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Personal Reflection 1


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Published in: Education
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Personal Reflection 1

  1. 1. TAYAO, Ada Marie S. EDUC190 Personal Reflection 2008 – 16167 Sir Noel Feria July 30, 2010 New Updates Before taking this course, my friends had already told me about their experiences when they took EDUC190. Some said that all they did was surf through Facebook or rely on their groupmates for the group activities; hence, I wasn't the most excited person to take the course. In the past 13 days, I admit, I have become more active in Facebook (specifically during Wednesday and Friday mornings), but I have also learned that teaching with the use of technology can go beyond online class groups, PowerPoint presentations, and internet sources. This class has opened my mind to a world of possibilities that techonology has to offer. Before, I used to be a simple “Googler.” Now, I think I've developed in terms of my initiative to look for other technological teaching aids. One of the aspects of the lectures that I really enjoyed were the video presentations. It's very interesting to see what kinds of technologies are already being developed in other countries. It makes one think about the possibilities that can happen for the improvement of our educational system. I also like it when examples are shown to us regarding the topic being discussed. It helps me understand how certain tools work. I also find the hands-on activities wherein we apply the topic we are discussing a good way of developing good habit when utilizing techonology for teaching and learning purposes. I've learned the proper way to license my work (actually before this course I didn't know I could license my work), and the proper way to search for licensed works. I've learned that Microsoft Word, just like Catholicism when it comes to religion, isn't the only word processing program that people use, nor is it the most open.
  2. 2. Although I've really enjoyed classes so far, I think it can be more exciting if we could try more programs that we weren't already exposed to (similar to one of Sir's games in his laptop), or if the reporters would show us an absolutely new or rarely used feature in a program that we have been used to already. One great thing about technology is that there's always something you haven't explored in it, no matter how long you've been using a program, software, or website. Take for example, Prezi. We students have been so used to seeing PowerPoint presentations that they hardly interest us at all. Through Prezi, I realized that there are other ways to make presentations for reports. One just needs to explore the possibilities. I'm very happy that I am taking up this course. In today's day and age, it is very important that a teacher is well-updated not only on the most recent trends or discoveries in his or her field of study, but also on the latest developments in technology. Although the Philippines is still generally behind the technological advancements in more developed countries, I think that we teachers can make baby steps at the very least to reaching their level. Prezi, Google docs and similar tools are already accessible to us. They can provide teachers and students with new approaches to their technology-related work. I'm very eager to learn more. I'm excited to find out what other new things I can learn from the upcoming topics.