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  1. 1. April Local Congress 2013________ Department Output
  2. 2. AIESEC Kolkata Focus Areas Exponential growth in oGCDP and iGIP Programmes Integrated experiences leadingto programme delivery efficiency Brand and IMFinancial Sustainability across all programmes
  3. 3. AIESEC Kolkata 2013 GoalsProgramme Raise Match RealizationTMP 1000 1000 1060TLP 339 339 369OGCDP 264 200 140IGIP 121 89 64IGCDP 275 254 227OGIP 56 30 17
  4. 4. Focus Areas•Integrated Experiences•University Relations•Effective Use of Social Media-EWA to ELD•International Relations•Off Peak
  5. 5. Growth Drivers•1. EP Engagement and delivery- Matchingand delivery teams - EPIC - CulturalPreparation - EP Campaigns - Parents Night•2. Africa and Asia-IR•3. AdHoc- ORS•4. UR Coversion
  6. 6. Agenda Delegation Time Agenda•Conference Feedback so far•Membership•Quarter Feedback•SWOT•Q2 Plans•Way forward•Synergy
  7. 7. Department SWOT Strengths Weaknesses CAs in NUJS IR Lack of financial investmentUniversity relations for Heritage Membership Ad hoc in Xaviers Ewa to Eld Capitalization Expansions OS oGCDP Opportunities IXPs Threats School markets Bad branding in some markets Matching manias Passport and visa issues OS evolution
  8. 8. Plans and Action Steps for Q2•Matching – building IR on APXLDS contacts,matching mania, matching teams•Delivery – EPICs, EPPICs, engagement•EwA to Eld capitalization- Campaigns•OS evolution•Tapping school markets•Planning for Puja Cycle
  9. 9. Synergy OutputTM- Focus on IXPs, RnR, training and better engagement of CAs and AMs.iGCDP- Matching with the help of EPs. End responsible - Debarshi Need to create new and innovative projects with reference to projects in othercountries. End responsible - SomaoGIP- Market segmentationiGIP-• Help in IR. End responsible - VaishaliMarketing-IS in schools and partnerships.• Facebook campaign• How to utilise marketing stalls•Hoarding•EP bags• Members attending events• Social media campaignsIM-• LC wiki
  10. 10. Innovation Space