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The Curse - Model Questions and Answers (SPM)


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Fill in the blanks exercises. Easy.

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The Curse - Model Questions and Answers (SPM)

  1. 1. 1 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse THE CURSE FORM FIVE MODEL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
  2. 2. 2 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse “THE CURSE” A. CHARACTERS Question 1 Based on the novel that you have read,write about a character that you admire for his/her caring and positive characteristics. In “The Curse”,the Old Lady who is feared and ________(1) by the villagers who believe that she is ______(2) and a witch, is actually a warm and positive character. Only those who take the trouble to know her will get to know this side of her character,like Azreen. She is someone that Azreen turns to when she needs _______ (3)and advice. Azreen develops a beautiful __________(4) with the Old Lady and she is the person that Azreen turns to whenever there is a huge fight with her parents. Azreen __________ (5)in her and finds comfort in her ___________ (6). She speaks more ____________ (7) with the Old Lady than with her own parents. For example, Azreen laughs for the first time since she came home from London as she catches up with the Old Lady. In her __________ (8) way,the Old Lady advices Azreen against fighting with anyone as Azreen is __________ (9) to do so when she sees injustice. For example, she is ready to fight anyone who harasses the Old Lady. In her wise manner, the Old Lady _________ (10) Azreen and tries to help her understand why Madhuri’s murder needs to be covered up. She urges Azreen to __________(11) and gave her own self as an example of someone who is able to forgive an __________ (12) husband. As a result, the Old Lady is able to put her _____________ (13) memories behind her, move on and be happy. The Old Lady’s warmth and ____________ (14) encourages Azreen to turn to her when she takes the blame for allowing the _______ (15) to escape which leads to her parents’ motorcycle accident. Azreen even runs to the Old Lady after the fire __________ (16) that almost burnt down Madhuri’s room and refuses to return home because she feels more comfortable at the Old Lady’s. The Old Lady’s natural caring _____________ (17) makes her brave the scorn and __________ (18) of the villagers and to enter the village to heal Mohd. Asraf’s grandmother. She is able to withstand their rejection and __________ (19) because she knows she is doing the right thing. Siti, Puan Kamsiah’s young daughter, is able to __________ (20) this caring nature in the Old Lady as she notes ‘a look in her eyes that is kind and __________ (21). solace unpleasant gentle wisdom confides inclined wrath relationship characteristic evil generosity rejected contempt patient motherly comfortably incident bull cautions abusive recognise
  3. 3. 3 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse Question 2 Based on the novel that you have read,explain what is it that drives some of the characters to believe that they will achieve their goals eventually. In “The Curse”,the characters hope that what they believe in will happen, even if it is ____________ (1). They are driven to persist in their acts even though their actions are ____________ (2) in society. Mohd. Asraf and Madhuri are in ______ (3) and want to run away together when Asraf decides to leave Kuala Lumpur for a __________ (4) course. Despite Madhuri being married, their _________ (5) that they can be together makes them carry on their relationship. It drives Madhuri to plan to _______ (6) everything to her husband, Haji Ghani and get his permission to release her. She also plans to reveal to her parents about her ___________ (7) with Asraf. Unfortunately, Madhuri’s father catches Madhuri and Asraf together in the __________ (8) estate and in anger, tries to ______(9) Asrafwith his parang only to _______ (10) at Madhuri and kill her. The villagers are ________(11) into a web of rumours and anxiety when the village’s ______________ (12)announces that Madhuri’s murder has brought a curse to the village and disaster will befall the village. When the Old Lady makes an ___________ (13) in the village to heal Mohd. Asraf’s grandmother, the _____________ (14) villagers see her presence in the village as _____________ (15) the curse or misfortune they are experiencing. Their superstitious belief drives them to chase the Old Lady away that eventually leads to her death. At the same time, Awang the bomoh aggravates the matter further. He drive to ward off the curse by burning _________ (16) around Azreen’s house and odd things around the village set off more fears. Madhuri’s ____________ (17) mother,also known as the crazy woman, blames Madhuri’s adopted family for her death and wishes them ill. In her drive to wish bad luck on the family, she steals one of their chickens, breaks off its neck and leaves it on their back doorstep. She stalks them and eventually causes Saleh Abdullah to have a ____________(18). In conclusion, we can see that some of the characters’ actions are driven based on superstitions and ___________(19). These acts turn out to be fatalas they lead to __________ (20) ends like the Old Lady’s death and Saleh’s heart attack. emotions unacceptable plunged relationship appearance biological forbidden kill intensifying gossipmonger superstitious heart attack belief charms teaching tragic strike rubber confess love
