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From Ukraine

  1. 1. List of companies confirmed their interest to supply from Ukraine to other countriesDiament Ltd.The company operates in the oil and gas sector in Ukraine since 2008. The basic structure of thecompany - oil and gas well service (workover, coiled tubing services, drilling, etc.). Using themodern world of technology that our company has, it is possible to increase the production of gasand oil.PJSC "Ukrainian fire concern "Ukrpozhservіs"According to Cabinets of Ministers of Ukraine "Ukrpozhservіs" is responsible for the development,production and saturation of the domestic market of Ukraine fire-fighting equipment. For 19 years,concern has developed and produced more than 25 types of fire and rescue equipment, including themost powerful in the CIS multi-purpose fire truck on KAMAZ chassis."Plant "Fiolent"Diversified company, which through the use of advanced technology produces high-quality reliableproducts for nearly 100 years. To date, experience in high technology has allowed the plant tooccupy key positions in the markets of high-tech products and successfully develop a system of shipautomation, precision electrical micromachines low power, power."Kamensky mashzavod" Ltd- Metering pumps for chemical and fibers (more than 50 species) for nylon, staple, lafsanovoy,poleuretanovyh filaments, as well as polycaproamide and polyethylene terephthalate, whichproduce under license from "Barmag" (Germany);- Gear pumps for petroleum perekachevaniya: pumps G11-2 and ENM (W-80, H-40, H-10);- Eccentric piston pumps designed for pumping of pure mineral oil."InterGazSintez"Enterprise with 100% foreign investment "InterGazSintez" was established in December 2003. Thefundamental goal of the company is to develop an innovative, research, engineering and technicalactivities for the development of technology and organization of production of modern high-qualityenergy-efficient, corrosion-resistant, flame retardant and insulating coatings and materials.Products: Paints, acrylic, water-dispersion paints, fire retardant paints, Paints, Coatings corrosion,polyurethane compositions for bonding.Services: Application of fire retardant coatings, Application of flame retardants, regeneration of thesolvent.PJSC "Berdychevsky Machine-Building Plant "Progress"Filtering, drying, vessels, heat exchangers"Agrofyuzhn" Ltd, TM "Inagro"Industrial production of tomato paste TM "Inagro"PJSC "Umanfermmash"The manufacturer of agricultural equipment"Kharkiv Plant of Industrial Technologies" LtdManufacture of pressure vessels and products based on them"Plant "GidrUM"Manufactures and offers a wide variety of industrial hydraulic and manual tools: - hydraulic jackswith capacity from 10 to 250 tons - hydraulic jacks assembly capacity from 10 to 80 tons -straightening hydraulic jacks – other hydraulic tools"Medellin" LLC
  2. 2. Coffee production - an art that requires hard work and extensive costs"Geo-Services" Ltd- Surveying work (1:500-1:10000 scale, the survey of underground and above-ground structures,underground utilities, tracing the line objects, stake out the objects of any complexity)- Capture of underground utilities and structures- Introduction to the State Land Cadastre, preparation of land-cadastral documentation- Land and cadastral inventory of all categories- Development of technical documentation from the compilation of state acts for the right to privateownership of land, the land ownership and right of permanent use of land- Stakeout boundaries of land and buildings"Brovafarma" LLCOne of the largest in Ukraine, the creators and producers of tools to protect animals. The companyconducts research and development and on the basis of their results chemotherapeutic createsdifferent groups of veterinary medicines, namely, antiparasitics, antimicrobial, vitamins andminerals, disinfectants, and the means for the reproduction of the flock, of anesthesia, relaxation,etc. - except drugs of its own production company sells products of a number of other domestic andforeign companies that have partnerships - are systematically being trained specialist veterinarylaboratories, clinics and specialized farms with the latest methods of diagnosis and characteristics ofmodern chemotherapeutic agents"Belotserkovsky Mechanical Plant" LtdProduction of spare parts for pumps and pumping equipment repair, manufacture and repair oftechnological equipment for enterprises of rubber and asbestos industries.JSC "Interpipe NTRP"The well-known supplier of wheels and tiresTrading House "Scala"Alcohol productsPJSC "Stalkanat-Silurian"Manufacturer of wire productsPJSC "Plant "Frigate"One of the largest producers of machinery for agriculture and food processing industries, products,and marine engineering, assembly, equipment for basic industries, consumer goods."Erlayt" LtdProduction of conveyor belt conveyor, belt shaft, heat resistant, general purpose. The plant - one ofthe leading companies in developing effective and fuel-energy complex of Ukraine."Duko technician" LtdGerman-Ukrainian company, founded in 1995. Production, selection and delivery of equipment formeat, fish and bakery industry. Supplies of pork are interested in other countriesPJSC "Himtekstilmash"Manufacture of machinery for the production of chemical fibers.Andrey