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Barron's wordlist full

  1. 1. 1 wordlist acclimate :: adjust to climate or adulterate :: make impure by adding environment; adapt inferior or tainted substancesabase :: lower; degrade; humiliate acclivity :: sharp up slope of a hill advent :: arrivalabash :: embarrass accolade :: award of merit adventitious :: accidental; casualabate :: subside or moderate accommodate :: oblige or help someone; adversary :: opponent; enemyabbreviate :: shorten adjust or bring into harmony; adapt adverse :: unfavorable; hostileabdicate :: renounce, give up accomplice :: partner in crime adversity :: poverty; misfortuneaberrant :: abnormal or deviant accord :: agreement advert :: refer (to)aberration :: deviation from the expected accost :: approach and speak first to aor the normal; mental irregularity or person advocacy :: support; active pleading ondisorder behalf of someone or something accoutre :: equipabet :: assist, usually in doing something advocate :: urge; plead forwrong; encourage accretion :: growth; increase aegis :: shield; defenseabeyance :: suspended action accrue :: come about by addition aerie :: nest of a large bird of prey (eagle,abhor :: detest; hate acerbity :: bitterness of speech and hawk) temperabject :: wretched; lacking pride aesthetic :: artistic; dealing with or acetic :: vinegary capable of appreciating the beautifulabjure :: renounce upon oath acidulous :: slightly sour; sharp; caustic affable :: easily approachable; warmlyablution :: washing friendly acknowledge :: recognize; admitabnegation :: renunciation; self-sacrifice affected :: artificial; pretended; assumed acme :: peak; pinnacle; highest point in order to impressabolish :: cancel; put an end to acoustics :: science of sound; quality that affidavit :: written statement made underabominable :: detestable; extremely makes a room easy or hard to hear in oathunpleasant; very bad acquiesce :: assent; agree passively affiliation :: joining; associating withabominate :: loathe; hate acquittal :: deliverance from a charge affinity :: kinshipaboriginal :: being the first of its kind in aregion; primitive; native acrid :: sharp; bitterly pungent affirmation :: positive assertion; confirmation solemn pledge by one whoabortive :: unsuccessful; fruitless acrimonious :: bitter in words or manner refuses to take an oathabrasive :: rubbing away; tending to grind acrophobia :: fear of heights affix :: attach or add on: fastendown actuarial :: calculating; pertaining to affliction :: state of distress; cause ofabridge :: condense or shorten insurance statistics sufferingabrogate :: abolish actuate :: motivate affluence :: abundance; wealthabscission :: cutting off; separation acuity :: sharpness affront :: insult; offense; intentional act of disrespectabscond :: depart secretly and hide acumen :: mental keenness agape :: openmouthedabsolute :: complete; totally unlimited; acute :: quickly perceptive; keen; briefcertain and severe agenda :: items of business at a meetingabsolve :: pardon (an offense) adage :: wise saying; proverb agglomeration :: collection; heapabstain :: refrain; withhold from adamant :: hard; inflexible aggrandize :: increase or intensify; raise inparticipation power, wealth, rank or honor adapt :: alter; modifyabstemious :: sparing in eating and aggregate :: gather; accumulatedrinking; temperate addendum :: addition; appendix to book aggressor :: attackerabstinence :: restraint from eating or addiction :: compulsive, habitual needdrinking aghast :: horrified; dumbfounded addle :: muddle; drive crazy; *becomeabstract :: theoretical; not concrete; rotten : said of an egg* agility :: nimbleness, dexteritynonrepresentational address :: direct a speech to; deal with or agitate :: stir up; disturbabstruse :: obscure; profound; difficult to discussunderstand agnostic :: one who is skeptical of the adept :: expert at existence of a god or any ultimate realityabusive :: coarsely insulting; physically adhere :: stick fast agog :: highly excited; intensely curiousharmful adherent :: supporter; follower agrarian :: pertaining to land andabut :: border upon; adjoin cultivation adjacent :: adjoining; neighboring; closeabysmal :: bottomless by alacrity :: cheerful promptness; eagernessabyss :: enormous chasm; vast, adjunct :: something (generally alchemy :: medieval chemistrybottomless pit nonessential or inferior) added or attachedacademic :: related to a school; *not alcove :: nock (corner); recess adjuration :: solemn urgingpractical or directly useful* alias :: an assumed name adjutant :: staff officer assisting theaccede :: agree commander; assistant alienate :: make hostile; separateaccelerate :: move faster admonish :: warn; reprove alimentary :: supplying nourishmentaccessible :: easy to approach; obtainable adorn :: decorate alimony :: payments made to an ex-accessory :: additional object; useful by spouse after divorce adroit :: skillfulnot essential thing allay :: calm; pacifyacclaim :: applaud; announce with great 2 wordlistapproval allege :: state without proof adulation :: flattery; admiration allegiance :: loyalty
  2. 2. allegory :: story in which characters are amputate :: cut off part of body; prune anticlimax :: letdown in thought orused as symbols; fable emotion amulet :: charm; talismanalleviate :: relieve; lessen antidote :: remedy to counteract a poison anachronism :: something or someone or diseasealliteration :: repetition of beginning sound misplaced in timein poetry antipathy :: aversion; dislike analgesic :: causing insensitivity to painallocate :: assign antiquated :: obsolete; outdated analogous :: comparablealloy :: (n)a mixture of metals (v) mix; antiseptic :: substance that preventsmake less pure; lessen or moderate analogy :: similarity; parallelism infectionallude :: refer indirectly anarchist :: person who seeks to overturn antithesis :: contrast; direct opposite of or the established government; advocate of toallure :: entice; attract abolishing authority anvil :: iron block used in hammering outallusion :: indirect reference anathema :: solemn curse; someone or metals something regarded as a cursealluvial :: pertaining to soil deposits left by apathy :: lack of caring; indifferencerunning water ancestry :: family descent ape :: imitate or mimicaloft :: upward anchor :: secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place aperture :: opening; holealoof :: apart; reserved ancillary :: serving as an aid or accessory; apex :: tip; summit; climaxaltercation :: noisy quarrel; heated dispute auxiliary aphasia :: loss of speech due to injury oraltruistic :: unselfishly generous; anecdote :: short account of an amusing illnessconcerned for others or interesting event aphorism :: pithy maxim or sayingamalgamate :: combine; unite in one body anemia :: condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles apiary :: a place where bees are keptamass :: collect anesthetic :: substance that removes aplomb :: self-possession; assurance;amazon :: female warrior sensation with or without loss of poise consciousnessambidextrous :: capable of using either apocalyptic :: prophetic; pertaining tohand with equal ease anguish :: acute pain; extreme suffering revelationsambience :: environment; atmosphere angular :: sharp-cornered; stiff in manner apocryphal :: untrue; made upambiguous :: unclear or doubtful in animadversion :: critical remark apogee :: highest pointmeaning animated :: lively; spirited apolitical :: having an aversion or lack ofambivalence :: the state of having concern for political affairscontradictory or conflicting emotional animosity :: active enmityattitudes apologist :: one who writes in defense of a animus :: hostile feeling or intent cause or institutionamble :: moving at an easy pace annals :: records; history apostate :: one who abandons his religiousambrosia :: food of the gods faith or political beliefs anneal :: reduce brittleness and improveambulatory :: able to walk; not bedridden toughness by heating and cooling apothecary :: druggistameliorate :: improve annex :: attach; *take possession of* 4 wordlistamenable :: readily managed or willing to annihilate :: destroy apothegm :: pithy, compact sayingbe led; answerable or accountable legally annotate :: comment; make explanatory apotheosis :: elevation to godhood; anamend :: correct; change, generally for notes ideal example of somethingthe better annuity :: yearly allowance appall :: dismay; shock 3 wordlist annul :: make void; cancel apparition :: ghost; phantomamenities :: convenient features;courtesies anodyne :: drug that relieves pain; opiate appease :: pacify or soothe; relieveamiable :: agreeable; lovable; warmly anoint :: apply ointment or oil esp as appellation :: name; titlefriendly religious ceremony; consecrate append :: attachamicable :: politely friendly; not anomalous :: abnormal; irregularquarrelsome application :: diligent attention anomaly :: irregularityamiss :: wrong; faulty apposite :: appropriate; fitting anonymity :: state of being nameless;amity :: friendship anonymousness appraise :: estimate value ofamnesia :: loss of memory antagonism :: hostility; active resistance appreciate :: be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly concious aboutamnesty :: pardon antecede :: precede apprehend :: 1) arrest (a criminal); 2)amok (also amuck) :: in a state of rage antecedents :: preceding events or dread (<- to anticipate with anxiety) ; 3) circumstances that influence what comes perceiveamoral :: nonmoral later; ancestors or early background apprehensive :: 1) fearful; 2) *discerning*amorous :: moved by sexual love; loving antediluvian :: antiquated; extremely ancient apprise :: informamorphous :: formless; lacking shape ordefinition anthem :: song of praise or patriotism approbation :: approvalamphibian :: able to live both on land and anthology :: book of literary selections by appropriate :: acquire; take possession ofin water various authors for ones own useamphitheater :: oval building with tiers of anthropoid :: manlike appurtenances :: subordinate possessionsseats anthropologist :: student of the history apropos (prep) :: with reference to;ample :: abundant and science of humankind regarding 2) at the right timeamplify :: broaden or clarify by expanding; anthropomorphic :: having human form or aptitude :: fitness; talentintensify; make stronger characteristics aquiline :: curved, hooked
  3. 3. arable :: fit for growing crops aspire :: seek to attain; long for authenticate :: prove genuinearbiter :: person with power to decide a assail :: assault authoritarian :: subordinating thematter in dispute; judge individual to the state; completely assay :: analyze; evaluate dominating anothers willarbitrary :: unreasonable or capricious;tyrannical assent :: agree; accept authoritative :: having the weight of authority; peremptory and dictatorialarbitrate :: act as judge assert :: state strongly or positively; insist on or demand recognition of (rights, autocratic :: having absolute, uncheckedarboretum :: place where different claims, etc.) power; dictatorialvarieties of trees and shrubs are studiedand exhibited assessment :: estimation; appraisal automaton :: mechanism that imitates actions of humansarcade :: a covered passageway, usually assiduous :: diligentlined with shops autonomous :: self-governing assimilate :: absorb; cause to becomearcane :: secret; mysterious; known only homogenous autopsy :: examination of a dead body;to the initiated postmortem assuage :: ease or lessen (pain); satisfyarchaeology :: study of artifacts and relics (hunger); soothe (anger) auxiliary :: offering or providing help;of early mankind additional or subsidiary assumption :: something taken forarchaic :: antiquated granted; *the taking over or taking avalanche :: great mass of falling snow possession of* and icearchetype :: prototype; primitive pattern assurance :: promise or pledge; certainty; avarice :: greediness for wealtharchipelago :: group of closely located self-confidenceislands avenge :: take vengeance for something asteroid :: small planet (or on behalf of someone)archives :: public records; place wherepublic records are kept astigmatism :: eye defect that prevents aver :: state confidently proper focusardor :: heat; passion; zeal averse :: reluctant; disinclined 5 wordlistarduous :: hard; strenuous aversion :: firm dislike astral :: relating to the starsargot :: slang avert :: prevent; turn away astringent :: binding; causing contraction;aria :: operatic solo harsh or severe aviary :: enclosure for birdsarid :: dry; barren astronomical :: enormously large or avid :: greedy; eager for extensivearistocracy :: hereditary nobility; avow :: declare openlyprivileged class astute :: wise; shrewd; keen avuncular :: like an unclearmada :: fleet of warships asunder :: into parts; apart awe :: solemn wonderaromatic :: fragrant asylum :: place of refuge or shelter; protection awl :: pointed tool used for piercingarraign :: charge in court; indict asymmetric :: not identical