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MDIA 4015 Web marketing project


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MDIA 4015 Web Marketing Project, Presented at New Media Design and Web Development Program, BCIT on 23 February 2015.

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MDIA 4015 Web marketing project

  1. 1. MDIA 4015 WEB MARKETING PROJECT By Akshay Chauhan MDIA 4015 Web Marketing New Media and Web Development Program Presented on 23 February 2015 1
  2. 2. 1. Situation 3 2. Target Companies 4 3. Project Goals 5 4. Strategy #1 – #4 6–9 5. Results 10 6. Analytics 11-12 2 INDEX
  3. 3. New Media Design and Web Development requires 144 hours of practicum at the end of the of Term 4. My background ● 2 years of experience as graphic design ● A year of working as UX and Product Designer ● Freelancing as Videographer and Photographer ● Designed blogs for global brands in UK, France and Sweden ● Won logo animation motion graphics contest and given 7 days trip to Singapore Animation schools, Anime Festival Asia in 2010 From my background and experience I would be able to target companies that have smaller more focused teams and want self motivated employees, SITUATION 3 SITUATION
  4. 4. The types of companies I want to work at 1. Tech Startups looking for UX/UI 2. Digital Design Agencies looking for UI or Visual Designer 3. Software Tech companies looking for Front end designer/developer 4. Design Studio looking for Designers / Illustrators Criteria ● Design teams with more than two designers ● Companies with separate tech and design teams ● Bonus – Companies that work with Wearables and Web Apps and value good documentation. 4 TARGET COMPANIES
  5. 5. My primary goal for the web marketing project is to get a practicum by the end of February. Redacted STRATEGIES 1. Connect with local designers 2. Find perfect fit company 3. Get industry people to my website 4. Strengthen personal branding & online presence 5 PROJECT GOALS
  6. 6. 1. Attend Redacted 2. Participate in Service Design Jam Vancouver 2015 3. List upcoming Redacted 4. Monitor ‘Eventbrite’ for media events 5. Redacted at Mobify HQ 6. Follow Vancouver based designers on Twitter a. Create list on Twitter b. Redacted c. Make list of portfolio sites and rate them on scale of 10 7. Redacted 8. Give talks and presentation at a Redacted 9. Record meetup events and post them as podcasts 6 STRATEGY #1 – Connect with local designers
  7. 7. 1. Redacted 2. Make lists of companies looking for people to hire in Design, UX, frontend development 3. Make list of related industries. eg. Reddacted 4. Rank companies on the scale of 10. What makes higher ranks a. Work environment similar to prior experience b. Companies that use correct terminology and proper listing of responsibility on their careers page c. Value good documentation d. Use online collaborative documentation apps e. Work on Web apps, wearables f. Redacted g. Prefer newer tech and seem adaptive industry changes. h. Redacted 5. Redacted 7 STRATEGY #1 – Connect with local designersSTRATEGY #2 – Find perfect fit company
  8. 8. 1. Redacted, check analytics. 2. Redacted companies hiring and collect business cards. 3. Connect with local designers Redacted 4. Tweet local design related and local content on Twitter 5. Read local designers Redacted 6. Post content on Global Service Jam website 8 STRATEGY #3 – Get industry experts on my website
  9. 9. Website 1. Make website responsive or hand-code theme from scratch 2. Add social media platforms to website 3. Add SDM (Structure Data Markups) on website pages 4. Try to use Behance API to use existing projects on Portfolio. 5. Optimize ‘Resume’ 6. Connect Portfolio page on website to Behance Profile and Blog link to Medium till the new theme is ready. Social profiles 1. Add more videos on Youtube and make Youtube Channel page 2. More presentation on Slideshare 3. Put Code snippets on Codepen and Github 4. Redacted 9 STRATEGY #4 – Strengthen personal brand & online presence
  10. 10. Practicum 1. Got practicum at first place I applied to on Feb 3. Much before than any of my clasmates 2. Was able to apply 60% of tactics across different Strategies. 3. Finished hand-coding website on Bootstrap framework. Require 2-3 more days to apply the styling and coding on wordpress template. Success 1. Redacted 2. Redacted 10 RESULTS
  11. 11. 11 ANALYTICS – CLICKY Due to limitations of trial account of ‘Clicky’ analytics I can only access last 31 days of records.
  12. 12. 12 There is a rise in local traffic surely but not too sure about the meaning of 999% is my website link on my twitter profile. So my twitter tactics seemed to have worked.
  13. 13. FIN 13