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Omnibus as a Solution for Dependency Hell


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Python has always been an exemplar of good coding style for me. It’s impressive how concise unit tests can be, how flexible mocks are. Really, it’s a great pleasure to write Python code. Up until the point when you need to deploy it. From then on you embark on a rollercoaster to go through a variety of tools and approaches. This article is supposed to help you sail over Python dependency hell, stay alive and still enjoy writing in this awesome language.

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Omnibus as a Solution for Dependency Hell

  1. 1. Omnibus as a Solution for Python Dependency Hell BAyPIGgies Meetup, January 2019 Aleksandr Kuzminsky
  2. 2. Yet Another Packaging Tool? • Python Packaging User Guide offers ~30 options
  3. 3. How Omnibus Approaches Problem
  4. 4. Omnibus package dependencies
  5. 5. How to Deal with Dependencies pip-sync
  6. 6. Specifying Dependencies Versions • Semantic versioning ( • Min version – >=current • Max version - < next major
  7. 7. Packaging reusable code
  8. 8. Hosting Dependencies
  9. 9. Using Omnibus Packages in CI/CD