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Auto inspection lot creation and Auto Usage decision for required parts


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Auto inspection lot creation and Auto Usage decision for required parts

  1. 1. Auto inspection lot creation and Auto Usage decision for required parts Reusable Artifact Descriptions Artifact Type Enhancement - BADI Functional Area MM Functional Sub-Area IM, QM SAP System ECC Objective: This document is for creation of automatic usage decision upon specific business scenario. In any business process regarding vendortransactions there will be trusted material in each transaction.There is a common scenario that need of QA inspection for this material from that particular vendor (or trusted vendor)is null. This scenario is not available or executed in standard SAP installation. The proposed approach as described below will allow businesses to go for automatic inventory update under specific conditions. Target Audience: Both functional (MM & QM) and technical (ABAP developer) can use this document. Requirement & Overview: Normallyvendor sends their finished goods as partofbusiness process (like vendor consignmentprocess).Later on, inspection will be done on the goods either manuallyor automaticallyby a third-party system.After the inspection is completed,they postthe Goods receipt(GR) using the MIGO transaction.For trusted vendor and trusted material, inspection will be done automaticallyand MIGO is posted.(But, UD update mustbe done automatically) Needs to be created or Pre requisites:  Custom table ZAUTO_UD needs to be created. (To store trusted material and vendor details along with mapping them).  Custom Function module ‘ZUPDATE_UD’ needs to be created. (To update Usage decision for inspection lot) Technical design or steps to achieve a functionality:
  2. 2. In a standard SAP process,Inspection lot number (I-L no) and Material document number (M-doc-no) will be generated once MIGO is done.During Quality inspection,I.L no will be accepted in IL02 transaction. In our customer business process as perbusiness requirement, Quality inspection will be automated once M-doc-no is generated. To achieve this, we need to enhance the BADI "MB_DOCUMENT_BADI" in the interface “IF_EX_MB_DOCUMENT_BADI”. BADI details: BADI Description BAdI Definition MB_DOCUMENT_BADI Description BAdIs During Creation of a Material Document Interface IF_EX_MB_DOCUMENT_BADI Implementation Name ZMB_DOCUMENT_BADI Description MB_DOCUMENT_BADI - QM Enhancement for auto UD for trusted Parts Method: Method Name Description MB_DOCUMENT_BEFORE_UPDATE Exit After Writing a Material Document. Not in 'update task' Functionality: Implementbelow logic into method MB_DOCUMENT_BEFORE_UPDATE. Get inspection lot number, material number and vendor number from the importing parameter of (XMSEG –QPLOS, XMSEG-MATNR, and XMSEG-LIFNR). Call custom update Function module ‘ZUPDATE_UD’ using below parameters via Update task.(CALL FUNCTION 'ZUPDATE_UD' IN UPDATE TASK) Below function module needs to be created: Function module: ZUPDATE_UD Description: UD update for inspection lot in MIGO Importing parameters: Parameter Name Reference Description and Mandatory I_NUMBER BAPI2045UD-INSPLOT Inspection Lot I_MATNR QALS-MATNR Material Number I_LIFNR QALS-LIFNR Vendor Number
  3. 3. Function module: ZUPDATE_UD Check if material and vendor exist in custom table ZAUTO_UD. If material and vendor combination has found in the table then it’s a trusted transaction else normal transaction. Note: Custom table ZAUTO_UD will hold the trusted material and vendor combination details. If it’s a trusted transaction then call BAPI ‘BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION’ to updated Usage Decision as A (A = Accept) else don’t update. Process Flowchart: Additional information:  We can use email functionality to trigger email to manager after User decision update.  We can trigger workflow for approvals. Code snippet: BADI Implementation : ZMB_DOCUMENT_BADI