on both sides awry :: distorted; crookedarray :: 1) marshal; draw up in order 2) of a dividing central line*clothe; adorn* axiom :: self-evident truth requiring no atavism :: resemblance to remote proofarrears :: being in debt ancestors rather than to parents; reversion azure :: sky blue to an earlier type; throwbackarrhythmic :: lacking rhythm or regularity babble :: chatter idly atheistic :: denying the existence of Godarrogance :: pride; haughtiness bacchanalian :: drunken atone :: make amends for; pay forarroyo :: a dry gully; a rivulet or stream badger :: pester; annoy atrocity :: brutal deadarsenal :: storage place for militaryequipment badinage :: teasing conversation atrophy :: wasting awayarticulate :: effective; distinct baffle :: frustrate; perplex attentive :: alert and watchful; considerate; thoughtful bait :: harass; teaseartifact :: object made by human beings,either handmade or mass-produced attenuate :: make thin; weaken baleful :: deadly; having a malignartifice :: deception; trickery influence; ominous attest :: testify; bear witnessartisan :: a manually skilled worker balk :: 1) stop short, as if faced with an attribute :: essential quality obstacle, and refuse to continue 2) foilartless :: without guile; open and honest attrition :: gradual decrease in numbers; ballast :: heavy substance used to add reduction in the work force without firingascendancy :: controlling influence stability or weight employees; wearing away of opposition byascertain :: find out for certain means of harassment balm :: something that relieves painascetic :: practicing self-denial; austere atypical :: not normal balmy :: mild; fragrantascribe :: refer; attribute; assign audacious :: daring; bold banal :: hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originalityaseptic :: preventing infection; having a audit :: examination of accountscleansing effect bandy :: discuss lightly or glibly; exchange augment :: increase; add to (words) heatedlyashen :: ash-colored; deadly pale augury :: omen; prophecy bane :: cause of ruin; curseasinine :: stupid august :: impressive; majestic bantering :: good-naturedly ridiculingaskance :: with a sideways or indirect look aureole :: suns corona; halo barb :: sharp projection from fishhook oraskew :: crookedly; slanted; at an angle other object; openly cutting remark auroral :: pertaining to the aurora borealisasperity :: sharpness (of temper) 6 wordlist auspicious :: favoring successaspersion :: slanderous remark bard :: poet austere :: forbiddingly stern; severelyaspirant :: seeker after position or status simple and unornamented barefaced :: shameless; bold; unconcealed
  4. 4. baroque :: highly ornate besmirch :: soil, defile bombastic :: pompous; using inflated languagebarrage :: barrier laid down by artillery bestial :: beastlike; brutal; inhumanfire; overwhelming profusion boon :: blessing; benefit bestow :: confer; to give, grantbarrister :: counselor-at-law boorish :: rude; insensitive; awkward; ill- betoken :: signify; indicate manneredbarterer :: trader betray :: be unfaithful; reveal bouillon :: clear beef soupbask :: luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth (unconsciously or unwillingly) bountiful :: abundant; graciously generousbastion :: stronghold; something seen as a betroth :: become engaged to marrysource of protection bourgeois :: middle class; selfishly bevy :: large group materialistic; dully conventionalbate :: let down; restrain bicameral :: two-chambered, as a bovine :: cowlike; placid and dullbauble :: trinket; trifle legislative body bowdlerize :: expurgatebawdy :: indecent; obscene bicker :: quarrel boycott :: refrain from buying or usingbeatific :: giving bliss; blissful biennial :: every two years brackish :: somewhat salinebeatitude :: blessedness; state of bliss bifurcated :: divided into two branches; forked braggadocio :: boastingbedizen :: dress with vulgar finery bigotry :: stubborn intolerance braggart :: boasterbedraggle :: wet thoroughly bilious :: suffering from indigestion; brandish :: wave around; flourish (<-beeline :: direct, quick route irritable [here] to make showy, wavy motions, as of the arms)befuddle :: confuse thoroughly bilk :: swindle; cheat bravado :: swagger; assumed air ofbeget :: father; produce; give rise to billowing :: swelling out in waves; surging defiancebegrudge :: resent bivouac :: temporary encampment brawn :: muscular strength; sturdinessbeguile :: mislead or delude; cheat; pass bizarre :: fantastic; violently contrasting brazen :: insolent; shamelesstime blanch :: bleach; whiten breach :: breaking of contract or duty;behemoth :: huge creature; something of fissure or gapmonstrous size or power bland :: soothing or mild; agreeable breadth :: width; extentbeholden :: obligated; indebted blandishment :: flattery brevity :: concisenessbehoove :: be suited to; be incumbent blare :: loud, harsh roar or screech;upon dazzling blaze of light brindled :: tawny or grayish with streaks or spotsbelabor :: explain or go over excessively blasé :: bored with pleasure or dissipationor to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally bristling :: rising like bristles; showing blasphemy :: irreverence; sacrilege; irritationbelated :: delayed cursing broach :: introduce; open upbeleaguer :: besiege or attack; harass blatant :: extremely obvious; loudly offensive brocade :: rich, figured fabricbelie :: contradict; give a false impression bleak :: cold or cheerless; unlikely to be brochure :: pamphletbelittle :: disparage; depreciate favorable brooch :: ornamental claspbellicose :: warlike blighted :: suffering from a disease; destroyed brook :: tolerate; endure 2) a smallbelligerent :: quarrelsome stream blithe :: gay; joyousbemoan :: 1. lament; 2. express browbeat :: bully; intimidatedisapproval of bloated :: swollen or puffed as with water or air browse :: graze; skim or glance at casuallybemused :: confused; lost in thought;preoccupied blowhard :: talkative boaster brunt :: main impact or shockbenediction :: blessing bludgeon :: club; heavy-headed weapon brusque :: blunt; abruptbenefactor :: gift giver; patron bluff :: 1) (adj) rough but good-natured 2) buccaneer :: a pirate, or sea robber pretense (of strength); deception; *highbeneficent :: kindly; doing good cliff* bucolic :: rustic; pastoralbenevolent :: generous; charitable buffet (n) :: table with food set out for 7 wordlist people to serve themselves; meal at whichbenign :: kindly; favorable; not malignant people help themselves to food thats