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MARS is 29!

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  1. 1. Long Long ago, nobody knows how long ago (actually it was ‘83) in some planet nearby……. Ae ..kasu kasu EARTH kiss tuk chik tuk chik variii..If we tell you what that means we would have to kill you ..Sorry
  2. 2. And So….And So….
  3. 3. MARTians with an average IQ of 223 decidedto infiltrate the best of the best. – Smart Move-
  4. 4. They also knew EARTHlings possess a super weak spot..Heard a story about a specific day
  5. 5. But they came across this..
  6. 6. Obviously they were Great Wall of China
  7. 7. Carefully found out what works best and got
  8. 8. But MARtians get too into pleasing the IIMB junta that And loads more
  9. 9. Every year millions (MARS numeric system isdifferent) of innocent EARTling IIMB facchaswere converted and made to work for acommon MARtian cause
  10. 10. One day, we will have enough force to …
  11. 11. Till then..we might as well do what we do best..Simplify LivesPS : Never Instigate a MARtian by hooshing. You might be ZAPPED out to space