  4. 4. ************************************************************************************************************ * Title : QM Enhancementfor auto UD for Req.Parts * * BADI Definition Name : MB_DOCUMENT_BADI * * Implementation ShortText : MB_DOCUMENT_BADI - QM Enhancementfor auto UD for Req.Parts * * BADI Implementation Name :ZMB_DOCUMENT_BADI * * Method : MB_DOCUMENT_BEFORE_UPDATE (IF_EX_MB_DOCUMENT_BADI~MB_DOCUMENT_BEFORE_UPDATE) * *----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* * change..... * ************************************************************************************************************ METHOD if_ex_mb_document_badi~mb_document_before_update. *Local Structures DATA : ls_xvm07m LIKE LINE OF xvm07m, " Fields:Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07M ls_xmseg LIKE LINE OF xmseg, " Segmentof Material Document *Clear Variables CLEAR: ls_xvm07m,ls_xmseg. *Read Inspection lotnumber READ TABLE xvm07m INTO ls_xvm07m INDEX 1. *Read material and vendor number READ TABLE xmseg INTO ls_xmseg INDEX 1. *Update Usage Decision as 'A - Accept' CALL FUNCTION 'ZUPDATE_UD' IN UPDATE TASK EXPORTING i_number = ls_xvm07m-qplos i_matnr = ls_xmseg-matnr i_lifnr = ls_xmseg-lifnr. IF sy-subrc <> 0. MESSAGE 'Error while calling update function module'TYPE 'E'. ENDIF. ENDIF. ENDMETHOD. ******************************************************************************************* Function module: ZUPDATE_UD FUNCTION zupdate_ud. *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- *"*"Update Function Module: *" *"*"Local Interface:
  5. 5. *" IMPORTING *" VALUE(I_NUMBER) TYPE BAPI2045UD-INSPLOT *" VALUE(I_MATNR) TYPE QALS-MATNR *" VALUE(I_LIFNR) TYPE QALS-LIFNR *" EXCEPTIONS *" E_ERROR *" E_SUCESS *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************ * Title : QM Enhancementfor auto UD for Req.Parts * * Author : Akshath L.T * * Creation Date : 24/11/2014 * * Description : UD update for insp.lotfrom MIGO * ************************************************************************ * Local Structures DATA: ls_ud_data TYPE bapi2045ud, " Data for making the usage decision ls_ud_return_data TYPE bapi2045ud_return,"Return structure after the usage decision is made ls_stock_data TYPE bapi2045d_il2, " Stock Data for Inspection Lot ls_return TYPE bapireturn1, " Return Parameter * Local Internal Tables lt_system_status TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapi2045ss,"Inspection lotsystem status lt_user_status TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapi2045us,"Inspection lotuser status l_insp_num TYPE bapi2045ud-insplot, " Inspection LotNumber l_lifnr TYPE lifnr, " Vendor l_matnr TYPE matnr. " Material * Constants CONSTANTS : lc_ud_selected_setTYPE bapi2045ud-ud_selected_setVALUE '01', " Selected Set of the Usage Decision lc_ud_code_group TYPE bapi2045ud-ud_code_group VALUE '01', " Code Group of the Usage Decision lc_ud_code TYPE bapi2045ud-ud_code VALUE 'A', " Accept Usage Decision lc_language TYPE bapi2045la VALUE 'E', " Language lc_msgtyp_e TYPE c VALUE 'E', " Error lc_werks TYPE werks VALUE '9999'. * Clear variables CLEAR:l_matnr, l_lifnr, l_insp_num, ls_ud_data. IF i_matnr IS NOT INITIAL AND i_lifnr IS NOT INITIAL.
  6. 6. * Fetch Material and Vendor data from the table ZAUTOUD SELECT SINGLE matnr lifnr FROM zauto_ud INTO (l_matnr,l_lifnr) WHERE matnr = i_matnr AND lifnr = i_lifnr. if sy-subrc = 0. * Remove leading-zero of Vendor number CALL FUNCTION 'CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT' EXPORTING input = i_lifnr IMPORTING output= l_lifnr. * Populate data for BAPI updation ls_ud_data-insplot = i_number. ls_ud_data-ud_selected_set = lc_ud_selected_set. ls_ud_data-ud_plant = lc_werks. ls_ud_data-ud_code_group = lc_ud_code_group . ls_ud_data-ud_code = lc_ud_code . ls_ud_data-ud_stock_posting = abap_true. l_insp_num = i_number. * Update usage decision as Accept in inspection lot CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION' EXPORTING number = l_insp_num ud_data = ls_ud_data language = lc_language IMPORTING ud_return_data = ls_ud_return_data stock_data = ls_stock_data return = ls_return TABLES system_status = lt_system_status user_status = lt_user_status. IF ls_return-type = lc_msgtyp_e. MESSAGE 'Error while updating Usage Decision'TYPE 'E'. ENDIF.