been blunder :: error set out.benison :: blessing blurt :: utter impulsively buffet (v) :: slap; batter; knock aboutbent :: determined; natural talent or bluster :: blow in heavy gusts; threateninclination buffoonery :: clowning emptily; bullybequeath :: leave to someone by means of bugaboo :: bugbear; object of baseless bode :: foreshadow; portenda will; hand down terror bogus :: counterfeit; not authenticberate :: scold strongly bullion :: gold and silver in the form of bohemian :: unconventional (in an artistic barsbereavement :: state of being deprived of way)something valuable or beloved bulwark :: earthwork or other strong boisterous :: violent; rough; noisy defense; person who defendsbereft :: deprived of; lacking bolster :: support; reinforce bungle :: mismanage; blunderberserk :: frenzied bolt (n) :: door bar; fastening pin or buoyant :: able to float; *cheerful andbeseech :: beg; plead with screw; length of fabric optimistic*beset :: harass or trouble; to surround or bolt (v) :: dash or dart off; fasten (a bureaucracy :: over regulatedhem in door); *gobble down* administrative system marked by red tapebesiege :: surround with armed forces; bombardment :: attack (as with missiles) burgeon :: grow forth; send out budsharass (with requests)
  5. 5. burlesque :: give an imitation that ridicules carapace :: shell covering the back (of a censor :: overseer of morals; person who turtle, crab, etc.) eliminates inappropriate matterburnish :: make shiny by rubbing; polish carat :: unit of weight for precious stones; censorious :: criticalbuttress :: support; prop up measure of fineness of gold censure :: blame; criticizebuxom :: full-bosomed; plump; jolly carcinogenic :: causing cancer centaur :: mythical figure, half man andcabal :: small group of persons secretly cardinal :: chief half horseunited to promote their own interests cardiologist :: doctor specializing in centigrade :: denoting a widely usedcache :: hiding place ailments of the heart temperature scale (basically same as Celsius)cacophonous :: discordant; inharmonious careen :: lurch; sway from side to side centrifugal :: radiating; departing from thecadaver :: corpse caricature :: grotesque or ludicrously center exaggerated representation; distortion;cadaverous :: like a corpse; pale burlesque centrifuge :: machine that separates substances by whirling themcadence :: rhythmic rise and fall (of words carillon :: a set of bells capable of beingor sounds); beat played centripetal :: tending toward the centercajole :: coax; wheedle carnage :: destruction of life centurion :: Roman army officercalamity :: disaster; misery carnal :: fleshy cerebral :: pertaining to the brain or intellectcalculated :: deliberately planned; likely carnivorous :: meat-eating cerebration :: thoughtcaldron :: large kettle carousal :: drunken revel ceremonious :: marked by formalitycaliber :: ability; quality carping :: petty criticism; fault-finding certitude :: certaintycalligraphy :: beautiful writing; excellent carrion :: rotting flesh of a dead bodypenmanship cessation :: stoppage cartographer :: map-makercallous :: hardened; unfeeling cession :: yielding to another; ceding cascade :: small waterfallcallow :: youthful; immature; chafe :: warm by rubbing; make sore (byinexperienced caste :: one of the hereditary classes in rubbing) Hindu Society, social stratification;calorific :: heat-producing prestige chaff :: worthless product of endeavorcalumny :: malicious misrepresentation; castigation :: punishment; severe criticism chaffing :: bantering; jokingslander casual :: implying a cause-and-effect chagrin :: vexation (caused by humiliationcamaraderie :: good-fellowship relationship or injured pride); disappointmentcameo :: shell or jewel carved in relief; casualty :: serious or fatal accident chalice :: goblet; consecrated cupstars special appearance in a minor role inthe film cataclysm :: deluge; upheaval chameleon :: lizard that changes color in different situationscamouflage :: disguise; conceal catalyst :: agent that brings about a chemical change while it remains 9 wordlistcanard :: unfounded rumor; exaggerated unaffected and champion :: support militantly catapult :: slingshot; hurling machinecandor :: frankness; open honesty chaotic :: in utter disorder cataract :: great waterfall; eyecanine :: related to dogs; doglike abnormality charisma :: divine gift; great popular charm or appealcanker :: *any ulcerous sore*; any evil catastrophe :: calamity; disaster charlatan :: quack; pretender tocanny :: shrewd; thrifty catcall :: shout of disapproval; boo knowledgecanon :: collection or authoritative list of catechism :: book for religious instruction; chary :: cautious; sparing or restrainedbooks (e.g., by an author, or accepted as instruction by question and answer about givingscripture); rule or standard set byecclesiastical author categorical :: without exceptions; chase :: ornament a metal surface by unqualified; absolute indentingcantankerous :: ill-humored; irritable catharsis :: purging or cleansing of any chasm :: abysscantata :: story set to music, to be sung passage of the bodyby a chorus chassis :: framework and working parts of cathartic :: purgative i.e. tending to purify an automobilecanter :: slow gallop catholic :: universal; wide-ranging liberal chaste :: pure; virginal; modest 8 wordlist caucus :: private meeting of members of a chasten :: discipline; punish in order tocanto :: division of a long poem party to select officers or determine policy correctcanvass :: determine or seek opinions, caulk :: to make watertight (by plugging chastise :: punishvotes, etc. seams) chauvinist :: blindly devoted patriot;capacious :: spacious caustic :: burning; sarcastically biting zealous adherent of a group or causecapacity :: mental or physical ability; role; cauterize :: burn with hot iron or caustic check :: stop motion; curb or restrainability to accommodate cavalcade :: procession; parade checkered :: marked by changes in fortunecapillary :: having a very fine bore cavalier :: casual and offhand; arrogant cherubic :: angelic; innocent-lookingcapitulate :: surrender cavil :: make frivolous objections chicanery :: trickery; deceptioncaprice :: whim cede :: yield (title, territory) to; surrender chide :: scoldcapricious :: unpredictable; fickle formally chimerical :: fantastically improbable;caption :: title; chapter heading; text celerity :: speed; rapidity highly unrealistic; imaginativeunder illustration celestial :: heavenly chisel :: wedge like tool for cuttingcaptious :: faultfinding celibate :: abstaining from sexualcarafe :: glass water bottle; decanter intercourse; unmarried