  4. 4. 4 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse Question 3 Based on the novel that you have read,write about the changes faced by any character of your choice and how the character handles the changes. In ‘The Curse’, Azreen shares a close ___________ (1) with her sister Madhuri when they were children. When Azreen gets into trouble, for example, when she plays in the kitchen while Madhuri is boiling vegetables and causes Madhuri to burn her fingers, she is __________ (2) by her father. However,Madhuri tries to ________ (3) her. However,as the sisters grow older, Azreen is constantly ___________ (4) to Madhuri. Azreen notices that no matter what she does or says, she can never _________ (5) up against Madhuri, the pretty and _________ (6) girl. Azreen remains the __________ (7) and more rowdy one who gets invited to play with the boys in a hockey match. When everyone, especially her father starts to __________ (8) Madhuri, Azreen’s feelings start to change. Unknowingly to her, she starts to hate her sister. She quietly ________ (9) Madhuri for the ‘emotional damage’ she feels. Things ________ (10) when Azreen is blamed for her parents’ motorcycle accident. The gap between her and her father widens. Nevertheless, Azreen deals with all these developments in a _____________ (11) manner. She continues to respect her father despite his __________ (12) and also cares for her mother. Azreen seeks comfort in the ___________ (13) whenever she feels upset or unhappy with her parents. When she takes the blame for the motorcycle accident, she runs to the Old Lady as a refuge. She draws ___________(14) from the Old Lady’s wisdom and ___________ (15). Azreen finds that not much has changed between her father when she comes home for ___________ (16) death. However,she could only __________ (17) her loss following her mother’s death. We see Azreen dealing with these recent _________ (18) in her life with her strength to overcome. In the end, she learns to forgive her father and Madhuri after learning the __________ (19) about Madhuri’s ________ (20) and death. Question 4 Write on a character that shows responsibility in her or his actions. Support youranswer with evidence fromthe novel. Based on the Novel “The Curse” by Lee Sue Ann, a character that shows responsibility is Mohd Asraf as he is being shown as a _________ (1) grandson and cares about her grandmother. Firstly, he takes care of Nek, especially when she is sick. Mohd Asraf is concerned about his grandmother’s ______________ (2) health. He is willing to take leave from work as to take care of responsible mourn beaten relationship Old Lady Madhuri’s birth obedient shield coldness worsen compared match changes stubborn favour strength truth blames advice
  5. 5. 5 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse his grandmother. In addition, Mohd Asraf’s effort to look for the cure for his grandmother further ______________ (3) that he is indeed a responsible person. Secondly, Mohd Asraf wants to take Nek to the __________ (4) which she will get better medical care and when offered with a _________ (5) course in Kuala Lumpur, he plans to take Nek with him as he will get better medical care than staying in ____________ (6). Thirdly, he gathers his strength and __________ (7) to face the Old Lady in his effort to cure his grandmother. Not only he asks her to provide the __________ (8) medicine, but he also persuades her to come to the __________ (9) and treat his Nek. In conclusion, based on the evidences given above I would say Mohd Asraf is truly a responsible person. He is __________ (10) to do anything for her grandmother. Question 5 Write on a character that is exemplary. Support your answer with evidence from the novel. In the Curse by Lee Sue Ann, the character whom I think is exemplary is the Old Lady of the forest. Throughout the novel, she shows ___________ (1) of character and wisdom. When she first moves to the village as a newlywed, she is popular among the villagers and she enjoys a _________ (2) marital life with her husband. Everything changes as her husband who becomes an ___________ (3) and starts to abuse her and finally she retaliates and kills him in _____________ (4). From then on, the villagers treat her like an _________ (5). She is forced to move out of the village and makes an abandoned house her home. She gathers her strength and starts a new life. She even grows her own vegetables and becomes self-sufficient. She lives alone for years until she befriends Azreen and becomes her mentor and __________ (6) her whenever she has a fight with her parents. When Asraf approaches the Old Lady for help, she is _________ (7) about going back to the village. Yet she agrees and doing so, she puts her life at risk. When she is trapped in the burning house, she tells Azreen to save herself and she ___________ (8) in the fire. Even at death’s door, she reminds Azreen about the importance of ____________ (9) and tells her to heed all the advice she has given her. The Old Lady is therefore an exemplary character as she is strong, wise and ____________ (10). courage mainland Langkawi deteriorating filial teaching herbal willing exemplifies village forgiveness self-defence outcast strength blissful hesitant alcoholic perishes honourable consoles
