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We are a leading Search engine optimization (GOOGLE) Company /NASSCOM certified. We optimize websites onto major search engines & can bring any website onto First page on Google for specific business keywords/search parameters.

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  • Everyone has a website now a days, but that doesn’t mean you show up automatically in the SE. So, today we’ll cover the basics of the SE, how SEM and SEO is done, how you can measure your success
  • We may think that each SE is unique it is own way, which they are but they’re also linked together so it is important to focus on the big players. You can see that ads in Google also goes out to AOL and Ask and the same with Yahoo, their asks goes to the smaller search engines such as alta vista. The search engines are all interrelated Google have about 50%, yahoo 25 and MSN 15.
  • This is a graphic that one of our designers made to show how a search engine works. To break it down, a SE consists of 3 main parts: Spider – crawls every webpage of a website that is out there and reads only HTML content (it acts as a liberian) Indexed- and stored into a catalog and then a program between your search queries and the retrieval of your search results called (makes sure there is no duplicate content) Algorithm- is used to determine the best search results to show on your SERPS ( Search Engine Results Page ) ** Every SE has it’s own algorithm ( rules ) that it goes by so that is why when you do searches in Google and Yahoo for the same Keywords you get similar but different results.
  • ** Every SE has it’s own algorithm ( rules ) that it goes by so that is why when you do searches in Google and Yahoo for the same Keywords you get similar but different results.
  • Majority of Search engines – Google No1
  • SEO: Define
  • Here are some things that a search engine will look for when they’re crawling your site.
  • Content will always be king for the SE and links are important. With new content you will keep the spiders coming back to you more often.
  • So how do you fit the two pieces together? SEM is the umbrella over SEO, PPC ( if you decide to do it ) SEO takes more time and patience but when done right, it will benefit you in the long run. PPC is quick and gets you fast results but will cost you money.
  • PPC is a fast way for you to start showing up if you’re not doing so well naturally. And you are ONLY charged when someone clicks on your ad… and even if no one is clicking on it, you are building a brand impression.
  • Aksatech search engine optimization old

    1. 1. Search Engine Marketing ”Boost your Presence, Build your Brand”
    2. 2. Today we’ll cover • Search Engine basics • SEM in the real world *SEM – Search Engine Marketing • Natural optimization (SEO) * SEO – Search Engine Optimization • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) * PPC = Payment Advertisement
    3. 3. Search Engines
    4. 4. How Search Engines work:
    5. 5. Search Engines Difference:
    6. 6. Search Engines Ranking MAY 2008 by HITWISE
    7. 7. What is the Website? - give the information - to sale the products - about the services For that purpose we need the “Traffic” “Traffic” = number of times viewed by visitors Search Engine Optimization - process only to fulfill this part
    8. 8. Benefits of SEO  Publish the information in right way  Increase the sales  Get a business  Tracking the site visitors
    9. 9. Search Engine Optimization  Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving a web site for effective search engine rankings and also to increase the number of website visitors.  Search engine optimization is the fundamental part of Internet marketing strategy.
    10. 10. What do Search Engines look for? • Readable Text • Fresh, unique content • Relevant inbound links • Good site architecture • Unique meta info
    11. 11. What do Search Engines look for? Website CONTENT!
