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Shoulder surfing resistant graphical and image based login system


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Published in: Engineering
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Shoulder surfing resistant graphical and image based login system

  1. 1. Group Members Tanavi Dalavi Vishakha More Sonali Jadhav Guide Mrs. Vijaya Chavan
  2. 2.  Existing System Contains User_Name and Password Based Method.  Threats To The Existing System are : Shoulder Keylogger Bots Surfing
  3. 3.  When users input their passwords in a public place, they may be at risk of attackers stealing their password. An attacker can capture a password by direct observation.
  4. 4.  Key stroke are recorded  Threat to login system as the username and password recorded Bots Perform simple and repetitive tasks
  5. 5. Text Based Password are subject to attacked by following ways  In shoulder surfing attacker can capture a password by direct observation  In key logger attacker record the individual’s authentication session.  In bots attack the automated or semi-automated robots do the same
  6. 6.  Sensitive Information requires high security  Authentication processes to keep information secure Authentication Methods Graphical Image Based Password Based Password
  7. 7.  If password is “deokar”
  8. 8.  A grid of image is displayed, where the user will select a particular images from the grid.  The aim of this authentication is to avoid attack from a script or another machine.  A keylogger or bot attack can be avoided.
  9. 9.  HARDWARE:  Processor: Pentium-IV 1.5 GHz and above  Ram: 256 MB minimum  512 MB preferred  Monitor: 15 inch  CD-ROM: 52x speed  SOFTWARE:  Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP and above.  Software: JDK 1.5 and higher.
  10. 10.  Websites:    Book:  “Network Security-Overcome Password Hacking Through Graphical Password Authentication’’  M.ArunPrakash ,T.R.Gokul  Department of Information Technology, Tamil Nadu, India  “DHAMIJA, R. AND PERRIG, A. 2000. Déjà Vu:”  A User Study Using Images for Authentication