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The Future of SEO and Google


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Many may say that SEO is dying. I say:
“No! SEO is transforming and becoming better and less complicated.”

The above slide contains some of the most probable SEO reforms in the future by Google.
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The Future of SEO and Google

  1. 1. The Future of SEO Is Here: Reconsider Your Current Strategy BY – AKSHAY HALLUR
  2. 2. Fight for Top 1 not Top 10
  3. 3. Google Authorship Trust Google is considering the authorship trust score while ranking blog content. Improving the readership, involvement in Google Plus, participation in communities, sharing blog posts, obtaining more +1s will increase Authorship trust score.
  4. 4. Google Plus Extended version of Google. Google will also take account of number of +1s while ranking blog content.
  5. 5. Quality of social signals Google to consider the quality of social signals. Quality social shares matters a lot
  6. 6. Personalized search results You will frequently come across sites and blogs in the SERPs, which you often visit or is bookmarked. Building loyal readership is crucial in this case.
  7. 7. Final words By being more natural and following Google Webmaster guidelines, you will not be affected by Google future SEO trends. If you think that any of these points is ridiculous, or if you have any SEO forecast reports, do comment.
  8. 8. Text Article link is in the description… THANK YOU