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  1. 1. ITEM REF IGNORANCE PASSION GOODNESS Symptoms Bg 14.6-9 - delusion of all embodied living beings - unlimited desirous longings - Purer than others, illuminating and frees one from S.B. 11.25.9 - anger - lust sinful reaction - self controlConditioning B.G. 14.6-9 - madness, indolence, sleep - material fruitive action - sense of happiness and knowledge Increase in Bg 14.6-9 - darkness, inertia, madness + illusion manifest - great attachment, fruitive activity, intense - gates of body illuminating by knowledge endeavour, uncontrollable desire and hankering developSocial order Bg 18.41-44 - sudras: labour and service to others - ksatriyas: heroism, power, determination, - brahmana’s, peacefulness, self-control, austerity, resourcefulness, courage in battle, purity, tolerance, honesty, knowledge, wisdom + generosity and leadership religiousness - vaisyas: aiming cow protection and businessNext life and Bg - takes birth in animal kingdom, go down to - takes birth among those engaged in fruitive - purer, higher planets of great sages planets abode 14.14,15,18 hellish worlds activities - higher and higher positions, heavenly planets S.B 11 - falls into lower and lower births - transmigrates through human body 25.21-22 - go to hell - world of humans Results of Bg 14.16-17 - foolishness, madness and illusion - misery, greed develops - result of pious action is pure, knowledge develops actionDevelopment Bg 14.17 - foolishness, madness and illusion - greed - knowledge Worship or Bg 17.4 - ghosts and spirits - demons - worship demigods Faith S.B. 11.25-27 - faith in irreligious activities - faith rooted in fruitive work - directed towards spiritual life (faith) Food Bg 17.8-10 - eaten 3hrs after preparation, tasteless, - too bitter, too salty, hot pungent, dry + - increase duration of life, purify existence, give S.B. 11.25-28 decomposed, putrid, consisting of remnants + burning. Cause distress, misery, and strength, health, happiness, and satisfaction, are untouchable things disease juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to heart - unclean and causes distress - gives immediate pleasure to senses - wholesome, pure, obtained without difficulty Sacrifice Bg 17.11-13 - without regard of sastra, without distributing - for material benefit, for pride - performed according to direction of sastra, as prasad, without chanting Vedic hymns, without duty, by those desiring no reward daksina + faith Austerity Bg 17.17-19 - out of foolishness, with self-torture or to - out of pride for respect, honour and - 3 fold austerity performed with faith by men not destroy or injure others worship. Neither stable nor permanent expecting benefit + for sake of Supreme Charity Bg 17.20-22 - impure place, improper time, to unworthy - expectation of some return, a desire for - given out of duty without expecting return, at person or without proper attention & respect fruitive result, in a grudging mood proper time & place, to a worthy personRenunciation Bg 18.7-9 - giving up prescribed duties because of illusion - gives up duties as troublesome out of fear - performs duties because it ought to be done, free of bodily comfort from material association & attachment fruitKnowledge Bg 18.20-22 - attached to one work, without knowledge of - in every body a different type of entity - one undivided nature seen in all entities though S.B. 11.25-24 truth & is very meagre / foolish, materialistic - based on duality they are divided into innumerable forms - absolute knowledge
  2. 2. Action or Work Bg 18.23-25 - in illusion, disregarding sastra, without concern - great effort, seeking to gratify desires - is regulated, performed without attachment, S.B. 11.25.23 for future bondage or for violence & distress to enacted from false ego. without love or hatred or desire for future results others - desire to enjoy results - as offering to hold without consideration of fruit - impelled by violence + envy Worker Bg 18.26-28 - work against sastra, materialistic, obstinate, - attached to work, its fruits, desiring to enjoy - performs duty without association of modes/false cheating + expert in insulting others, lazy, fruit, greedy, envious, impure, moved by ego, with determination, enthusiasm, not wavering morose + procrastinating joy + sorrow in success or failure - forgotting to tell right from wrong - blinded by personal desire - free of attachmentUnderstanding Bg 18.30-32 - considers irreligion / religion + vice versa, - cannot distinguish between religion & - knows what ought to be done or not, feared & not, under illusion + darkness, strives in wrong irreligion, action to be done or not what is binding or liberating directionDetermination Bg 18.33-35 - cannot go beyond dreaming, fearfulness, - holds fruitive results in religion, economic - unbreakable, sustained with yoga practice, moroseness + illusion development is sense gratification controls mind, life and senses Happiness Bg 18.37-39 - blind to self-realisation, delusion beginning / - from contact with senses + objects, begins - beginning like poison, end like nectar & awakens end, from sleep, laziness and illusion with nectar & ends in poison one to self-realisation S.B. 11.25.29 - delusion & degradation - based on sense gratification - derived from self Residence S.B. 11.25.25 - gambling house - in a town - in the forest Future S.B. 11. - foolish, dull, falls into lamentation and illusion, - causes attachment, separatism + activity, - person becomes endowed with happiness, symptoms 25. sleeps too much, indulges in false hopes, works hard, seek prestige & fortune, - virtue, knowledge other good qualities 13-15 displays violence experiencing anxiety + struggleIntellect, mind, S.B. 11 - higher awareness disappears, unable - distinction of intelligence due to activity. - senses detached from matter, experiencessenses effected 25 concentrate attention, his mind ruined, Inability of sense to disentangle from fearlessness in material body + detachment from 16-18 manifests ignorance + depression objects, unhealthy condition of organs, mind perplexity in mind. Sleep & S.B. 11.25-20 - deep, dreamless sleep - sleep with dreaming - alert wakefulnessconsciousness Qualities S.B. 11 - anger, speaking without sastra authority, - material desire, great endeavour, audacity, - mind +sense control, tolerance, discrimination, 25.2-5 hatred, parasite, hypocrisy, fatigue, quarell, dissatisfaction even in gain, false pride, sticking to ones prescribed duty, truthfulness, lamentation, delusion, unhappiness, praying for material advancement, wants mercy, generosity, renunciation of sense depression, sleep, false expects, fear + things better than others, sense gratification, embarrassed of improper actions, laziness gratification, eager to fight, like hearing charity, simplicity, humility, self satisfaction praise, ridicule others, proud of prowess, justifying actions by strength