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How to get protected against tornado


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How to get protected against tornado

  1. 1. How to Protect Human Settlements Against TornadoProf Vladimir Merkulov, Dr Sc (Phys.Math) Novosibirsk, Russia 2012
  2. 2. Tornadoes and Hurricanes• There are many hurricanes recorded in the USA. For instance, there are 1200 tornadoes registered each year of active sun. When some Tornadoes go to the cities, they produce enormous destructions, accompanied by the loss of human lives.
  3. 3. Tornado Problem• Making the physical model of lightning allowed Benjamin Franklin to offer the effective protection from it.• The common meteorological model of the Tornado isn’t adequate to the physical process and therefore doesn’t allow to make the same for the protection of tornadoes.• Tornado isn’t born on the Earth, it is born on the Sun. It isn’t meteorological process, it is some physical phenomenon, linked with properties of the physical vacuum.
  4. 4. Physical Model of Tornado• The physical basis of the Tornado consists of defects of the vacuum, placed in some areas of the Tornado, called domains.• And these domains are the base to other phenomena, seen on the Earth, such as storm clouds, fireballs, UFO, tropical hurricanes, effects of Bermudian triangle, emergence of the defects of the physical vacuum, splitting the vacuum needs more energy, than splitting the atoms.• Domains are created in the interiors of the stars, including our Sun. Domains travel throughout the universe because of solar wind.
  5. 5. Tornado• Some domains, which are moving to the Earth, are polarized by electrical, magnetic and gravitational field of the Earth, and are drawn to Earth.• Crossing the ionosphere of the Earth, domains get negative charges, which then become centers of the condensation and make storm clouds, including parent clouds of Tornado.• Movement of the air, strictly localized by domain, is only accompanying this process. Because the magnetic pole of the Earth is situated in Alaska, then the funnel of the magnetic pole is focusing vacuum domains mainly to the North America.
  6. 6. Anomalies of Tornado and their explanationThe cow and her house were flown Local effect of tornado, but it doesn’t movewoman and the bucket of milk.The brick church was rotated by 90 Levitation and effect of Einstein-De-Gasdegrees of C. It wasn’t destructed!Tornado touched the ground by dots. Gravitational load went under the ground/Wooden plank pierces the wall of the Actions of concentratedhouse! gravitational load.
  7. 7. Other EffectsTypical trace of Tornado consist of planks, pierced by blades of grass!Everybody knows, that wind can’t do that. Only gravitationalpolarization can.
  8. 8. Trajectory of air particles in the parent Tornado cloud• This structure also always rotates around it’s axis.• There can’t be such temperature and pressure, which can build this rotation.• But at the same time is known, that the dipole of some loads can make such field of strength and, therefore, such field of speed.
  9. 9. Electro-gravitation-dynamic model of hurricanes and Tornadoes• The model of Tornado allowed scientist to explain many anomalies of the physical processes and offer a mechanism which can protect people from Tornado.• Model testing was based on an analysis of existing observations of Tornadoes.
  10. 10. What we can offer to partners?Here are some organizations which can be interested inprotection against Tornado:• Insurance companies, which can prevent damages and payments to cover the consequences of Tornado.• Organizations formed to protect population against natural disasters• Government agencies, which can use these systems to prevent damage, inflicted to cities and projects in them.
  11. 11. Commercialization through verification technologyTechnology verification variants:• Installation of a stationary system of protection from tornado in some city.• Moving the installation on the aircraft, which can be quickly moved to the place of original Tornado.• Building quite a big (~1000) park of stationary systems, or making a lot (~100) mobile systems.
  12. 12. Reliability of the theory about tornadoes• It can be checked experimentally on phenomena which are more available than tornado: tropical hurricanes or storm clouds.
  13. 13. References• Merkulov, V. I., Electrogravidynamic Model of a UFO, a Tornado and a Tropic Hurricane. ISBN 5-86134-056-0, William R. Nelson Institute of Public Affairs, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 2001.• Merkulov, V. I Heterogeneous vacuum in geophysics. Proceedings «A hundred years of Tunguska enigma» Moscow, BINOM, 2008, ISBN 978-5- 94774-870-3.• V.I.Merkulov, Electrogravidynamical model of UFO, tornado and tropical hurricane:• technologies/Profiles/12_RU_86FG_3P4P.html•
  15. 15. P.S. How theory explains photos of “UFO” on MarsAnomalies on Mars regarded What is it actually?as traces of UFO • Actually it is a defect of physical vacuum – a domain. • Optically it appears as an air bubble in water. Long exposition resulted in the bubble having drawn comparatively long line.
  16. 16. Theory of defects of physical vacuum• Theory of defects of physical vacuum can explain many phenomena observed in space.• Many research organizations including NASA are looking for explanation.• Our theory can be successfully used to explain all these phenomena and irregularities.