Customer loyalty


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Customer loyalty

  1. 1. Session’s objectives All members see the importance of ensuring quality while increasing quantity Delegates know the main strategies in CLO and CLS for the summer peak Delegates apply the action steps for quality improvement immediately after the conference
  2. 2. I did get selected for Dicentral in Vietnam, the company first decided to issue me the WP, then it backed off and now I am left nowhere. Even AIESEC was not that helpful. My internship was nothing more than being made to either do jobs which no one else wanted to do- I really don't wish it to anyone. I am very glad this experience is finished, I didn't not learn anything. First of all we were mislead completely as to the job description of the internship. There needs to be much more communication between the aiesec leaders and members. We did not receive enough support from aiesec here in Vietnam, and the organization and communication skills were extremely poor. I feel quite disappointed about the LC that I exchanged. They worked really unprofessional, no plan, no clear description, no direction about everything. I have to say that they didn't care too much about us, they just give excuses to everything they can't do.
  5. 5. 12 Power of Repeat Customers & Word of Mouth 2000A 2001A 2002A 2003A 2004A 2005A 2006A 2007A 2008F GrossSales 1.6 8.6 32 70 184 370 597 850 1,000 $0 $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $1,200 GrossSales($inMs)
  6. 6. Clarity of Why
  7. 7. Why becoming customer centric org? Our MoS: NPS = %Promoters - % Detractors 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Detractors Promoters Passive
  8. 8. Clarity of WhyOur ability to respond rapidly and effectively to customers in need. Net Promoter Score Fire-Fighting: Cases closed/ Cases open How “engaged” are our customers with AIESEC? Response Rate How good are we at creating powerful experiences? % of Promoters
  9. 9. In the second part… QUALITY CONTROL Cases discussion and analysis Outcome: -Aware of possible factors affecting our service -Aware of the MoS – Quality Standard as solutions -Aware of current strategies and future direction
  10. 10. Case Discussion 1 Grouping (2 mins): Divide yourselves into Exchange Programs Task: Identify Promoters and Detractors Reasons based on given Feedbacks
  11. 11. Here comes the TOP Detractors! AIESEC’s support during the experience Opportunity to create positive societal impact Personal development Personal Development plan Personal Goal setting Logistic Pick up Accommodation Introduction to the org/project oGCDP & oGIP JD JD clarity JD aligned with the TN
  12. 12. iGCDP 1. AIESEC’ support during the experience 2. Opportunity to create positive societal impact 3. Personal development 4. Cross-cultural understanding & awareness iGIP Communication Communication effectiveness during acceptance procedure Communication by the Host LC Professional Working Environment Professional working environment Role eand responsibilities within the organisation
  13. 13. Promoters THUMB UP for…
  14. 14. WE HAVE SEEN THEPROBLEMS, NOW WHAT? CHALLENGES! QUALITY STANDARD • Where are my Groups? • Case Discussion 2! OUR SERVICE – OUR SOLUTIONS +Define which problem belongs to which factor. +Define your factor is in which process: Ma/Re? Where does your responsibility lie? +Any solutions?
  15. 15. Where are you now?
  16. 16. What are standards? – Minimum measures/terms/norms that are expected to be there. Itrepresentsthedetailsoftheminimumsof theexperience wewanttodeliver Basic & important that is without it, it would be unacceptable to run the program without.
  17. 17. Let’s hear your MC’s voice! <3 CEM Initiatives TOP 2 ISSUES in OGX TOP 3 ISSUES in iGCDP TOP ISSUES in iGIP
  18. 18. Yay! Almost there! Post conference Follow Up: actions to ensure quality & meeting standard. Give me your thumb!