  6. 6. 6 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse B. EVENT Question 6 Based on the novel that you have read,write about an event that is most meaningful to you. In ‘The Curse’, the event that I find most meaningful is when Azreen accepts the ________(1) to meet the Old Lady. She refuses to accept the common belief that the Old Lady is an evil witch who kills her _________(2) and can turn anyone into a squirrel or a rat. She bravely goes to meet the Old Lady and refuses to go away even when she is _________(3) off. She comes back again the next day and the following day. She even tries to repair the Old Lady’s __________(4) plot. Her persistence pays off and she manages to strike a _____________(5) with the Old Lady. This event is also ____________(6) because Azreen signifies a person who is brave enough to do what she believes in and to look beyond the surface to seek the truth that the Old Lady is not _______(7). Azreen find the Old Lady, a source of comfort and _________(8). She treats the Old Lady like her mother, telling all her fears and ___________(9) to the Old Lady. In turn, the Old Lady _________(10) her a ready ear,always guiding and advising her. She turns to the Old Lady when she takes the _______(11) for the motorcycle accident that ___________(12) her mother. She runs to the Old Lady when Madhuri’s room is burnt down to seek ______________(13). In turn, the Old Lady advises Azreen to learn to be patient and be _________(14). She cautions Azreen against ________(15) with everyone even if she feels it is right. She urges Azreen to be patient about ___________(16) Madhuri’s death because the Old Lady knows that the result may _______(17) a lot of people. Even as the Old Lady is ________(18),she urges Azreen to forgive. Thus, I find the event in which Azreen meets with the Old Lady truly meaningful as it is an act of ___________(19) and giving, and not ____________(20) anything in return. Question 7 Using details fromthe novel you have studied,state an event which you feel should not have happened.Explain why you think the event should not have happened. Support your answer with close reference to the text. In the novel “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann, the event that I feel should not have happened is Madhuri’s marriage to Haji Ghani. Madhuri was in love with ________ (1) and the feeling was mutual. They would not have met in _________ (2) in the rubber estate if she was not a married woman. This could have prevented her from being killed. wisdom decisions husband expecting challenge paralyses conversation sincerity chased vegetable solace fighting lends blame dying evil hurt significant forgiving investigating
  7. 7. 7 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse I also think that the marriage had caused the relationship between ___________ (3), the first wife, and Hj Ghani turned ________ (4) as soon as Madhuri became the second wife. Pn Fatihah felt that Hj Ghani gave more attention to Madhuri as she was younger and more ___________ (5). They had their first big argument. The argument was about Puan Fatihah stealing and ___________ (6) of Madhuri’s things. This would not have happened if Madhuri did not marry Haji Ghani. Puan Fatihah had also turned into a bitter and ____________ (7) woman after her husband married Madhuri. She took the curtain brought by Madhuri to their home and went inside a room full of Hj Ghani’s _____________ (8). She took out a ‘keris’ and ran the dagger through the curtain. She felt satisfied looking at the _______ (9) fabric. She used to be a very nice and gentle person. In conclusion, I feel that Madhuri’s ___________ (10) to Haji Ghani had broken 3 hearts,Madhuri’s, Mohd Asraf’s and Puan Fatihah’s. This would not have happened if Madhuri did not marry Haji Ghani. Question 8 Based on one event fromthe novel that you have read, write about the times when being positive helps the characters. Describe the event with close reference to the text. From the novel ‘The Curse’,there was a time when being positive helped a character in the novel. The character is the Old Lady living in the jungle on her own. She was faced with many _____________(1) in her life as the villagers seemed to have the _____________(2) that she was a witch. The Old Lady remained positive and let others think what they wanted of her and went about her ways. People in the village also tended to __________(3) her in the streets. This could be seen when she ___________(4) that she was there in the rubber estate when an Indian worker found Madhuri’s body. However the Indian worker ran past her and almost ___________(5) her over when he was trying to __________(6) the villagers of what had happened. Being positive also helped the Old Lady when she first caught Azreen by the door. Azreen took up a ________(7) by her ____________(8) that required her to meet the old witch in the woods. She knew that children were making ________(9) of her and were really afraid of her. She played up the role of a _________(10) by claiming that she was actually one who ate children. This did not scare Azreen and who came back later to __________(11) the vegetable bed that she ruined when she was running away the day before. The Old Lady remained positive and finally ___________(12) Azreen into her house and offered her some curry that she was cooking. The Old Lady remained positive and because of that became close to Azreen who was one of the people that the latter could __________(13) with when she needed to have a talk with someone. From the incident we could witness that the Old Lady was positive even when she was classified as an ____________(14) by the villagers branding her a witch. Because of her positive outlook, she ____________(15) a friend as she was one of the people that Azreen came to see after she came back from London. possession secret Pn. Fatihah disposing attractive Mohd. Asraf marriage vindictive sour torn witch misconception classmates gained challenges knocked explained outcast alert allowed avoid fun confide dare mend
