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Course work draft 2

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Course work draft 2

  1. 1. Confident that if the reader buys the magazine they will have a flat belly and they are very confident that it will work in just days. Masthead Is bold so it attracts the audience also it says “best life” so you'll want to buy it and this magazine would help you get the best life, it tells us that the people who are going to buy it are the people who need money and who needs a good life. The colour represents love, blood and death. If the reader buy this magazine they will know what the other sex finds sexy about them and this quote is mostly aimed at men because its says “what women find sexy” however the magazine balances stereotypes by saying 21 power food that burn fat so this tells us that women will want to look lose fat so they can attract men. Also at the to it says money, style, women and success Spell lines the magazines gives extra information on the other pages and this would make the reader continues to read. The suit he wears highlights that his rice and that’s going to inspire people to buy the magazine Magazine analysis People Jay z is looking at the reader so the audience knows that his looking at them and this would effect the reader to think that his going to become rich and wear good clothes, so more and more people would want to buy it , lots of girls will buy it because they like jay z and boys look up to him because his stylish and also his famous because he is a rapper. This two quotes make the reader read more because now days more people haves financial worries and the reader will buy it to take away there worries and help them to grow money, also if you want to survive in the economical world you will need lots of money Mostly working class people Aspirational will buy it because they will Many people would like want to lose stress so they can to have a celebrity The font is full of bright colours(red and relax and making money will lifestyle yellow) this would stand out from the help them pay rents. other magazine.
  2. 2. Magazine analysis Masthead Colour The colour red can shows clearly it is a men’s magazine and its aimed towards men also it identify the brand. The connotation is, masculinity, looking good. symbolise strength, passion and danger. These usually associate with men rather then women. Airbrushed remove wrinkles to make him look more younger so people buys the magazine. Barcode Located at the top of the of the front cover, a legal requirement, must not be covered by any text or image. Words The word “sex”, “muscle” stands out from the other and they appeal to men’s Cover lines The magazine tells what you will find inside it. spell line Target audience The magazine is mostly aimed at men, its about your health and how you can become fitter also it gives you tips on how make your body, stronger. the magazines gives extra information on the other pages and this would make the reader continues to read
  3. 3. Similarities Both of the magazine have their masthead behind the head also there facial expression is serious so when some one buys the magazine they will know what they are talking about. Both magazines have a strong and clear title with bright and vivid colours attracting your attention to themselves and the magazine. Ideology: Both magazines give us the ideology that we should be up to date with current affairs in the world of fashion and lifestyle and that we should do our best to look our best. However Glamour tells its female audience to be strong, independent and work hard to look good. Images: The images in both magazines are airbrushed like the majority of images of models to make them look as beautiful or handsome as possible without any flaws or barely any wrinkles