  6. 6. chisel (v) :: *swindle or cheat*; cut with a coddle :: treat gently; pamper compact (n) :: agreement; contractchisel codicil :: supplement to the body of a will compatible :: harmonious; in harmonychivalrous :: courteous; faithful; brave with codify :: to arrange (laws, rules, etc.)choleric :: hot-tempered systematically; classify compelling :: overpowering; irresistible in effectchoreography :: art of representing dances coercion :: use of force to get someone toin written symbols; arrangement of dances obey; government by force compendium :: brief, comprehensive summarychortle :: chuckle with delight coeval :: living at the same time as; contemporary compensatory :: making up for; repayingchronic :: long established, as a disease cog :: tooth projecting from a wheel compilation :: listing of statisticalchronicle :: report; record (in chronological information in tabular or book formorder) cogent :: convincing compile :: assemble; gather; accumulatechurlish :: boorish; rude cogitate :: think over complacency :: self-satisfaction; smugnessciliated :: having minute hairs cognate :: related linguistically; allied by blood; similar or akin in nature complaisant :: trying to please; obligingcipher :: 1) *nonentity; worthless personor thing* 2) secret code cognitive :: having to do with knowing or complement :: complete; consummate; perceiving related to mental processes make perfectcirclet :: small ring; band cognizance :: knowledge complementary :: serving to completecircuitous :: roundabout; indirect; devious something cohabit :: live togethercircumlocution :: indirect or roundabout compliance :: readiness to yield;expression cohere :: stick together conformity in fulfilling requirementcircumscribe :: limit; confine cohesion :: tendency to keep together compliant :: yielding; conforming to requirementscircumspect :: prudent; cautious cohorts :: armed band complicity :: participation; involvementcircumvent :: outwit; baffle coiffure :: hairstyle component :: element; ingredientcistern :: reservoir or water tank coin :: make coins; invent or fabricate comport :: bear ones self; behavecitadel :: fortress coincidence :: the chance occurrence, at the same time, of two or more seemingly composure :: mental calmnesscite :: quote; commend connected events compound :: combine; constitute; paycivil :: having to do with citizens or the colander :: utensil with perforated bottom interest; increasestate; courteous and polite used for straining comprehensive :: thorough; inclusiveclairvoyant :: having foresight; 10 wordlistfortuneteller compress :: close; squeeze; contract collaborate :: work togetherclamber :: climb by crawling comprise :: include; consist of collage :: work of art put together fromclamor :: noise fragments compromise :: adjust or settle by making mutual concessions; endanger theclandestine :: secret collate :: examine in order to verify interests or reputation of authenticity; arrange in orderclangor :: loud, resounding noise compunction :: remorse collateral :: security given for a loanclapper :: striker (tongue) of a bell compute :: reckon; calculate collation :: a light mealclarion :: shrill, trumpet like sound concatenate :: link as in a chain colloquial :: pertaining to conversational orclaustrophobia :: fear of being locked in concave :: hollow common speech; informalclavicle :: collarbone concede :: admit; yield colloquy :: informal discussioncleave (n) cleavage (adj.) cloven :: split or conceit :: vanity or self-love; whimsical collusion :: conspiring in a fraudulentsever; cling to; remain faithful to idea; extravagant metaphor schemecleft :: split concentric :: having a common center colossal :: hugeclemency :: disposition to be lenient; conception :: beginning; forming of an colossus :: gigantic statuemildness, as of the weather idea comatose :: in a coma; extremely sleepycliché :: phrase dulled in meaning by concerted :: mutually agreed on; donerepetition combustible :: easily burned togetherclientele :: body of customers comely :: attractive; agreeable concession :: an act of yieldingclimactic (n) climax :: relating to the comestible :: something fit to be eaten conciliatory :: reconciling; soothinghighest point comeuppance :: deserved punishment; concise :: brief and compactclime :: region; climate retribution conclave :: private meetingclique :: small, exclusive group comity :: courtesy; civility conclusive :: decisive; ending all debatecloister :: monastery or convent commandeer :: to draft for military purposes; to take for public use concoct :: prepare by combining; make upclout :: great influence (especially political in concertor social) commemorative :: remembering; honoring concomitant :: that which accompaniescloying (v) cloy :: distasteful (because commensurate :: equal in extentexcessive); excessively sweet or concord :: harmonysentimental commiserate :: feel or express pity or sympathy for concur :: agreecoagulate :: thicken; congeal; clot commodious :: spacious and comfortable concurrent :: happening at the same timecoalesce :: combine; fuse communal :: held in common; of group of condescend :: bestow courtesies with acoalition :: partnership; league; union people superior aircoda :: concluding section of a musical or compact (adj.) :: tightly packed; firm; condign :: adequate; deservedly severeliterary composition brief
  7. 7. condiments :: seasonings; spices constituent :: *supporter* cornucopia :: horn overflowing with fruit and grain; symbol of abundancecondole :: express sympathetic sorrow constraint :: compulsion; repression of feelings corollary :: consequence; accompanimentcondone :: overlook; forgive; give tacitapproval; excuse construe :: explain; interpret corporeal :: bodily; materialconducive :: helpful; contributive consummate :: complete corpulent :: very fatconduit :: aqueduct passageway for fluids contagion :: infection correlation :: mutual relationshipconfidant :: trusted friend contaminate :: pollute corroborate :: confirm; supportconfine :: shut in; restrict contempt :: scorn; disdain corrode :: destroy by chemical actionconfiscate :: seize; commandeer contend :: struggle; compete; assert corrosive :: eating away by chemicals or earnestly diseaseconflagration :: great fire contention :: claim; thesis corrugated :: wrinkled; ridgedconfluence :: flowing together; crowd contentious :: quarrelsome cosmic :: pertaining to the