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Project footprints


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Published in: Education
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Project footprints

  1. 1. Aiesec in PuneProudlypresentsProjectFootprin ts
  2. 2.  What is Project Footprints:  Project Footprints is a child rightsinitiative, piloted by AIESEC in Pune meantfor helping the underprivileged children and imparting skills to them which will enable them to excel in life and tomotivate them to confront the situationsthrough collective action there by givingthe child an opportunity to realize their full potential.
  3. 3. Mission of the Project:•To create an everlasting impact on the soc Educating the children about their rights importance.•We want Every Child in the society round u himself and what they can achieve.•To give them joys of life through our initia be otherwise possible for these challeng various prejudices of the society.•Give them a chance to interact with people globe and understand their cultures as we healthy atmosphere.
  4. 4.  TN IDs for footprints –  TN-In-IN-PU-2012-3761  TN-In-IN-PU-2012-3762  TN-In-IN-PU-2012-3763  TN-In-IN-PU-2012-3764
  5. 5.  Project Footprints Start and End dates -  01/10/2012 to 15/11/2012 and  01/11/2012 to 15/12/2012 and  01/12/2012 to 15/01/2013
  6. 6. Project Website:The Project webpage includes information about theproject, along with case studies of the Interns who hadparticipated in this project.!Home/mainPageCase Studies:Case studies album on AIESEC Pune Facebook Page. information files:Special webpage made for Interns looking forward tojoin AIESEC Pune for their internship . Experiences,documents related to internship available on webpage.!home/mainPage