E yantra robot abstractions


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E yantra robot abstractions

  1. 1. E-Yantra Robot Abstractions Akshar Prabhu Desai
  2. 2. Objectives• Simplify robot programming• Make it platform independent• Enable usage of higher level programming languages and paradigms• Build tools that are exciting to use.
  3. 3. How a microcontrollers work?• Initialize hardware• Set data direction register• Read/Write to data registerOR• Interrupts which are like callbacks
  4. 4. How firebird swiss knife works Sequential set of instructions
  5. 5. Exampleexec(open("functionList.py").read());init("com5");setVelocity(70,100);forward();Internally it sends a comman “mvf 70,100” over xbee.
  6. 6. Work Involved on bot• MVF gets mapped to move_forward function.• 70 and 100 are received as STRING which needs to be converted into UNSIGNED CHAR.
  7. 7. What about interrupts?• exec(open("functionList.py").read());• init("COM5");• def test():• print("tick");•• onInterrupt("left",test);• while 1==1:• 2==2;
  8. 8. Ideally how it should happen• Bot provides services over Xbee – low_level/(set_port,get_port) – Actuators/actuator_id/<instruction> – Sensors/sensor_id/ – OS/( delay, and other functions )• Services must be defined at interface level only
  9. 9. Pub/Sub Interfaces for interrupts• Bot publishes events• PC subscribes to events• Vice/Versa• /subscribe/event_id =>returns
  10. 10. Action points:Xbee• Build a high level protocol over Xbee• Define only the Xbee interfaces and not anything at programmable level.
  11. 11. The virtual machine• Almost all code runs inside the serial com ISR• Maps incoming commands to C functions• Provides a small key/value data store.All this code should not be written manually. It should be generated automatically.
  12. 12. What we write manually.• <platform> <interface type=“actuator”> <actuator>left_motor</actuator> <input>{s1}</input> <mapping> <DDR>0xFF</DDR> <PORTD>0xFF</PORTD> </mapping> </interface> </platform> This should generate all necessary C code to be run on the mc.
  13. 13. What if we add a gripper?• We just append the XML with few more blocks and burn the new code.• This brings up another service /actuators/gripper_id/move_by_angle/45 For every accessory we build, we only write a single XML block.
  14. 14. What after that?• Build wrappers that run on PC in various programming languages• Even this code should be auto generated.• All the code that runs on PC is all about sending a message to Xbee in certain format and receiving messages periodically.