universe; vastconformity :: harmony; agreement contest :: dispute coterie :: group that meets socially selectconfound :: confuse; puzzle circle context :: writing preceding and followingcongeal :: freeze; coagulate the passage quoted countenance (n) :: facecongenial :: pleasant; friendly; kindred [ -- contiguous :: adjacent to; touching upon countenance (v) :: approve; tolerate- tastes] continence :: self-restraint; sexual chastity counterfeit :: not genuine; imitation;congenital :: existing at birth forged contingent :: dependent on; conditional 11 wordlist countermand :: cancel; revoke contortions :: twistings; distortionsconglomeration :: mass of material 12 wordliststicking together contraband :: illegal trade; smuggling; smuggled goods counterpart :: a thing that completescongruence :: correspondence or parts; another; things very much alikeharmonious relationship contravene :: contradict; oppose: infringe on or transgress coup :: highly successful action or suddencongruent :: in agreement; corresponding attack contrite :: penitentconifer :: pine tree; cone-bearing tree couple :: join; unite contrived :: forced; artificial; notconjecture :: surmise; guess spontaneous courier :: messengerconjugal :: pertaining to marriage controvert :: oppose with arguments; covenant :: agreement attempt to refute; contradictconjure :: summon a devil; practice covert :: secret; hidden; impliedmagic; imagine or invent contumacious :: disobedient; resisting authority covetous :: avaricious; eagerly desirous ofconnivance :: pretense of ignorance ofsomething wrong; assistance; permission contusion :: bruise cow :: terrorize; intimidateto offend conundrum :: riddle; difficult problem cower :: shrink quivering, as from fearconnoisseur :: person competent to act asa judge of art, etc.; a lover of an art convene :: assemble coy :: shy; modest; coquettishconnotation :: suggested or implied convention :: social or moral custom cozen :: cheat; hoodwink; swindlemeaning of an expression established practice crabbed :: sour; peevishconnubial :: pertaining to marriage or the conventional :: ordinary; typicalmatrimonial state crass :: very unrefined; grossly insensible converge :: approach; tend to meet; comeconsanguinity :: kinship together craven :: cowardlyconscientious :: scrupulous; careful conversant :: familiar with credence :: beliefconscript :: draftee; person forced into converse :: opposite credo :: creed; system of (esp. religious)military service beliefs convert :: one who has adopted a differentconsecrate :: dedicate; sanctify religion or opinion credulity :: belief on slight evidence; gullibility; naivetéconsensus :: general agreement convex :: curving outward creed :: system of religious or ethicalconsequential :: following as result or conveyance :: vehicle; transfer beliefinference; *pompous; self-important* conviction :: judgment that someone is crescendo :: increase in the volume orconservatory :: school of the fine arts guilty of a crime; strongly held belief intensity, as in a musical passage; climax(especially music or drama) convivial :: festive; gay; characterized by crestfallen :: dejected; dispiritedconsign :: deliver officially; entrust; set jovialityapart crevice :: crack; fissure convoke :: call togetherconsistency :: absence of contradictions; cringe :: shrink back, as if in feardependability; uniformity; degree of convoluted :: coiled around; involved; intricate criteria :: standards used in judgingthickness copious :: plentiful crone :: hag i.e. withered old womanconsole :: lessen sadness ordisappointment; give comfort crotchety :: eccentric; whimsical coquette :: a girl or woman who merelyconsolidation :: unification; process of from vanity tries to get men‘s attention crux :: essential or main pointbecoming firmer or stronger and admiration; flirt crypt :: vault, esp. one below church usedconsonance :: harmony; agreement cordial :: gracious; heartfelt for burial-placeconsort (n) :: husband or wife cordon :: extended line of men or cryptic :: mysterious; hidden; secret fortifications to prevent access or egressconsort (v) :: associate with cubicle :: small chamber used for sleeping cornice :: projecting molding on buildingconspiracy :: treacherous plot (usually above columns) cuisine :: style of cooking
  8. 8. culinary :: relating to cooking decoy :: lure or bait demur :: object (because of doubts, scruples); hesitatecull :: pick out; reject decrepitude :: state of collapse caused by illness or old age demure :: grave; serious; coyculmination :: attainment of highest point decry :: express strong disapproval of; denigrate :: blackenculpable :: deserving blame disparage denizen :: inhabitant or resident; regularculvert :: artificial channel for water deducible :: derived by reasoning visitorcumbersome :: heavy; hard to manage deface :: mar; disfigure denotation :: meaning; distinguishing by namecumulative :: growing by addition defame :: harm someones reputation; malign; slander denouement :: outcome; finalcupidity :: greed development of the plot of a play or other default :: failure to act literary workcurator :: superintendent; manager defeatist :: resigned to defeat; accepting denounce :: condemn; criticizecurmudgeon :: churlish, miserly individual defeat as a natural outcome depict :: portraycursive :: flowing, running defection :: desertion deplete :: reduce; exhaustcursory :: casual; superficial; hastily done defer :: give in respectfully; submit 2) postpone deplore :: regretcurtail :: shorten; reduce deference :: courteous regard for deploy :: spread out [troops] in ancynical :: skeptical or distrustful of human anothers wish extended though shallow battle linemotives defiance :: refusal to yield; resistance depose :: dethrone; remove from officecynosure :: object of general attention defile :: pollute; profane deposition :: testimony under oathdabble :: work at in a non-serious fashion;splash around definitive :: most reliable or complete depravity :: extreme corruption; wickednessdais :: raised platform for guests of honor deflect :: turn aside deprecate :: express disapproval of;dally :: to flirt; trifle with; procrastinate defoliate :: destroy leaves protest against; belittledank :: damp defrock :: to strip a priest or minister of depreciate :: lessen in value church authoritydapper :: neat and trim depredation :: plundering deft :: neat; skillfuldappled :: spotted deranged :: insane defunct :: dead; no longer in use ordaub :: smear (as with paint) existence derelict :: abandoned; *negligent*daunt :: intimidate; frighten degenerate :: become wore; deteriorate deride :: ridicule; make fun ofdauntless :: bold degradation :: humiliation; debasement; derision :: ridiculedawdle :: loiter; waste time degeneration derivative :: unoriginal; obtained fromdeadlock :: standstill; stalemate dehydrate :: remove water from; dry out another sourcedeadpan :: wooden; impassive deify :: turn into a god; idolize dermatologist :: one who studies the skin and its diseasesdearth :: scarcity deign :: condescend; stoop 14 wordlistdebacle :: sudden downfall; complete delete :: erase; strike outdisaster derogatory :: tending to lessen or impair; deleterious :: harmful detracting disparaging; belittlingdebase :: reduce in quality or value; lower deliberate :: consider; ponder descry :: catch sight ofin esteem; degrade delineate :: portray; depict; sketch desecrate :: profane; violate the sanctitydebauch :: corrupt; seduce from virtue of delirium :: mental disorder marked bydebilitate :: weaken; enfeeble confusion desiccate :: dry updebonair :: friendly; aiming to please delta :: flat plain of mud or sand between desolate (adj.) :: unpopulated;debris :: rubble branches of a river depressing; deserteddebunk :: expose as false, exaggerated, delude :: deceive desolate (v) :: rob of joy; lay waste to;worthless, etc.; ridicule forsake deluge :: flood; rushdebutante :: young woman making formal desperado :: reckless outlaw i.e. criminal delusion :: false belief; hallucinationentrance into society despise :: look on with scorn; regard as delusive :: deceptive; raising vain hopesdecadence :: decay worthless or distasteful delve :: dig; investigatedecant :: pour off gently despoil :: plunder demagogue :: person who appeals todecapitate :: behead despondent :: depressed; gloomy peoples prejudice; false leaderdecelerate :: slow down despot :: tyrant; harsh, authoritarian ruler demean :: degrade; humiliate 13 wordlist demeanor :: behavior; bearing destitute :: extremely poordeciduous :: falling off, as of leaves desultory :: aimless; haphazard; demented :: insane digressing at randomdecimate :: kill, usually one out of ten demise :: death detached :: emotionally removed; calmdecipher :: decode and objective; physically separate demographic :: related to populationdeclivity :: downward slope balance determinate :: having a fixed order of demolition :: destruction procedure; invariabledécolleté :: having a low-cut neckline demoniac :: fiendish determination :: resolve; *measurementdecomposition :: decay or calculation*; decision demotic :: pertaining to the peopledecorum :: propriety; orderliness and good deterrent :: something that discourages;taste in manners hindrance
  9. 9. detonation :: explosion disburse :: pay out disperse :: scatterdetraction :: slandering; aspersion discernible :: mentally quick and dispirited :: lacking in spirit observant; having insightdetrimental :: harmful; damaging disport :: to indulge in amusement; play; disclaim :: disown; renounce claim to frolicdeviate :: turn away from (a principle,norm); depart; diverge disclose :: reveal disputatious :: argumentative; fond or arguingdevious :: roundabout; erratic; not discombobulated :: confused; discomposedstraightforward disquietude :: uneasiness; anxiety discomfit :: put to rout; defeat; disconcertdevise :: think up; invent; plan disquisition :: a formal systematic inquiry; disconcert :: confuse; upset; embarrass an explanation of the results of a formaldevoid :: lacking inquiry disconsolate :: saddevolve :: deputize; pass to others dissection :: analysis; cutting apart in discord :: conflict; lack of harmony order to examinedevotee :: enthusiastic follower discordant :: not harmonious; conflicting dissemble :: disguise; pretenddevout :: pious discount :: disregard disseminate :: distribute; spread; scatterdexterous :: skillful (like seeds) discourse :: formal discussion;diabolical :: devilish conversation dissent :: disagreediadem :: crown discredit :: defame; destroy confidence in; dissertation :: formal essay disbelievedialectical :: relating to the art of debate; dissident :: dissenting; rebellious*mutual or reciprocal* discrepancy :: lack of consistency; difference dissimulate :: pretend; conceal by feigningdiaphanous :: sheer; transparent discrete :: separate; unconnected dissipate :: squander; waste; scatterdiatribe :: bitter scolding; invective discretion :: prudence; ability to adjust dissolution :: disintegration; looseness indichotomy :: split; branching into two actions to circumstances moralsparts (especially contradictory ones) discriminating :: able to see differences; dissonance :: discord; opposite ofdictum :: authoritative and weighty prejudiced harmonystatement; saying; maxim discursive :: digressing; rambling dissuade :: persuade not to do; discouragedidactic :: teaching; instructional disdain :: view with scorn or contempt distant :: reserved or aloof; cold indie :: device for stamping or impressing; mannermold disembark :: go ashore; unload cargo from a ship distend :: expand; swell outdiffidence :: shyness disenfranchise :: deprive of a civil right distill :: purify; refine; concentratediffuse :: *wordy; rambling*; spread out(like a gas) disengage :: uncouple; separate; distinction :: honor; contrast; disconnect discriminationdigression :: wandering away from thesubject disfigure :: mar the appearance of; spoil distort :: twist out of shapedilapidated :: ruined because of neglect disgorge :: surrender something; eject; distrait :: absentminded vomitdilate :: expand distraught :: upset; distracted by anxiety disgruntle :: make discontenteddilatory :: delaying diurnal :: daily 15 wordlistdilemma :: problem; choice of two diva :: operatic singer; prima donnaunsatisfactory alternatives dishearten :: discourage diverge :: vary; go in different directionsdilettante :: aimless follower of the arts; disheveled :: untidy from the same pointamateur; dabbler disinclination :: unwillingness divergent :: differing; deviatingdiligence :: steadiness of effort; persistenthard work disingenuous :: not naïve; sophisticated diverse :: differing in some characteristics; variousdilute :: make less concentrated; reduce in disinter :: dig up; unearthstrength diversion :: act of turning aside; pastime disinterested :: unprejudiceddiminution :: lessening; reduction in size diversity :: variety; dissimilitude disjointed :: disconnecteddin :: continued loud noise divest :: strip; deprive disjunction :: act or state of separation;dinghy :: small boat (*often ships