Personal Reflection 2


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Personal Reflection 2

  1. 1. TAYAO, Ada Marie S. EDUC190 Personal Reflection 2 2008 – 16167 Sir Noel Feria September 24, 2010 Applications Just like I shared before, my pre-conceptions on educational technology or technology in education was the use of technology to mainly just make presentations or teaching materials. Also, when I hear the words “classroom management”, I usually think of controlling students’ behaviour and discipline, or making sure that the environment in a classroom is conducive for learning. Here in EDUC190, these words were given a new use, in a different context. It was in the lecture on classroom management systems that I learned that online group or class areas for learning were not limited to Yahoo! Groups or to Google Groups. There were other options of classroom management systems, like Moodle and, which were far more specific and contained practical features that teachers can use for academic purposes. In connection with these classroom management systems, I found the setting up of databases (in Wordpress and Moodle) very difficult. It was a good thing that it was done by pair because we had the chance to discuss and try to infer what happened to our computer during the activity that led to the error prompts we received. However, after some time, even though we were just following the given steps, the activity became stressful and frustrating because we had to keep proofreading the codes; trying to make all of them work. Eventually, my partner and I were able to successfully complete the activity. Despite the trouble we had to go through, I appreciate having done this because it at least made us students more familiar with the steps on how one
  2. 2. can set-up a basic database. Hopefully, with more practice, I can come up with something more complicated; with more useful features for the class. Another activity that I enjoyed from the past few weeks was the HTML activity. Having already learned about it in high school, this lecture and activity served as a refresher for me. What I also liked about this lesson was that although I was already relatively familiar with the basic codes, we were still taught codes that were new to me, making the lesson more interesting. Here, I didn’t feel as lost as I did during the database activity. In addition to this, although less comprehensive than our exploration of the HTML code, I like that we were able to explore other codes like CSS and JavaScript. Still, my favourite topic is open source softwares. It is such a wonderful feeling to know where and what to look for when I need a specific type of software. I think I’ve come a long way from downloading just the demo versions of the softwares that still need to be bought, to downloading free open source softwares that are just as good as the proprietary softwares. Hopefully, I’ll be able to apply the things I learned about classroom management systems, databases, and HTML codes as much as I have applied my awareness of open source softwares.