  8. 8. 8 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse Question 9 Using details fromthe novel you have studied, describe what happens at the end of the novel. Explain why you find the ending either happy or sad.Support your answer with close reference to the text. I choose The Curse by Lee Su Ann. At the end of the story, Azreen lost ___________(1) that she loved so for me this novel ended sadly. First, she lost her beautiful sister, Madhuri who was found dead in the rubber estate. She immediately came back to her village from _________(2) but she was denied the final goodbye when her father, En. Saleh did not ________(3) for her and buried her sister. Next, she lost her beloved mother who died ________(4) days after Madhuri. Her mother was already sick and her mental state was affected where she sometimes got __________(5)of the past events. It is also very sad that she did not know that Azreen was not responsible for the accident that ___________(6) her. Azreen lost her mentor, the Old Lady in the fire which almost cost her life if En. Saleh was not there to pull her out from the __________(7) house. It was an accident caused by ________(8) series of gossips and _____________(9)by the villagers led by Puan Normala. The Old Lady was like her mother and and her best friend. She also lost her father who succumbed to a ________(10) heart attack after he was surprised by the crazy woman who came to him with his ‘parang’. In conclusion, she lost everyone that she loved and had no reason to come back to her village. That is why it is a sad ending to me. Question 10 Based on the novel you have learned which event is the most interesting event for you? Give reasons for your answer. I choose The Curse by Lee Su Ann. In my opinion, the most interesting event from the novel is when Azreen first met the Old Lady. Azreen first met the Old Lady when she was ___________ (1) by her friends to go to the Old Lady’s house. The villagers believed that the Old Lady is an evil witch, so they _________(2) their children to go to the Old Lady’s house. However,Azreen’s ________(3) and bravery led her to the Old Lady’s house. As she called out for the Old Lady, her friends scampered and some even looked very scared. When she met the Old Lady and the Old Lady asked her to go away,she did not think the Old Lady was evil. After that day, Azreen kept going to the house until the Old Lady became _________(4) with her. paralysed malicious London discrimination everyone burning confused massive five wait
  9. 9. 9 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse In my opinion, this event is most interesting because after the day they became friends, the Old Lady became the person Azreen talked to or turned to whenever she had ___________(5). For instance, Azreen would go to her house whenever she got into _________(6) with her father. The Old Lady would listen to her problems and ________ (7) her. Apart from that, this event is the mostinteresting because from the Old Lady, Azreen had learnt to _________ (8) the people who had done her wrong. For instance, Azreen had forgiven her father for murdering her sister, Madhuri after understanding the _________ (9) of her father’s action. If Azreen had not met and befriended the Old Lady, she might not have forgiven the people who had done her wrong. As a result, she might not go back to ___________ (10) feeling free and feeling like a new person. In conclusion, the most interesting event is when Azreen first met the Old Lady because of the above reasons. C. THEMES/LESSONS/MORAL VALUES Question 11 2) Write on the theme of forgiveness. Lee Su Ann, the writer of the novel ‘The Curse’ had brought up many themes in her writing. One of the themes that I liked very much in this novel is ‘forgiveness’ which was clearly portrayed in Azreen’s character. As we know from the beginning, Azreen is a very ___________ (1),aggressive and stubborn character but towards the ending of the story she had learnt to forgive others. Azreen was very much influenced by the Old Lady who _________ (2) Azreen to learn to forgive others at the time of her death. We can see very much that Azreen kept her promise when she forgave _____________ (3) who had deliberately played with her emotions. All the while Azreen thought Asraf liked her but, Asraf was actually falling for Madhuri and when he __________ (4) that to Azreen, she was speechless at first. Azreen hid herself from Asraf by running away until she reached the cliff of the hills when Asraf confessed his love towards Madhuri. But as time passed,her anger ________ (5)away slowly and she forgave Asraf as the Old Lady had told to her just before she died. Azreen too learnt to forgive her ________ (6) who murdered Madhuri. Even though she felt sad at first but she did not feelangry or ____________ (7) at him but she realized that she had lost her only father that she used to know as a very hot-tempered man. Slowly Azreen forgave her father but she could not see him eye to eye so she left him alone and that was the time when Encik Saleh had a heart attack and __________ (8). But if at all Azreen had not promised the Old Lady to forgive others, I do not think that she would forgive her father for ___________ (9) Madhuri. Azreen too forgave Madhuri for all the hurt and resentment she caused in Azreen’s life. Azreen was _________ (10) of Madhuri’s beauty and genteel behaviour. She was the favourite daughter. She also resented Madhuri as Madhuri was able to __________ (11) Asraf who eventually fell in love with her. But, when Azreen discovers that Madhuri was __________ (12) and the truth forgive curiosity fights London challenged calm forbade reason problems friendly
