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Startup - Fashion or Fad - Youth Attractiveness


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High failure rates of startups, yet a very high surge in startup establishment, questions the whole startup ecosystem and its sustainability. This presentation was to share thoughts with young entrepreneurs that Startups are meant to be a business, much ahead than just a youth attractiveness. It is very critical for these entrepreneurs to bring innovation and sustainability.

By Abhishek Kumbhat
Presented at an event of Startup OASIS and CIIE (IIM Ahmedabad) in Jodhpur, India on 05 Aug, 2017

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Startup - Fashion or Fad - Youth Attractiveness

  1. 1. запускать ‫شروع‬ puesta en marcha প্রারম্ভকালে 启动 beginnen Magsimula Commencez ξεκίνα 起動 시작comece Startups o negócio iş biznes ‫ק‬ ֶ‫ס‬ֵ‫ע‬ entrepreneur
  2. 2. Being a Startup is Fashion | The Cool Thing | Youth Attractiveness | Lets do it.
  3. 3. Manager Side Business Setup for Failure Lifestyle Wanna Be Cash Flow Better World Headline entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur entrepreneur
  4. 4. Low Entry Barrier for Startups
  5. 5. Raining Funds Low Setup Cost Quick Adoption of New Technology Entrepreneurship as New Industry Full - Ecosystem
  6. 6. Every idea is a GREAT IDEA Not all startups are successful.
  7. 7. Startups Fail 250,000+ Startups are built every day 220,000+ Startups terminate every day
  8. 8. Deal Value Total Funding No. of Deals
  9. 9. is about the bottom-line; Innovation; inspiring your team; thinking ahead; building something out of nothing.
  10. 10. There are no secret ingredients, you need to believe in. But there are always basic ingredients to make a dish.
  11. 11. Lifecycle
  12. 12. The Lifecycle Time / Maturity Cycle
  13. 13. The Lifecycle Time / Maturity Cycle
  14. 14. The Lifecycle For eCommerce Time / Maturity Cycle Logistics Data Science Seller On-Boarding Data Cleaner Cost Optimization Operational Exl Bottom Line
  15. 15. The Lifecycle For Startups
  16. 16. ObjectiveCulture Product Business Model Revenues Finance Team Customer Organizational Growth The Unbalanced Scaling
  17. 17. Ingredients
  18. 18. Ingredients  Value Proposition (What do I offer, First Mover Advantage, etc.)  Resources (Am I a startup material, Personality Traits, Founder Team, Investors)  Market and Customers (Target Market Segment, Size, Growth)  Finance (Cost, Revenue, Profits) > For Investors : Framework for Ratings & Startup Evaluation > For Startups : Finding Gaps and Identifying early obstacles Success Ingredients : For each development stage are different Discovery Validation Refinement Growth Sustain Diversify
  19. 19. Business Models
  20. 20. Importance of Business Model in success of a Startup can’t be ignored Technology alone has no value.
  21. 21. 36,000 ft view is always blurry !
  22. 22. DEFINE : The Classic Business Model Canvas
  23. 23. Business Model Discovery A very deep-dive and comprehensive framework for Discovery Define to The NEW Framework
  24. 24. Business Model Discovery The NEW Framework
  25. 25. ThanksQuestions!&