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Water Pipes - Classroom Photos


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Water Pipes - Classroom Photos

  1. 1. Experimen)ng  with  water  pressure   We  are:     • Gaining  ability  to  use  different  art  media  and  materials  in  a  variety  of  ways  for   creative  expression   • Exploring  new  uses  for  familiar  materials  
  2. 2. We  are:   • Beginning  to  understand  cause  and  effect   relationships   • Developing  fine  motor  strength,  dexterity   and  control   • Approaching  tasks  with  increased   imagination  
  3. 3. Water  Pipes  in  the  bathroom   “We  looked  in  the  toilet  and  we   saw  that.    We  were  lookin’  in   there.  We  fixed  the  water   pipes.”  ~Tyrese   “Ms.  Thompson  pulled  the   thing  up.  Then  it  went  around   and  around.”  ~Anthony  
  4. 4. We  are:   • Demonstrating  an  understanding   of  motion  related  words   • Exploring  materials  that  provide   sensory  experiences  
  5. 5. Water  pipes  outside!   The  children  got  to  choose  what  setting  they  would  like  to  try  the  sprayer   on  and  then  we  counted  to  5  together  while  they  sprayed.   We  are:   • Participating  in  simple  investigations  to  test  observations  and  draw  conclusions   • Following  simple  oral  directions   • Using  language  related  to  distance  and  size    
  6. 6. Setting  up   shop…   The  children  decided  to  name  our   shop  “The  Fix-­‐It  Plumbing  Shop”   We  are:   • Understanding  the  purpose  of  print   • Demonstrating    letter  formation  in   “writing”   • Developing  an  awareness  of  jobs  and   what  it  takes  to  perform  them   • Participating  in  a  variety  of  dramatic   play  activities  
  7. 7. Taking  Orders…   The  children  had  work  order  forms   to  fill  in  about  what  plumbing  jobs   they  had  to  do.   We  are:   • Displaying  and  sharing  writing   samples  with  others   • Producing  “writing”  to  convey   thoughts   • Understanding  that  print  has   meaning  and  demonstrating  the   functions  of  print  through  play   activities  
  8. 8. We  are:   • Developing  and  expressing  self  in   terms  of  specific  abilities  and   preferences   • Showing  creativity  and  imagination   in  using  materials  and  in  assuming   different  roles  in  dramatic  play   situations.  
  9. 9. Sink  or  Float?   We  are:   • Sustaining  interactions  with  our  peers   by  helping,  sharing  and  discussing   • Solving  problems  through  active   exploration   • Setting  goals  and  following  through   with  plans   • Participating  in  simple  exploration  to   test  observations   • Discussing  predictions  and  explanations  
  10. 10. Our  Search  for  Water   Pipes  Around  the   Building   We  are:   • Developing  an  ability  to  collect,   describe  and  record  information   • Developing  ability  to  take  turns   with  materials   • Showing  an  interest  in   investigating  unfamiliar  objects   • Recording  observations  and   findings   • Exploring  objects  using  simple   equipment  
  11. 11. Making  our  PowerPoint  about   Water  Pipes   We  are:   • Developing  an  understanding  of  the   functions  of  print   • Recognizing  a  word  as  a  unit  of  print,  that   letters  are  grouped  to  form  words  and  words   are  separated  by  spaces   • Using  an  increasingly  complex  and  varied   spoken  vocabulary   • Demonstrating  the  safe  use  of  tools  and   technology   • Recognizing  some  uppercase  and  lowercase   letters   • Beginning  to  distinguish  print  from  pictures  
  12. 12. Measuring  Water   Pipes   We  are:   • Beginning  to  use  terms  to  compare   attributes  (Longer,  Shorter)   • Measure  length  using  standard   units   • Beginning  to  associate  number   concepts,  vocabulary,  and  written   numerals  in  meaningful  ways  
  13. 13. More  Work  in  the   Plumber’s  Shop   We  Are:   • Experimenting  with  writing  tools   • Progressing  from  using  scribbles   and  shapes  to  using  letter-­‐like   symbols  to  represent  ideas   • Using  a  variety  of  resources  to   gather  information  
  14. 14. Learning  about   water  pressure   through  art   We  are:   • Using  a  variety  of  media  and  materials  for   creative  expression   • Sharing  opinions  and  ideas  about  artistic   experiences   • Exploring  new  uses  for  familiar  materials   • Investigating  natural  laws  acting  upon   objects  
  15. 15. Water  Play  
  16. 16. More  Water  Play     We  are:   • Exploring  and  comparing  materials  that   provide  sensory  experiences   • Exploring  ways  of  moving  objects  in   different  ways   • Participating  in  science  explorations   with  others   • Demonstrating  cooperative  behaviors  
  17. 17. We  are:   • Engaging  in  problem  solving   behavior   • Beginning  to  use  our  senses  to   gather  information   • Describing  scientific  predictions   and  explanations   • Sustaining  interactions  with  peers   through  discussion   • Developing  independence  and  self   confidence