vocabulary
  4. 4. key (n.)
  5. 5. fingerprint (n.)
  6. 6. refrigerator (n.)
  7. 7. robot (n.)
  8. 8. burst (v.)
  9. 9. Structure If-clauses (Conditional sentences) type 1 If+ present simple tense, S+ future simple tense s+v (s,es) S+ will+main verbConditional Sentences Type I refer to the future. An action inthe future will only happen if a certain condition is fulfilled bythat time. We dont know for sure whether the conditionactually will be fulfilled or not, but the conditions seemsrather realistic – so we think it is likely to happen.
  10. 10. Example:If a pipe bursts, the house will call the plumber. present simple future simple tense tense
  11. 11. present simple future simple tense tenseIf there is a fire, the house will turn on thefire extinguishers automatically.
  12. 12. TextHost: Will you tell us about the new intelligent home your company has built? It promises to be the model for the houses of the future.Grace: Certainly. The idea is not to have a house full of gadgets. This is a complete household system. It will make people’s lives easier.Host: OK. So tell me how this will make my life easier?
  13. 13. Grace: When you arrive at the front door, you won’t need a key. The door will open with a touch of your finger: the system recognizes your fingerprint. You will be able to call your refrigerator when you are in the supermarket and find out how much milk you still have and figure out how much you need to buy. Isn’t that wonderful? Host: Can I call the washing machine as well?
  14. 14. Grace: Sure. But you won’t need to. The house comes with a robot. Greeves has been programmed to do the cleaning, the washing, and the ironing.Host: What about household problems?Grace: Well, if a pipe bursts, the house will call the plumber. And if there’s a fire, the house will turn on the fire extinguishers automatically and call the fire department.
  15. 15. Host: And what’s the price of this intelligent home?Grace: A million dollars.Host: A million dollars! It will be the twenty- second century before I’ll be able to afford to buy one!
  16. 16. Questions1.Why will someone who owns the housecall the refrigerator?2.What are some safety features of the house?3.What is the role of robot?
  17. 17. Activity 1 Fantastic circleDirection-Make 2 circles.-In each circle, divide into 2 circles.-Students in the inner-circle have to be persons who ask the questions. (Look at the questions on Power point.)
  18. 18. Example = student
  19. 19. • Can you tell me about the new intelligent home?• What will happen if we have an intelligent home?• How will his house make the life easier?• If you want to open the door, what will you do?• Can you tell me the benefits of this intelligent house?• What is the duty at the robot?• Can you explain about the washing machine?• If a pipe bursts, what will happen?• If there’s a fire, what will happen?• What is the price of this intelligent home?4.Students in the outer-circle have to answer the questions.5.Students in the inner-circle move to their right hands for 1 step to ask the next friends.
  20. 20. Activity 2 Role-Play: Welcome to my homeDirection1.Make a group of 3 people.2.Do the following role-play -You are the owner of the intelligent house and a friend is visiting your house. -Explain the features of the intelligent and why you like them. -Use your imagination and invent more details for the house.3. 10 minutes for preparing.4. Come up with idea and present in front of the class.
  21. 21. Example: Host 1: Welcome to my intelligent home. You can open the door by laughing out so loud. Guest: Oh! It’s amazing. Host 2: And when a pipe bursts, the house will call the plumber automatically. Guest: Wow !!