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Giving Power point a new look


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How can we make an orthodox presentation more valuable and enriching with a new look and more colors

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Giving Power point a new look

  1. 1. Trust Us. It’s a great IDEA !!
  2. 2. PRATIBHA SYNTEX Vision : To be global leaders in Sustainable textile products and practices Mission : Switch to 100% sustainable materials in production. 50% reduction in Carbon and Water footprint till 2015 (2010 base year. Establish sustainable design and innovation center in India and Europe. Pratibha Syntex Ltd. launched its operations in the year 1997. Indies first vertical manufacturing set up. Pratibha made its foray into organic farming in the year 1999. In the following year the company integrated into Knitting-Dyeing Garmenting. Today Pratibha boasts one of the largest control networks of farmer’s in the world, providing education in organic farming practices and support for over 30,000 farmers across 4 states of India.
  3. 3. Vasudha Currently • Future Expansion Implement BMP farming from 2010 under Vasudha (separate farming zone) Expand faming to cover 50000 farmers and 200,000 acres by 2015 Establish 10 model farms and research centers Create our own seed production Establish 4 community and support centers • • • Vasudha Cotton spans across the Indian States of Madhya Pradesh. Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan. 130,000 acres of farmland 30,000 farmers Short staple, medium staple, extra long staple
  4. 4. Women Empowerment WE, an initiative started by Pratibha in 2005, today supports 1400 women through – • • • • Better job opportunities, Access to free medical facilities Skill Training & Healthcare programs. The goal of WE is to socially And economically empower as many as 700 women every year.
  5. 5. BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE Initiated in very poor regions in Orissa. Inhabited by Tribal societies. First step in direction of Organic Farming. Organic Cotton Brings incentive to farmers without compromise in yield and Improves the product and practice conditions . Slowly converts farmers and their mindsets from conventional to Clean cotton and then move towards in transition organic to gradually Organic farming.BCI ( Better Cotton Initiative at Rayagarha Orissa)initiated in 2011. 3000 Farmers and 8000 hectares are associated with us.
  6. 6. Effluent Treatment Plant • Pratibha stands at less than 28 litre per kilogram of dyed fabric; well below the industry average of 70 litre. • We use GOTS approved dye stuff which reduces the effluent load from generation at source by 70%. • We are a zero discharge facility leading to total recycle and utilization of waste water. • With the recoveries and utilization of water from waste water / process effluent – our dye house process is “Zero Water Balance”.
  7. 7. Capacities FABRIC & YARN • • • • Knitting – 750 tons/month Dyeing – 750 tons/month Yarn – 2400 tons/month Printing AOP – 5-6 tons/month
  8. 8. Garment Capacities GARMENT: • Casuals (MEN & WOMEN) – 1.2 Million pieces/month • Underwear - 3.5 Million pieces/month Finishing FABRIC FINISHING: • Anti Bacterial • Moisture Wicking • HeIQ
  9. 9. Your one stop solution.
  10. 10. We Understand We Listen WE CARE We Create We Deliver