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Sample Storyboard


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Published in: Education
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Sample Storyboard

  1. 1. Sample StoryboardLesson: VocabularyIntegrated Lesson: Eating Healthy FoodsEnrichment Lesson: Dentists – what they do and what tools they use Word/Phrase Definition Bicuspid A tooth that has two points My tooth is killing me My tooth really hurts Gauze A thin woven cloth used for medical purposes Shabby Unfair, not thankful Morsel A small piece of food Permeate the dentine Spread around the tooth Bless your little hearts An expression of thanksDo you like to eat junk food? What kinds of food do you like to eat?STORY:I used to love eating junk food. But one day, I felt a pain in one of my teeth. It was my bicuspid.(What does bicuspid mean?Teacher asks students to feel with their tongue their teeth to look for their bicuspid)My tooth hurt so bad that I shouted, “My tooth is killing me!”(What did I mean when I said that my tooth was killing me?)My mom took a small piece of fabric. She put the gauze on my tooth to help make it feel better.(What is a gauze?)She then said that I had to go to the dentist. I didn’t like her idea. Even though I know thatdentists help people, I did not really appreciate them. I knew it was shabby of me.(What does shabby mean?)Still, because my tooth hurt so badly, I went to see the dentist. It turned out that the dentist wasactually a very nice man. I started to feel better towards dentists. He told me to open my mouthwide (teacher opens her mouth wide), and he examined my teeth.“Oh the problem is simple. You just have a morsel in your tooth. It’s a little piece of potatochip.”(What is a morsel?)The dentist took out the morsel, and started putting medicine on my tooth. Then he said, “Don’tmove your mouth first. The medicine must permeate the dentine. We have to let it spreadaround the tooth.(What does permeate the dentine mean?)
  2. 2. After that, my tooth felt so much better. I was so thankful that I said to the dentist and to mymom for convincing me to go to him, “Bless your little hearts!”(What did I mean when I said that? What kind our expression was it?)I happily went home with my mom. From that day on, I did not eat junk food. Tasty apples arenow my favorite snack.Just like me, have you gone to the dentist? How was it? What tools or gadgets did you see thedentist use?