State of the world


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State of the world

  1. 1. “ Within each of us resides thepower and courage to choose themost positive thoughts, words, andactions in each situation... Weneed only choose.” Unknown Author
  2. 2. Today,We have the choice to acknowledge ourimpact.We have the choice to seize a momentand live it to its fullest. Some do not have that choice…We have the choice to be aware ofwhat surrounds us.To realize the need and consequencesof our actions,the opportunities available to each of us.We have the choice of taking or leaving.
  3. 3. now stop … and think about what you just saw… What if you knew the people in these pictures? … or had been to these places yourselves?Would you have thought the same if ……
  4. 4. If before she was a delegate you met at a conference…
  5. 5. You had seen him training perfectly normally before… 2000, Athens, Greece
  6. 6. The man in the cage was your brother… And you had met the soldier… 2003, outside Baghdad, Iraq
  7. 7. Your cousin was waiting for a test result… 2004, Kampala, Uganda
  8. 8. She’s your aunt and the rest of the family is gone… December 2004, Sri Lanka
  9. 9. This was where the family water supply came from… 2005, Nkomazi, South Africa
  10. 10. You saw this kid going to school in the morning 2004, Russia/Tchetchenia
  11. 11. You visited this perfectly normal African village a year ago… 2004, Darfur, Sudan
  12. 12. You came back home and this was your city… 2005, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
  13. 13. Your child just got cancer from nuclear radiation…Safety drill in Chernobyl contamination zone, April 2006, Ukraine
  14. 14. The police have just beaten your friend… April 2006, Katmandu, Nepal
  15. 15. Your house is underwater… April 2006, Bulgaria
  16. 16. Half your friends have been abducted for a guerilla army April 2006, N’djamena, Tchad
  17. 17. You would have been blown up if you had arrived on time forthe bus April 2006, Tel Aviv, Israel
  18. 18. You haven’t heard from your dad who commutes by train inMumbai… July 2006, Bombay, India
  19. 19. What kind of world do we live in?
  20. 20. Today’s problems are more global… More connected… And more complex… Than ever…
  21. 21. Something has to change…
  22. 22. Global Problems
  23. 23. Global Solutions
  24. 24. If something has to change… Someone has to change it…
  25. 25. Think about it …
  26. 26. Are we creatingchange as THE YOUTH?
  27. 27. GlobalisationIn a list of the top 100 economic powers …51 are corporations Environment … 2% of the world is forestPoverty… Over 1 billion people live on less than 1 US dollar a day Education … 1 out of every 5 adults is illiterate Hunger … Almost 800 million people do not have food Health More than 40 Million people are living with HIV/AIDS Children Every minute, 50 children are born in poverty
  28. 28. Democracy … 62% of states are democratic. NGO Sector … 2,091 NGO’s hold consultative status at the UN. Wealth … World Economic Output tripled in the past 25 years. Technology … 214 countries are connected to the internet. Energy … 11.5% of energy production comes from renewable energy sources
  29. 29. Are you now thinking about… What Where WhoYOUR contribution to our world? When Why How