    12. 12. SEO workflow Initial Site Analysis: (ON site) •Domain Name analysis Initial Site Analysis: (OFF site) •Home page analysis • Google Index (Text version) o Title • Recent Google cache date o Meta tags • Google indexed pages o Robots tag • Google back links o Google webmaster tools code • Google page rank (home & inner pages) o Google analytics or any tracking code • Yahoo indexed pages o Keywords on Content • Yahoo back links o Links to inner pages • Bing indexed pages •Inner links structure • Alexa traffic rank •Domain URL analysis •Broken links analysis Competitor’s analysis •Inner pages analysis • List of above analysis for each competitor o Title o Meta tags o Google analytics or any tracking code o Keywords on Content o Links to other pages o Alt Tags •Sitemap static page •Sitemap xml file •Regular updating area •Feeds section (if available) •Basic Keywords analysis
    13. 13. SEO workflow ON-Page Optimization: OFF-Page Optimization •Keyword analysis •Basic Search engine submissions (IBP or o Extensive research on Keyword Webceo) o Keywords with competitor Sites •Directory submissions (submitsuite.com o Segregation of Keywords (targeted page) website submitter) •Title, Meta tags changes •Blog feed to feedburner •Robots tag •Blog feed submission (RSS submit) •Internal links optimization •Social Bookmarkings •URL optimization •Local classifieds and yellow pages •Content optimization submissions •Find possible ways to generate more number of •Profile page creation in online wiki’s, value pages aboutus.org, social Networking sites …etc •Image optimization (Alt tags) •Article submissions •Sitemap static page •Press release submissions •Sitemap .xml file creation •Video submissions •To fix Broken links •Forum / guest book submissions •Feeds generation (if available) •Blog comments postings •Google analytics integration •Try to get more back links through payment •Google webmaster tool integration affiliate link networks, •Yahoo site explorer integration •Live webmaster tool integration •Own Blogs creations (with some posts and links) wordpress and blogger •Google Local listings and Map creation
    14. 14. SE Ranking Report AksaTech Ranking status Report
    15. 15. Analytics Report Visitor’s behavior report from Google Analytics
    16. 16. Analytics Report Visitor’s behavior report from Google Analytics
    17. 17. Analytics Report Visitor’s behavior report from Google Analytics
    18. 18. AksaTech Google says: ‘Don’t be Search Engines Webmaster Guidelines
    19. 19. Let’s take a break Any questions so far? Payment Advertisement Campaign >>>>>
    20. 20. Search Engine Marketing
    21. 21. Search Engine Marketing  Search Engine Marketing - The process of marketing a site for improved search engine results, often including a combination of search engine optimization and paid advertising Paid advertising = Pay Per Click (PPC)  This is a method of advertising where advertisers pay a given amount each click of their advertisement  It will increase website visibility in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Live) result pages, and It will help to improve the traffic to your website and improve your return on investment.
    22. 22. Search Engine Marketing Pay per Click Management (PPC) - Google Adwords
    23. 23. Natural search results vs.Paid-for listings #1 = $0.99 per click #4 = $.39 per click Organic = Free!
    24. 24. PPC – Pay Per Click
    25. 25. PPC – Pay Per Click
    26. 26. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns Google Adwords - http://adwords.google.com/ Yahoo - http://searchmarketing.yahoo.com/ MSN adcenter - http://adcenter.microsoft.com/  Google networks includes Google, AOL, Netscape, Ask, Earthlink, Lycos and many more.  Yahoo networks includes Yahoo, Alltheweb, infospace, Excite, CNN, Altavista, Overtuture and many more.  MSN networks includes MSN search engine only.
    27. 27. PPC Vs ORGANIC Pay-Per-Click “Organic” SEO results in 1-2 days  results take 2 weeks to 4 months easier for a novice or one little  requires ongoing learning andknowledge of SEO experience to achieve results ability to turn on and off at any  very difficult to control flow ofmoment traffic generally more costly per visitor  SERPs are more popular thanand per conversion sponsored ads easier to compete in highly  very difficult to participate incompetitive market space (but it will highly competitive market spacecost you)  more difficult to target local ability to target “local” markets markets better for short-term and high-  better for long - term and lowermargin campaigns margin campaigns
    28. 28. PPC Management  Account Setup  Keyword Research  Bid Management  Conversion Tracking  Competitive Analysis  ROI Calculation  Reports
    29. 29. Contact Us AksaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. No.147/12, 2nd floor 5th Block, 69th Cross Rajajinagar, Near Bashyam Circle Bangalore - 560 010 Karnataka - India. Phone: +91 80 4110 9622 Fax: +91 80 41683527 mail: info@aksatech.com
    30. 30. Thank You