  10. 10. 10 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse about Madhuri’s murder at the hands of her own father,she feels nothing but pity for poor Madhuri . Finally she forgives her sister, Madhuri. Last but not least, Azreen also forgave Asraf and wished him ________ (13) from the bottom of her heart when he left Langkawi to take a _________ (14) course in KL. When she read a note from him, she did not feel ________ (15) but she smiled after reading the note and also questioned herself whether she had learnt to forgive others. From Azreen’s character,I too learnt to forgive others in my life if they hurt my feelings. Being ___________ (16) will not give us anything in life except the negative value. From the evidence above, the theme of ‘forgiveness’ had been __________ (17) very well in this novel through the protagonist, Azreen. I hope each and every human will learn to forgive others in their life. Question 12 Based on the novel that you have read,give examples of what hope means to the characters that you have chosen. The novel I have read is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. Hope is the feeling of wanting something you ________ (1) to come true. In the novel, Mohd Asraf and Madhuri are in love and they hope to be ___________ (2) whenMohd Asraf leaves for Kuala Lumpur for a teaching course. However, Madhuri is married to ____________(3). She plans to confess everything to her husband and get his permission to ________ (4)her. Asraf hopes that Madhuri is right that her husband is a reasonable person who wants the best for her and she will ultimately be released from her _________ (5). Madhuri also plans to reveal everything to her parents about their relationship. Unfortunately, their hope of being together is _________ (6) when Madhuri’s father discovers the truth before she could explain everything to him. Saleh Abdullah, __________ (7) Madhuri and Mohd Asraf together in the rubber estate and he wanted to go after Mohd Asraf. Sadly, as he wields his parang, it _________ (8) Madhuri and kills her. Due to Mohd Asraf’s ailing ___________ (9), he forced himself to visit the Old Lady and ask her to cure his grandmother. When she did come to his house, some of the villagers found out about it and they think that all the bad __________ (10) happening around the village is due to her presence. In addition, another character, Puan Fatihah feels like she is slowly losing her husband after Madhuri’s death. She hopes to win his ____________ (11) again by cooking a breakfast feast for him. But he did not appreciate her _______ (12) due to the many happenings in the village; instead, he left without eating what she had cooked for him. In conclusion, the novel helps us to see how hope drives different characters to do different things and there are positive and negative consequences of their actions. revengeful outspoken teaching father resentment jealous admitted begged collapsed adopted melted Mohd. Asraf portrayed murdering luck captivate angry affections desire marriage grandmother Haji Ghani catches dashed incidents together strikes deed release
  11. 11. 11 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse Question 13 “We should love our family members.” How is this moral value shown in the novel that you have read? Support your answer with close reference to the text. In order to answer the above question, I would like to choose The Curse by Lee Su Ann. We should love our family members. This was shown very clearly in the __________ (1) and responsibility shown by Azreen’s parents to their daughters, Azreen and Madhuri. They took care of those two with good care. For instance, although Madhuri was _________ (2),but Encik Salleh and his wife loved Madhuri as much as they loved Azreen. They took her from the rice field and raised her up like their own daughter. They also made sure that Madhuri _________ (3) a good man like Haji Ghani. This is due to the fact that Encik Salleh and his wife wanted Madhuri to be happy and lead a good life. Apart from that, Encik Salleh also showed _________ (4) love towards Azreen. This can be seen when he saved Azreen from danger three times. One of the times was when a ________ (5) rushed towards the Old Lady’s house after Asraf’s grandmother died. During the riot, Asraf accidentally __________ (6) the torch he was holding and as a result, the Old Lady’s house was on fire. When Azreen entered the house to help the Old Lady, the Old Lady’s leg was _________ (7) and she would not be able to help the Old Lady. Encik Salleh grabbed Azreen out and saved her just in time before the Old Lady’s house __________ (8) on her during the fire. Finally, we should love our family member is also shown by the relationship between Azreen and her sister, Madhuri. They were very close with each other when they were small. They always went out walking or cycling together around the village. They were ___________ (9). Azreen would sit on the carrier at the back of the bicycle as Madhuri cycled to the market or post office to do some chores for their busy parents. They would also cycle past the paddy field. Moreover, Madhuri always protected Azreen whenever she was in trouble. For instance, when their father and mother was mad at Azreen for stealing ____________ (10),she ensured that Azreen ate for dinner. In conclusion, the events above proved that this novel showed that we should love our family members. Question 14 Based on the novel that you have read, write on the theme of ‘Mother’s Love’ The novel ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann touches on many values that are useful in our daily lives. As for me, I am touched with the value of mother’s love in this novel. Azreen’s mother is forever seen talking nonsense since her ___________ (1)disease was becoming worse. She was not given a name in this novel but always referred to as ‘Mak’. Azreen felt guilty because she was the one who was _____________ (2) for her mother to lose one of her leg. Even inseparable married dropped collapsed commitment mangosteens adopted mob stuck parental
