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Custom fit knee replacement in India


Published on, Custom fit knee replacement with Visionaire instruments and Oxinium ceramic knee. Surgery performed by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam in Chennai, India. Custom fit knee replacement has many advantages like shorter operation time, smaller incisions, less blood loss, less pain, accurate placement, longevity etc. Dr.Venkatachalam is the first surgeon to use this technology in Chennai, India. He now offers this technology for partial and total knee replacements with other knees as well. Visit

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Custom fit knee replacement in India

  1. 1. Custom fit knee replacementDr.A.K.VenkatachalamMS Orth, DNB Orth, FRCS, M.Ch Restoring mobility 1 and flexibility
  2. 2. Knee surgery in IndiaSouth African patient’s testimonial Dr.A.K.VenkatachalamMS Orth, DNB Orth, FRCS, M.Ch Orth Restoring mobility 2 and flexibility
  3. 3. Custom made knee replacementCustom fit knee replacement Smaller incision Restoring mobility 3 and flexibility
  4. 4. Incision extended to capsuleCustom fit knee replacement Restoring mobility 4 and flexibility
  5. 5. Limited Restoring mobility 5 and flexibility
  6. 6. Distal femur exposed for custom fit Restoring mobility 6 and flexibility
  7. 7. Femoral cutting Restoring mobility 7 and flexibility
  8. 8. Femoral jig placed with retention of Restoring mobility 8 and flexibility
  9. 9. Checking adequacy of resection Restoring mobility 9 and flexibility
  10. 10. Distal femoral Restoring mobility 10 and flexibility
  11. 11. Distal femoral resectioncompleted with custom jig Restoring mobility 11 and flexibility
  12. 12. Tibial cutting Restoring mobility 12 and flexibility
  13. 13. Custom fit knee replacementPlacement of tibial cutting jig Restoring mobility 13 and flexibility
  14. 14. Checking adequacy of Restoring mobility 14 and flexibility
  15. 15. Confirming alignment of cutting block to tibial mechanical axis Restoring mobility 15 and flexibility
  16. 16. Cutting Restoring mobility 16 and flexibility
  17. 17. Removing Tibial Restoring mobility 17 and flexibility
  18. 18. Measuring tibial cut Restoring mobility 18 and flexibility
  19. 19. Checking extension space and limb alignment Restoring mobility 19 and flexibility
  20. 20. Inserting four in one cutting Restoring mobility 20 and flexibility
  21. 21. Femoral trial Restoring mobility 21 and flexibility
  22. 22. Tibial Restoring mobility 22 and flexibility
  23. 23. Real components Oxinium femoral, titanium tibial tray Restoring mobility 23 and flexibility
  24. 24. Cement Restoring mobility 24 and flexibility
  25. 25. Cementing tibial Restoring mobility 25 and flexibility
  26. 26. Cementing tibial Restoring mobility 26 and flexibility
  27. 27. Cementing Restoring mobility 27 and flexibility
  28. 28. Cementing femoral Restoring mobility 28 and flexibility
  29. 29. Excess cement Restoring mobility 29 and flexibility
  30. 30. Final components in Restoring mobility 30 and flexibility
  31. 31. Bilateral Oxinium knees with Visionaire. Good limb alignment Restoring mobility 31 and flexibility
  32. 32. For appointments, e mail Visit Custom fit knee replacement in India Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam, MS Orth, DNB Orth, FRCS, M.Ch Orth Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon © Restoring mobility 32 and flexibility