Ppl home assignment_unit5


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Ppl home assignment_unit5

  1. 1. Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust’s Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune-37 Principles of Programming Languages CS 20105 – SE – E Home Assignment 5Assignment Date: 18th April 2012 Submission Date: 25th April 2012Answer all 8 questions:1. Write HTML code to display the following in a web browser:Name Roll No.ABC 12XYZ 132. Let us say you want to make sure that in a HTML file, whenever something iswritten inside <p> tag, it should appear in blue color and in bold letters. Howcan you achieve this? Write code to demonstrate.3. Write a simple HelloWorld JavaScript which displays “HelloWorld” upon abutton click.4. Compare Java and JavaScript in terms of similarities and differences.5. Why is PHP used?6. What is MATLB?7. What kind of a language is PROLOG? Why is it used?8. What is LISP? What are its key features? Page 1 of 1