  12. 12. 12 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse though, we know that Azreen admitted leaving the gate of the farm open but actually she was only helping ___________ (3) from being blamed. Due to her act, her parents met with an __________ (4) when her father’s motorcycle hit the bull. Azreen’s mother never hated Azreen for what had happened and she always loved Azreen. She even told Azreen that it was not her _______(5)that she lost her leg in the accident. This proves that ‘Mak’ was never angry towards Azreen and she accepts what happened to her as ________ (6). This shows the true love that a mother has for her child even though she is in _________ (7). Another incident that showed how true a mother’s love is when Madhuri’s mother, the mad lady who ___________ (8) in the village and always watched over her daughter. Even though Madhuri was raised by _____________ (9) and his wife from a baby, the mad lady always kept herself close to Madhuri. She used to watch Madhuri and Azreen when they come back from _________ (10). This shows that she still loved her daughter even though she gave in when her baby was lost. She knew she could not _________ (11) Madhuri in a proper way so she just kept quite when Encik Saleh took the baby and decided to raise the child. But as a mother, she still loved Madhuri and always sees how her daughter is living with her ________ (12) parents from far. This is what we call mother’s love. Even if the child is not with the real mother but she always pray for her child to lead a happy life and that is why she took ___________ (13) against Encik Saleh who killed Madhuri. From these two mothers, the readers are shown the value of love that a mother has for a _______ (14). Both mothers in this novel are not normal in certain ways but their love for their children did not fade but they loved their daughters very much in their own __________ (15) ways. Question 15 Write a lesson that you have learnt fromthe novel. The Curse by Lee Su Ann has many lessons for its readers. One of the lessons, ________ (1) will be known and secrets will not last forever. There are a few characterswho keep secrets and eventually the secrets are __________ (2). First, Mohd. Asraf and Madhuri. They were secret _________ (3). They planned secretly to run away to _____________ (4). After Madhuridied followed by his grandmother’s death, he almost lost his mind. Keeping his secret love was very difficult. He was easily ____________ (5) by Puan Normala that his grandmother was __________ (6) by the Old Lady. That was the reason he burned the Old Lady’s house causing her death. Finally, he realises his mistakes and comes to his __________ (7). Second, En Saleh Abdullah, Azreen’s father. He was always proud of __________ (8). Madhuri made him proud when she agreed to marry the village headman, Haji Ghani. When her __________ (9) was discovered,Encik Saleh gets very angry and accidentally killed Madhuri. He never tells anyone and until Azreen confronts him. Actually, he is ashamed because the daughter he was really proud of, had an affair and tried to run away. He keeps seeing a ghost. He suffers a heart attack and dies. strolled fault different responsible pain Mohd. Asraf En. Saleh fate revenge Alzheimer’s raise accident child foster school
  13. 13. 13 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse In conclusion, dark secrets only make life difficult. The evidence in the story has shown us that. Any dark secrets we have may destroy our lives. We may lose the people we love. Always be true to ourselves and do not take advantage of others. Always think before we ________ (10). Question 16 Based on the novel that you have read,what is the lesson that you have learned from the ending of the novel? Give reasons why you think the lesson is important. The novel I have read is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. In the novel, it ended with Azreen learning the truth about a lot of things _____________ (1)her sister’s death. It was very sad for Azreen too because she had to cope with the __________ (2) of the Old Lady and her parents. In the epilogue, Azreen went back to London to continue her studies. It is important to note that in the end, Azreen learned to forgive. The theme of forgiveness and the importance of the truth ___________ (3) throughout the ending of the novel. I learned that forgiveness is the key to finding _________ (4) peace and strength. Somehow, it helps a person to _________ (5) on despite having gone through negative situations. Azreen’s character teaches us to be strong, bold and upright in order to withstand __________ (6) gossips and to fight injustice like how she defended the Old Lady. The same goes for Azreen when she returned to London. If she allowed ________ (7),anger and other negative emotions to take over, those _________ (8) would have consumed her and made her life worse. But because she learned to accept the truth and to forgive, she was able to smile at the end. Although the truth was difficult to __________ (9) forAzreen,especially about Madhuri and MohdAsraf, her father being Madhuri’s murderer, and how Madhuri was not her real sister,Azreen managed to cope with all those _______________ (10) events. From the ending of the novel, I learned that sometimes, although the truth may not be what everybody wants to hear,it is always best to tell the truth because it helps people to find inner peace and to be truly happy. Question 17 Using details fromthe novel you have studied,write about a theme that you can relate to in your daily life. Give examples of the theme that you have chosen. Support your answer with close reference to the text. The novel I have read is ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann. A theme from ‘The Curse’ is about the negative effects or rumours and __________ (1). Gossip is basically idle talk that goes bad if one is not careful enough but __________ (2) gossip is even more dangerous because it does the most damage. For example, in the past, the villagers’ constant ___________ (3) had caused the Old Lady to move to the jungle because they thought that she was a crazy woman who killed her husband in cold blood. They failed to understand and consider the reason behind the act and it caused the Old Kuala Lumpur Madhuri exposed senses truth influenced affair poisoned act lovers unfortunate vicious surroundings emotions resonate hatred deaths handle move inner
