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Mwyf presentation


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These are slide's from Mike Cabibbo's presentation to the Orlando iOS Meetup group. He built Math With Your Friends, a mashup of math problems and scrabble. Be sure to download the game when it releases on iOS.

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Mwyf presentation

  1. 1. The Game• A mathematical, social media game to share with friends• Takes on basic idea of Words with Friends using tiles and 15x15 playing board• Uses numbers and Mathematical functions to create valid equations• Extra points given for landing on special tiles
  2. 2. Concept and idea• Abundance of competitive word games• Words With Friends, WordFeud, Scrabble• Wordsmith, Wordy, More?• Nothing math based?• Zynga, Apple• Name of game• MathBlazer• SumProduct• Revenue streams• Game mock up
  3. 3. Finding a developer• eLance• Maag Studios•
  4. 4. Project Management
  5. 5. Other experiences• Seton Hall project• Working with offshore team• Language barriers• Creativity• Social media
  6. 6. Bugs
  7. 7. Beta Testing
  8. 8. Moving forward• Submit to app store• Marketing• User feedback• Enhancements