120809 perspective management


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120809 perspective management

  1. 1.  Introduction What is Management? Management as a Process Management as a Group/Team Management as a Discipline Management as an Activity Scope of Management Characteristics of Management Who are Effective Managers? Principles of Management
  2. 2.  “Management is what management does”
  3. 3.  Management includes all those who are responsible for making decisions and supervising the work of others.
  4. 4.  ‘Managers are born, not made’
  5. 5.  ‘Management is an essential activity which arises as individuals seek to satisfy their needs through group action’.
  6. 6. 1. Management as an Economic Resource 2. Management as a System of Authority 3. Management as a Class 21 3
  7. 7. 1. Management is intangible2. Management is goal-oriented3. Management is universal4. Management is a social process5. Management is a group activity6. Management is a system of authority7. Management is dynamic
  8. 8.  Have vision, think long-term, set directions; Are good communicators and good listeners; Understand operations Know where to spend time and how to priorities; Delegate well; Act confidently; Accept responsibility and admit mistakes; Are motivating, curious, honest and decisive
  9. 9.  Optimum use of resources Effective leadership and motivation Establishes sound industrial relations Achievement of goals Change and growth Improves standard of living
  10. 10.  Systematized body of knowledge Management is a social science Management is an inexact science Manager vs. scientist
  11. 11.  Use of knowledge Creative art Personalized Constant practice