  14. 14. 14 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse Lady to live _________ (4) for the rest of her life in the jungle. The villagers continued to spread wrong information about the Old Lady by saying that she will cast a _______ (5) or kill those who trespass on her property. Puan Normala warned that a curse will befall the village by claiming that the ________(6) rain was caused by the Old Lady coming into the village even though she came only to cure Nek,Mohd Asraf’s grandmother. She gathered some of her ____________ (7) and convinced them to drive the Old Lady out of the village. Sadly, not long after the Old Lady had cured Nek, Nek passed away and the neighbours convinced Mohd Asraf that the Old Lady was to be blamed. The ______________ (8) between them and the Old Lady ended tragically with her house being burnt down and her untimely death. Throughout the novel, we are constantly reminded of how ___________ (9) can turn bad and how they can lead to destruction or a tragic conclusion. As stated by the Old Lady, “Rumours can be ____________ (10) even if they are untrue, especially if they are untrue. All a person can do is to ignore them and the rumours will die off as soon as another juicier one comes along.” I have learnt from the theme in this novel that I should not believe or be influenced by rumours in our daily lives. More importantly, I should also not create and spread rumours about another person. These,we must apply in our daily lives. Question 18 Using details from the novel you have studied, describe how it has taught you to be a responsible person. Give examples of how you learned to be a responsible person. The novel I have read is ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann. In the novel, we learn about responsibility in terms of ___________ (1) before we speak and not spreading rumours. The gossipy villagers spread rumours about Madhuri’s death and how it will bring a ________ (2) to the village. Puan Normala begins to spread rumours by claiming to have seen Madhuri’s dead body and _________ (3) blood. To make matters worse,she starts to link happenings like the endless rain and _________ (4) to the curse. This only creates more fear among the villagers. Puan Normala and her neighbours gossip and __________ (5) about everything. To top it all off, when the Old Lady is sought after byMohd Asraf to treat his sick grandmother, the villagers gang up to chase her away because they consider her evil as she had ____________ (6) her husband in the past. They feel that she is the cause of the curse. Sadly, due to the _____________ (7) villagers’ rumours at that time, the Old Lady becomes the victim and she is labelled as a mad woman and a murderer. She was forced to leave the village and had to live in a deserted house in the jungle. She is forced to come to the village again when Mohd Asraf pleads with her to _________ (8) his grandmother. When his grandmother passed away, the villagers were quick to accuse the Old Lady of _____________ (9) Mohd Asraf’s Nek and it was enough to convince Mohd Asraf to confront the Old Lady at her house. When things got out of hand, the house is burned down and the Old Lady _________ (10). confrontation malicious neighbours alone rumours gossiping hearsay incessant spell damaging
  15. 15. 15 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse On the other hand, Azreen is a responsible person by the way she treats her __________ (11) even though she feels that they love Madhuri more than her. She never receives her father’s warmth as his daughter as much as Madhuri but being the responsible daughter that she is, she continues to treat her father ____________ (12). Azreen also takes care of her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s till her mother’s death. I have learned that I have to be responsible for my own actions. I should not spread rumours nor cause harm to others without thinking carefully no matter what happens or challengers I have to face. For being irresponsible, we can also cause harm to other people. Question 19 Based on the novel that you have read, describe an amusing,happy or sad incident. Give suitable examples. An amusing incident in the novel occurs when there is a combo silat-cum-boxing match during _________(1) in Azreen’s school. A few boys are having fun at the back of the school building where their teachers cannot see them. The ______________ (2) are required to fight within a square outlined on the ground by a few school shoes. Despite being a girl, Azreen is eager to _____________ (3) the best fighter. She finds herself in the square with a formidable male _____________ (4). Although Azreen does not have any training in _____________ (5) arts,she has an ____________ (6) knowledge in punching and kicking and ________________ (7) her way out of any fight. Azreen hits her opponent as much as she receives. When pressed to the edge of the boundary, Azreen flails her arms as ___________ (8) as she receives. Before she knows it, she hears a cry and a thud as someone falls to the ground. Azreen has unfortunately hit a hapless _____________(9) standing too near the boundary. The poor boy’s nose starts to ____________ (10) and he is in tears. There is a roar of laughter from the spectators. Question 20 Based on the novel that you have read, do you find the novel interesting? Give suitable examples. I find the novel ‘The Curse’ is interesting as it has its ____________ (1) and turns. It is interesting enough to sustain the reader’s interest till the end. In the beginning, the reader ___________(2) why the death of Madhuri is rather ‘hushed’ up and filled with rumours and _______________ (3). The villagers seem to be filled with unrest, thinking that a curse has been cast on the village. They are suspicious of everyone in the village. The fear the rain, the _________ (4), the reclusive Old Lady and even the bomoh, Awang. irresponsible white parents murdered thinking treat poisoning flood curse speculate dies respectfully participants scratching spectator recess martial challenge opponent madly bleed innate
