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Glavna prezentacija engl


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Two products in ONE.patented horse/cattle bedding that solves the problems of hard physical labour, daily mucking out. Reduces disposal costs and the daily removal of existing bedding

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Glavna prezentacija engl

  1. 1. A new approach to thebarn, compost and nature
  2. 2. What is EQ-Bedding? • Two product in ONE • Sustainable and ecological
  3. 3. What is EQ-Bedding?• patented horse/cattle bedding that solves the problems of hard physical labour, daily mucking out. Reduces disposal costs and the daily removal of existing bedding.• solves the problems of disposal of wooden bedding which is usually treated as waste. Bedding now becomes a revenue by its recycling into compost.• long lasting dryness of the bedding prevents development of pathogenic bacterias which normally attack hooves. Animals are clean and there is no need for daily grooming.• medicinal herbs added to the bedding nourish and disinfects hooves and repels insects.• wood pellets are dust extracted, ensuring removal of small particles, which horses and other animals can inhale, and therefore are not harmful to the respiratory system. Pellets are made from wood that in unharmful to to animals.• This method provides healthy bedding to all hoofed animals, poultry and other pets for the reasons stated above and has a proven performance.• After its use in the stable and due to the composting process, the used bedding can create revenue, allowing the stable to profit.
  4. 4. WHY IS UNIQUE?!• Agens - bacteria that breaks down ammonia and the liquid part of manure, – maintains a constant dry bedding no odour – the composting process already begins in the stable
  5. 5. WHY IS UNIQUE?• medicinal herbs Lavender and Lavendin - soothes animals, disinfects the skin and hooves, acts as an anti-inflammatory and insect repellent. Laurel - feeds and disinfects hooves. Marigold – feeds and nourishes hooves. Lemon Balm - nourishes the skin and hooves
  6. 6. WHY IS UNIQUE?• Pellets – we use only dust free pellets from soft deciduous and coniferous wood• Composting - after 20-40 days spent in the box, the used bedding is removed from the stable and after being deposited for 2-3 months, becomes a high quality, weed free, premium compost.• Win - win situation - the market price of the compost is higher than that of other bedding.
  7. 7. Usage six bags as initial set up Distribute the bags around the clean stable Pour four litres of water per bag The pellets will swell and disintegrate over the pellets. into sawdust.
  8. 8. Uporaba pour the pellets onto the floor spread them evenly throughout the box The pellets will reach their maximum volume within 6 to7 days.
  9. 9. Expert opinion – ferrier• Expert opinion on using product „EQ-BEDDING“ as horse stable bedding• This expert opinion is based upon hooves condition of Holsteiners mare Rassante before and after placing „EQ-BEDDING“ into her stable box.• The mare lives in an English box with concrete floor surface covered with straw bedding. During my first visit (December 3rd 2011) I noticed mostly on hind hooves, the White Line Disease which looks something like this:
  10. 10. Expert opinion – ferrier• I pointed out on unsustainability of such a condition and also warned that condition can get even worse. I trimmed the hooves and removed all the necrotic parts of infected hoof wall.• During my next visit (February 17th, 2012) because of the fact the bedding type was still the same (straw), I found advanced White Line Disease. Hooves had very strong odor of urine and manure and were very soft and moist. I trimmed the hooves removing significant parts of infected hoof wall. The hooves looked something like this:
  11. 11. Expert opinion – ferrier• At that moment, the stable manager decided to replace straw bedding with EQ-BEDDING. During my next visit (March 6th, 2012), so three weeks after start of using EQ-BEDDING I noticed tremendous improvement of hooves condition. I havent found any sign of new infected and necrotic tissue. The frog was healthy, solid, and compact. In collateral grooves as well as in central sulcus of the frog I found no trace of infection. The white line had normal yellowish color all the length long. The surfaces around bars, heel buttresses and the seat-of-corn was clean and sound. I havent noticed any new sign of pathological changes on the sole. Hoof wall started to show the sign of recovery and healthy growth. Hooves were completely odorless and dry.• Based on the information presented, I could conclude that EQ-BEDDING prepossesses horny tissues, its healthy growth and development. It also eliminates extremely negative influence of urine and manure to sensitive hoof structures and tissues. It significantly decrease the dampness in the horse boxes what is very important for hooves health, respiratory system health as well as overall soundness of the horse.