boat*) disunity divine :: perceive intuitively; foresee the futuredingy :: dull; not fresh; cheerless dislodge :: remove (forcibly) divulge :: revealdint :: means; effort dismantle :: take apart docile :: obedient; easily manageddiorama :: life-size, three-dimensional dismember :: cut into small partsscene from nature or history docket :: program as for trial; book where dismiss :: eliminate from consideration; such entries are madedire :: disastrous reject doctrinaire :: unable to compromise aboutdirge :: lament with music; a funeral hymn disparage :: belittle points of doctrine; dogmatic; unyieldingdisabuse :: correct a false impression; disparate :: basically different; unrelated doctrine :: teachings in general; particularundeceive principle (religious, legal, etc.) taught disparity :: difference; condition ofdisaffected :: disloyal inequality document :: provide written evidencedisapprobation :: disapproval; dispassionate :: calm; impartial doddering :: shaky; infirm from old agecondemnation dispatch :: speediness; prompt execution; doff :: take offdisarray :: disorderly or untidy state message sent with all due speed dogged :: determined; stubborndisavowal :: denial; disclaiming dispel :: scatter; drive away; cause to vanish doggerel :: poor versedisband :: dissolve; disperse
  10. 10. dogmatic :: opinionated; arbitrary; eclipse :: darken; extinguish; *surpass* embezzlement :: stealingdoctrinal ecologist :: person concerned with the emboss :: produce a design in raised reliefdoldrums :: blues; listlessness; slack interrelationship between living organismsperiod and their environment embrace :: hug; adopt or espouse; accept readily; encircle; includedolorous :: sorrowful economy :: efficiency or conciseness in using something embroider :: decorate with needlework;dolt :: stupid person ornament with fancy or fictitious details ecstasy :: rapture; joy; any overpoweringdomicile :: home emotion embroil :: throw into confusion; involve in strife; entangledomineer :: rule over tyrannically eddy :: swirling current of water, air, etc embryonic :: undeveloped; rudimentarydon :: put on edict :: decree (especially one issued by a sovereign); official command emend :: correct, usually a textdormant :: sleeping; lethargic; latent edify :: instruct; correct morally emendation :: correction of errors;dormer :: window projecting from roof improvement eerie :: weirddorsal :: relating to the back of an animal emetic :: substance causing vomiting efface :: rub outdossier :: a collection of documents eminent :: high; loftyconcerning a particular person or matter effectual :: able to produce a desired effect; valid emissary :: agent; messengerdotage :: senility effeminate :: having womanly traits emollient :: soothing or softening remedydote :: be excessively fond of; show signsof mental decline effervescence :: inner excitement or emolument :: salary; compensation exuberance; bubbling from fermentation ordour :: sullen; stubborn carbonation empathy :: ability to identify with anothers feelings, ideas, etc.douse :: plunge into water; drench; effete :: worn out; exhausted; barrenextinguish empirical :: based on experience efficacy :: power to produce desired effectdowdy :: slovenly; untidy emulate :: imitate; rival effigy :: dummydowncast :: disheartened; sad enamored :: in love effluvium :: noxious smelldrab :: dull; lacking color; cheerless encipher :: encode; convert a message effrontery :: shameless boldness into codedraconian :: extremely severe effusion :: pouring forth enclave :: territory enclosed within andregs :: sediment; worthless residue alien land effusive :: pouring forth; gushingdrivel :: nonsense; foolishness encomiastic :: praising; eulogistic egoism :: excessive interest in ones self;droll :: queer and amusing belief that one should be interested in encomium :: high praise; eulogy ones self rather than in othersdrone (n.) :: idle person; male bee encompass :: surround egotistical :: excessively self-centered;drone (v.) :: talk dully; buzz or murmur encroachment :: gradual intrusion self-important; conceitedlike a bee egregious :: notorious; conspicuously bad 17 wordlistdross :: waste matter; worthless or shockingimpurities encumber :: burden egress :: exitdrudgery :: menial work endearment :: fond word or act ejaculation :: exclamationdubious :: questionable; filled with doubt endemic :: prevailing among a specific elaboration :: addition of details; intricacy group of people or in a specific area orductile :: malleable; flexible; pliable country elated :: overjoyed; in high spiritsdulcet :: sweet sounding endorse :: approve; support elegy :: poem or song expressingdumbfound :: astonish endue :: provide with some quality; endow lamentation; funeral songdupe :: someone easily fooled enduring :: lasting; surviving elicit :: draw out by discussionduplicity :: double-dealing; hypocrisy energize :: invigorate; make forceful and elixir :: cure-all; something invigorating active 16 wordlist ellipsis :: omission of words from a text enervate :: weakenduration :: length of time something lasts elliptical :: oval; ambiguous, either purposely or because key words have been enfranchise :: admit to the rights ofduress :: forcible restraint, especially citizenship (especially the right to vote)unlawfully left out eloquence :: expressiveness; persuasive engage :: attract; hire; pledge oneself;dutiful :: respectful; obedient confront speechdwindle :: shrink; reduce engaging :: charming; attractive elucidate :: explain; enlightendynamic :: energetic; vigorously active engender :: cause; produce elusive :: evasive; baffling; hard to graspdyspeptic :: suffering from indigestion engross :: occupy fully elysian :: relating to paradise; blissfulearthy :: unrefined; coarse enhance :: increase; improve emaciated :: thin and wastedebb :: recede; lessen enigma :: puzzle; mystery emanate :: issue forthebullient :: showing excitement; enigmatic :: obscure; puzzling emancipate :: set freeoverflowing with enthusiasm embargo :: ban on commerce or other enjoin :: command; order; *forbid*eccentric :: irregular; odd; whimsical; activitybizarre enmity :: ill will; hatred embark :: commence; go on board a boat;eccentricity :: oddity; idiosyncrasy ennui :: boredom begin a journeyecclesiastic :: pertaining to the church enormity :: hugeness (in a bad sense) embed :: enclose; place in somethingeclectic :: selective; composed of elements enrapture :: please intensely embellish :: adorn; ornament; enhance, asdrawn from disparate sources a story