  16. 16. 16 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse It is interesting to note that the main character,Azreen is a __________ (5),tomboyish, bold and fiery-tempered. She has been branded as ‘a troublemaker’ for being outspoken against bias and rumour-mongering. However,Azreen stands out in being bold and outspoken against __________ (6) on a number of occasions. She has to bear the pain of witnessing the death of her ___________ (7) mother, the Mohd. Asraf’s sick grandmother, the Old Lady, and above all, her father. She learns of the ___________ (8) love affair between Madhuri and Mohd. Asraf,the murder of Madhuri by her own father, and the death of the Old Lady caused by the villagers’ superstition and Mohd. Asraf’s _______________ (9) action. To her, _____________ (10) is more important that self-preservation. She also learns about the power of _______________ (11) from the Old Lady. In the end, she flies back to England to ____________ (12) her studies. There are a few lessons to be learnt from the novel. We learn that the power of forgiving will help one _____________ (13) negative feelings. One should be ________________ (14) enough to stand up against bias, injustice, superstitions and rumour-mongering which may cause unnecessary fear and rash ____________ (15). Madhuri Mohd. Asraf Azreen Saleh Abdullah Hj. Ghani The Old Lady Awang the Bomoh Pn. Normala Julian Ng irrational injustice actions superstitions loyalty twists courageous secret wonders forgiving rebel overcome resume flood ailing
  17. 17. 17 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse Answer Key: Question 1 1. rejected 8. motherly 15. bull 2. evil 9. inclined 16. incident 3. solace 10. cautions 17. characteristic 4. relationship 11. patient 18. wrath 5. confides 12. abusive 19. contempt 6. wisdom 13. unpleasant 20. recognise 7. comfortably 14. generosity 21. gentle Question 2 1. forbidden 6. confess 11. plunged 16. charms 2. unacceptable 7.relationship 12.gossipmonger 17. biological 3. love 8.discovers 13. appearance 18. heart attack 4. teaching 9.rubber 14. superstitions 19. emotions 5. belief 10.strike 15. intensifying 20. tragic Question 3 1. relationship 6. obedient 11. responsible 16. Madhuri’s 2. beaten 7. stubborn 12. coldness 17. mourn 3. shield 8. favour 13. Old Lady 18. changes 4. compared 9. blames 14. strength 19. truth 5. match 10. worsen 15. advice 20. birth Question 4 1. filial 6. Langkawi 2. deteriorating 7. courage 3. exemplifies 8. herbal 4. mainland 9. village 5. teaching 10. willing Question 5 1. strength 6. consoles 2. blissful 7. hesitant 3. alcoholic 8. perishes 4. self-defence 9. forgiveness 5. outcast 10. honourable Question 6 1. challenge 6. significant 11. blame 16. investigating 2. husband 7. evil 12. paralyses 17. hurt 3. chased 8. wisdom 13. solace 18. dying
  18. 18. 18 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse 4. vegetable 9. decisions 14. forgiving 19. sincerity 5. conversation 10. lends 15. fighting 20. expecting Question 7 1. Mohd. Asraf 11. disposing 2. secret 12. vindictive 3. Pn. Fatihah 13. possession 4. sour 14. torn 5. attractive 15. marriage Question 8 1. challenges 6. alert 16. mend 2. misconception 7. dare 17. allowed 3. avoid 8. classmates 18. confide 4. explained 9. fun 19. outcast 5. knocked 10. witch 20. gained Question 9 1. everyone 6. paralysed 2. London 7. burning 3. wait 8. malicious 4. five 9. discrimination 5. confused 10. massive Question 10 1. challenged 11. fights 2. forbade 12. calm 3. curiosity 13. forgive 4. friendly 14. reason 5. problems 15. London Question 11 1. outspoken 7.resentment 13. luck 2. begged 8. collapsed 14.teaching 3. Mohd. Asraf 9. Murdering 15.angry 4. admitted 10. jealous 16.revengeful 5. melted 11. captivate 17.portrayed 6. father 12. adopted Question 12 1. desire 5.marriage 9. grandmother 2. together 6.dashed 10. incidents 3. Hj. Ghani 7.catches 11. affections 4. release 8.strikes 12. deed Question 13
  19. 19. 19 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse 1. commitment 6.dropped 2. adopted 7.stuck 3. married 8.collapsed 4. parental 9.inseparable 5. mob 10.mangosteens Question 14 1. Alzheimer’s 6. fate 16. raise 2. responsible 7. pain 17. foster 3. Mohd. Asraf 8. strolled 18. revenge 4. accident 9. En. Saleh 19. Child 5. fault 10. school 20. different Question 15 1. truth 6. poisoned 2. exposed 7. senses 3. lovers 8. Madhuri 4. Kuala Lumpur 9. affair 5. influenced 10. act Question 16 1. surroundings 6. vicious 2. deaths 7. hatred 3. resonate 8. emotions 4. inner 9. handle 5. move 10. unfortunate Question 17 1. hearsay 6. incessant 2. malicious 7. neighbours 3. gossiping 8. confrontation 4. alone 9. rumours 5. spell 10. damaging Question 18 1. thinking 5.speculate 9. poisoning 2. curse 6.murdered 10. dies 3. white 7.irresponsible 11. parents 4. flood 8.treat 12. respectfully Question 19 1. recess 6.innate 2. participants 7.scratching 3. challenge 8.madly 4. opponent 9. spectator 5. martial 10.bleed Question 20 1. twists 6. injustice 11. forgiving
  20. 20. 20 doriarobertkawen/spmnotes/litF5/thecurse 2. wonders 7. ailing 12. resume 3. superstitions 8. secret 13. overcome 4. flood 9. irrational 14. courageous 5. rebel 10. loyalty 15. actions