Indian online video platform (ovp) and hosting market


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Indian online video platform (ovp) and hosting market

  2. 2. Worldwide OVP Market Brightcove  Brightcove estimates the worldwide OVP market potential Forecast at $ 2.3 B in 2011 and will grow 5.8 to approximately to $ 5.8 B in 2015 2.3  Their assumptions are as follows:  Every organization with a 2011 2015 website is their potential customerWorld OVP Market ($ B)  They separated and segmented the websites into several tiers that have similar requirements * Source: Brightcove
  3. 3. Indian Market Pointers
  4. 4. OVP Market in Training / E-LearningSegment Top E-Learning companies like Educomp, the market leader in E- Learning (K-12 format) have 2.9 Million registered users and over 16000 modules of content On an average such companies can yield a potential of upto INR 33 Lacs of revenue There are about total 110 and 14 public listed companies Training/E-Learning Based on these assumptions, Indian Market size can be Indian video estimated as follows: hosting and  From public Listed Training/E-Learning Companies in India(14): INR 75 platform market Lacs for E-Learning / Training sector  From all Indian Training/E-Learning companies in India (110): INR 5.9 is estimated to Cr be INR 5.9 Cr * Source: Educomp, Moneycontrol, trainingindustry.
  5. 5. OVP Market in Media The online video streaming market, which requires heavy storage and bandwidth for mass viewing is still nascent but growing fast in India For example, Eros international has set up its online premium service for streaming movies in March 2012, with 2000 titles and many more to come. This service is paid and comes at various rates, mainly targeted to the NRI market  Already the top 100 movies have an impressive 1 view per day since Indian video last 2 months hosting and Using the above figures, we can estimate OVP market potential platform market for Media and for Media and Entertainment as below. Entertainment Indian Market sector is  From public Listed Media & Entertainment Companies in India(69): estimated to be INR 33.5 Cr INR 33.5 Cr * Source: Eros, Moneycontrol
  6. 6. OVP Market in SMB sector (Video basedpromotions) According to Google, India is has about 8,000,000 SMBs in 2011  Only 5% of them have a website putting the figure to SMBs having websites as 400,000. Google will be offering website hosting and domain registration services free of cost to SMBs and plans to get another 500,000 online  Facebook and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) have partnered to provide SMBs with free advertising platform Since this is a nascent market with strong growth potential in near future, we assume the current market of 400,000 enterprises with a potential to scale to 900,000 in next 1 year. Indian video If we assume at least 10% of the online business will have at least 2 videos hosting and online for promotion and under 2000 views per month, we can estimate the platform market OVP market size for SMBs as follows for SMBs Market Size (video based  Current (40,000): INR 96.2 Cr promotion) is  Potential in one year(90,000): INR 216 Cr INR 96.2 Cr * Source:,, businesstod
  7. 7. Total Market 135.2  The current total market is 101.6 estimated to be in 96.2 96.0 approximately 135 Cr. The readily addressable market segments can be SMBs and Training/E-Learning (130 Cr) 33  Assuming License fee is the 6 2.2 3.5 major source of margins, the most profitable segment isTraining / E- Media and SMBs (Video Total SMBs(close to 100% Learning Entertainment based promotion) revenue from License fee) followed by Training/E-Market Size (INR Cr) Potential for License Revenue (Cr) Learning (close to 36% from license fee)
  8. 8. Bid Solutions Helping the SMEs Data Analytics | Market Research | Proposal