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Should Rapists be castrated - a view point


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Much before Nirbhaya incident, a group of students (PGDM 2012-14) at Era Business School, New Delhi, had made this presentation. only script is being put up!

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Should Rapists be castrated - a view point

  1. 1. Era Business School, Dwaraka, New Delhi SHOULD RAPISTS BE CASTRATED? ….AJ…….Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Here we are…Navdeep (..and Ajay) and we represent a group of six boys…..(they get up) Bhumil, Manoj, MJ and Kundan. When our topic was selected a few days back and we sat down to join our heads, we could not help but travelling back in time to that fateful day at Indraprastha when Draupadi was publicly molested. We all would like to believe that had it not been an interference by Krishna, things would have gone worse, shaming us for good. And as the luck would have it, Indraprastha of those days was located in Khandva Forest. It may be an ugly co-incidence but humiliating act of Mahabharta and the recently acquired status of being the crime capital of the world have one thing in common…….. our beloved Delhi. And this leads us to the topic of today’s presentation ie SRBC? At the very outset, I would elaborate a bit upon the subject line itself. While all of us here, I am sure, are pretty clear about the crime called, ‘rape’, the term ‘castration’ needs to be explained a bit for ease of assimilation and common understanding. When we look at the rape as a disorder, per se, it is as much psychological as it is physical. A cursory study of such crime cases involving rapes and incidents of molestation, prove the fact that the process starts in the mind of the assaulter much before it is actually executed. Sadly, in many cases, victims are not even pre-identified during the planning process but the crime is committed apparently at the spur of a moment. But as we dig deep, we realise that the stalker or the criminal had been planning the execution for days before the actual assault even though target had never been identified. His mental focus would have, for all we know, been on situation, location and circumstances rather than a particular Ms A, B or C in many cases. Such a study brings us to the two main reasons or two main links in the chain of the events, one being psychological and other being physical. This is where ‘castration’ comes in. It aims at addressing one Ajay K Raina
  2. 2. Era Business School, Dwaraka, New Delhi or both these triggers. So, it could simply involve a kind of chemical treatment wherein certain drugs may be administered to neutralise the guilty hormones that have been known to be the main cause behind the triggering of such a sick thought process. Such a treatment needs to be continued on periodic basis and over a long period of time. The same term, ie, ‘castration’ , however, also involves physical removal of those very organs that act as the storehouse of such hormones or very means of delivery of serums and secretions. Needless to say, such a process involves specific surgical procedures. While other causes, especially those related to anger, revenge or such like issues, need to be tackled separately, castration remains an effective way of killing the urge and neutralising the vital organs involved in the process. It may also be noted that such cases exceed cases due to sheer anger or vengeance by almost 75%. Having understood the meaning of this term, let us move on to some sad but hard facts. In a country like ours which has a corrupt and weak police system, it does not come as a surprise that one female is raped every 18 hours. And if we were to include related incidents like molestations, child abuse, attempted rapes and unnatural sex, it is as frequent as one incident every hour. It is against such an unfortunate backdrop that our group has decided to touch upon this sensitive subject as also to speak in favour of the argument that rapists must be castrated, of course, after they have been convicted and proved guilty in a court of law. So much is our disgust and loathing towards such a heinous crime, that our group actually wants castration as well as a stamp on the visible part of bodies of such animals. I shall now handover to Navdeep for the next part of the presentation! …..Naudie….: This issue hit the headlines and numerous debating platforms of our country in April last year when, peeved over the spurt in rape and sexual abuse cases, a Delhi court suggested to the government to explore the possibility of allowing imposition of chemical and surgical castration as punishment to serial sex offenders. The judge, Kamini Lau had, in fact, simply reiterated what former Supreme Court judge Justice Krishna Iyer had said way back in 1979. While deciding the Ajay K Raina
  3. 3. Era Business School, Dwaraka, New Delhi sentence of a man who had killed his wife and children after developing forced sexual relation with a girl, Justice Krishna Iyer had suggested voluntary castration as a better alternative as against an outright death sentence. In a way, by re-initiating the debate, Justice Lau had urged the law makers of the nation to give a serious thought about addressing the issue if they were really serious about the same. And there is a reason for the same. When we cite the statistical data to prove the size that this menace has now attained, we must also remember that for every case that is reported, there are three such cases that go unreported. And these stats are from FBI files and in a developed country like US of A. By the way, frequency of rape/molestation/child abuse and attempted acts in the US of A has been fixed as high as one in every two minutes through 2011 and 2012, irrespective of official lodging of the complaint or otherwise. What must be the ratio in our country, could be any one’s guess! To most of us sitting here today, it may seem like going back to era of kings and autocrats. While leading a protected life, such a notion may actually creep in even though our own capital is now the crime capital of the world. We are sure that our female colleagues here will agree that scenario is pretty dismal out there even during broad day light. Such a situation can only be attributed to the fact that all kinds of legal provisions and lawful penalties, as in vogue till now, have not only failed to control the crime but, in fact, have given an epidemic like rise to such a sinful act against humanity. And with incident rate as high as has already been touched upon, we do not need a very high level of intellect to establish the need for such stringent measures. In any case, Castration as punishment dates back thousands of years and crosses all world cultures. The methods have evolved from brutal knife swipes that removed entire genitalia to chemical treatments. Drugs that lower the testosterone and dampen the sex drive are now available. And in line with our fascination with things western, it is pertinent to mention that many mature and developed countries as also many not so developed nations have put such practices in place. The list swings from US of A, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and Israel to Poland, Ajay K Raina