  12. 12. Expert opinion –Vet.• During studies of this new type of horse bedding, undertaken from 08March 04th April 2012, under veterinary supervision, no pathological changes were observed.• Prior to using the bedding, all horses were subjected to general veterinary examination aswell as blood tests. During examinations, no external signs of respiratory or skin disease, or pathological changes to the hooves were noticed. The blood samples which were subjected to haematological searches resulted in normal physiological findings for the group of horses considering their ages and gender.• Careful observation of hooves showed an improved condition, considering the fact that the hoof capsule was in direct and constant contact with the bedding.• General veterinary examinations and blood tests were carried out 3 times. The first being on the day the bedding was placed in the boxes, the second time on the tenth day of use, and the third time on the last day. Throughout all tests involving a total of 15 blood samples, no changes were observed, and parameters were maintained within the normal reference ranges.• Whilst using the bedding, the horses showed no signs of skin allergies, or pathological changes to hooves, or respiratory system, or in their general health status.• Moreover, tests showed that the bedding absorbs fluids (urine and liquid faeces) and thus contributes to a better quality of hooves. The hoof capsule remains dry the entire time, greatly contributing to hoof hygiene aswell as easing the work of the groom. Aditionally, the horses coats did not lose their shine and remained clean and tidy at all times.
  13. 13. EXPERT opinion - Croatian Institute of ForestryCROATIAN INSTITUTE OF FORESTRYDEPARTMENT OF LABORATORY TESTING The sequence Code of Depth pH mg/ 100g tla N Humus C/N CaCO3 number of the sample cm C sample H2O 1M KCl P 2O 5 K 2O % % % % % 93/12 2.3.2012. - 7,22 7,36 53,10 598,50 0,60 - - - 0,84 94/12 6.3.2012. - 8,12 7,90 125,1 855,00 0,85 - - - 2,52 Analyses of samples compost mixture EQ - Bedding (93-94/12) were performed at the Laboratory for physico-chemical tests, Croatian Forestry Institute in Jastrebarsko. From the results it is evident that the reaction is alkaline pH (pH> 7.2) Supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is very rich. Mostly made up from potassium.
  14. 14. Comparative table of the agent compared to the amount obtained by the bedding and compost Calculation of contets of EQ-Bedding Agens Bags/Agens Bedding Bags Pallet Truck- Compost Compost Agens Bedding bedd.ppr/ agens Box 30 (kg) (kg) - Pellets Bedding Bedding (kg) (l) Price(€) pr/kg bag (for 15kg of pellets) 0,0039 0,00026 1 0,067 0,011 0,00 3 7,5 0,12 0,06 0,0039 15 1 0,17 0,00 45 112,5 1,755 0,35 0,0234 90 6 1 0,00 270 675 10,53 1,00 0,06656 256 17 2,84 0,00 768 1920 29,952 3,86 0,2574 990 66 11,00 1 0,04 2970 7425 115,83 14,73 1,0 3777 252 41,97 3,8 0,16 11331 28327,5 441,909 65,89 4,39296 16896 1126 187,73 17,1 0,71 50688 126720 1976,832 92,66 6,1776 23760 1584 264,00 24 1,00 71280 178200 2779,92 185,33 12,3552 47520 3168 528,00 48 2,00 142560 356400 5559,84 277,99 18,5328 71280 4752 792,00 72 3,00 213840 534600 8339,76 390,00 26,00 100000,00 6666,67 1111,11 101,01 4,21 300000 750000 11700By entering a number in the red coloured box under the column "Bedding (kg)", the other data described in the index - yellow coloured boxes at the top of the table is obtained
  15. 15. Comparison of price compared to other types of beddings throughout a month / yearThe calculation is made for one EQ - Bedding straw shawings pellets for with purchase of EQ-horse per month bag (15kg) bale bale horses bag(15kg) Bedding compost Enter your local purchasenumber of bags/bales (14-17kg) 9 30 10 30 price of humus 0,5Enter your local EQ-Bedding price* 56,25 10 50 30 From 9 bags of bedding(kg) 405 compost raw mater.price per month 506,25 300 500 900 Litres from 9 bags 1012,5 compost finishedprice per year 6075 3600 6000 10800 Sales (€) 506,25 Value of compostEQ-bedding price with the 0compost sale (wholesale)*prices are excluding VAT Distributor of EQ – Bedding: Distributor of compost :
  16. 16. Distribution of products• For each area there is an authorized distributor of EQ – Bedding matt and EQ - Bedding compost• Croatia - distributor of horse bedding: distributor for cattle bedding: distributor of compost:
  17. 17. Products• EQ - Bedding – bag of 15kg – easy to manipulate – labor non intensive – sterile – pleasant scent after long usage recyclable
  18. 18. Products• EQ - Bedding Forte – bags of 15kg – easy to manipulate – labor non intensive – sterile – pleasant scent after long usage – Recyclable – higher concentrations of active substances
  19. 19. Contact EQ - Bedding• EQ – Bedding d.o.o.• 47000 Karlovac, Hrvatska• Email:,• Tel: 00385 91 434 2050 00385 95 903 8650