  4. 4. Era Business School, Dwaraka, New Delhi Argentina, South Korea, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and so on. While many nations have death penalty in place, even the countries that have legislated castration as a practice, have different procedures and methodologies to deal with the issue. Some like Czechoslovakia and Maldova perform surgery as a routine, others may ask for willingness for the first time offenders but are ruthless on second timers or serial offenders. Many surveys have shown that desire and kink do reduce by as much as 75% in a few cases and yet there are incidents wherein castrated criminals have repeated the offence by using inanimate objects on the victims. But one fact remains that such measures, throughout the history and throughout the globe, have been resorted to when such crimes could not be controlled. As a deterrent, it has been found as the most effective method despite many other debatable aspects like its psychological impact on the person or his family. All such counter arguments have one simple answer and that is the fact that a rapist, even if convicted and sentenced to usual rigorous imprisonment of seven years or so, gets a chance to come back to the society and many communities do overlook the past records too even though an innocent victim of his deeds may live a life full of social stigma. In a society like that of ours wherein some illogical writers, like Manu of Manusamriti fame, have left no stones unturned in labelling women as objects rather than living beings, such harsh measures appear to be the only answer. And finally, before we throw the house open for the question-answer session, we would sincerely request you to do a bit of introspection and ask yourself if you would be alright living next door to a rapist who still has the capability to harm someone OR what would be your answer if a person who is known to us or related to us, gets victimised by one such animals. Sitting in an airconditioned environment, we must not forget that out there in the lanes and by-lanes of our country, lurk some sick minds who will not think twice before targeting an unsuspecting, innocent and helpless human being who could be a lady or a child or a cripple! We are now open to the questions please…..Thank You! Ajay K Raina
  5. 5. Era Business School, Dwaraka, New Delhi ********************************************************************************** Notes for the Syndicate….. we must know a few facts… 1. This topic has as many pro’s as con’s. Please do your research BUT prepare yourself for IN FAVOUR stance. We are supporting the argument. Please do some research and look for answers to likely questions. I am adding a few from my side. You may try this….. 2. Now, 42/ 50 states in US of A have this provision. Most of the countries prefer chemical castration except a few like Czechoslovakia and Maldova where surgical methods are used. We will also prefer chemical castration as part of the overall rehabilitation process rather than a strict punishment to start with. Only for serial offenders and seriously kinky minds, we would advocate use of surgical procedures. Most of Islamic nations in Arab peninsula and Northern Africa, have either Sharia Law or a double legal system to honour Sharia. While proving accusation of a rape is very difficult as per Sharia requirements, once it is proved, the penalty varies from hanging to beheading or execution by stoning. 3. Some people will call it inhuman….our answer should hover around the fact that it is harsh but not as brutal as the crime itself. Can we imagine the plight that a victim has to undergo for rest of her life and that too for no fault of her. 4. They may say that fault lies with our system wherein rapists go scot-free or with minimal punishment. They may then ask whether it is policing and judicial system that needs to be pulled up rather than going for such measures. Our answer will be…1. Honourable Supreme Court has already instructed the govt to separate policing from criminal investigation so that such investigations are Ajay K Raina
  6. 6. Era Business School, Dwaraka, New Delhi done fast. 2. How many reforms have been discussed and tried but the fact remains that our system is what it has been for years. 3. Countries like UK, France, Australia and US of A are known for some of the best police and judiciary but they have also been forced to implement such measures. There is, thus, a considered approach to the subject that has led them to do that. 5. Why only castration and not death penalty? …..yes, given an option, our group will go for death penalty as the first choice since we consider such crimes as the ones that leave more than a physical scar. But since the opposition to death penalty is growing by day and also because of the painful system that we follow in our country, we are of the view that castration remains a very effective choice. 6. Do not we think that it is more of a mental disorder? If so, how will it control it?........Yes, we agree with the view that in many cases, it more of anger or a mental disorder rather than sheer sexual urge that is the reason for such acts. We would, therefore, recommend a provision where sex driven criminals may be given chemical castration and anger driven ones may be surgically treated. We also accept that it is not one single solution but then it is one of the most effective solutions. 7. Why not rehabilitate them?....... Even though our group is of the view that such acts deserve no mercy, we do consider chemical castration as part of overall rehabilitation process. 8. What about women who may force sex or indulge in child abuse? ……….. As we have already mentioned, this is not a single dose for all ailments. Needless to say that some thought needs to be given to this aspect too. Thanks for raising the point. COMMON ISSUES…… Ajay K Raina
  7. 7. Era Business School, Dwaraka, New Delhi 1. As you people stand facing the class, the first person standing close to the rostrum will take on the first question even if exact/correct answer is not known. If it is too tough, offer to anyone else who is willing to take it on. 2. Let answers be attempted in a counter-clockwise manner. 3. We will only use the word, WE and OUR and not I, MINE or MYSELF! 4. Do not feel offended and do not raise voice or show aggression. 5. Control the class, if there is a ruckus (Bhumil is requested to do this job please). 6. If you agree with some one’s point or do not have an answer, please be kind and say so….. there is no point in bragging or bluffing. 7. Naudie is requested to mug the script up after making changes as per convenience. Once his own script is ready, there would be a requirement of a few practices, may be in front of the mirror. 8. I will, over the weekend, try and modify my part, especially the opening lines……tc guys!! Ajay K Raina