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A Presentation and Talk given throughout Q2 and Q3 in 2013 to senior business and technology leaders, mainly in the Financial Services Industry, but also in government, general software and development.

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Mobile technology has reached a point where everyone working I technology cares about it, from boring corporate IT to fancy schmancy media. But it certainly is not a one size fits all market and there are a lot of subtitles and nuances that must be taken into account when considering working with the technology and providing a technical offering.

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Mobile trends 2013

  1. 1. Mobile Directions and Trends Dublin April 2013 Aman Kohli Friday 12 April 13 1
  2. 2. Trends Device Interaction Usage Visual Application Building Trends Friday 12 April 13 Delivering Excellence Part of the system 2
  3. 3. DEVICES Friday 12 April 13 3
  4. 4. Smartphones Tablets and More Smartphones are popular 5” 3.5” 57% marketshare of phones in US and EU5 133 Million subscribers (USA) Smartphones usage What do users do 32% games 20% browser 24% Facebook and social networking 8% Productivity and other 7” small - 3.5” screen medium - 3.5”-5” phablet ~6” 70% medium screens 16% small 13% tablets ~2% phablets smartphone 5”-7” 8.5”+ tablet small 7” - 8.4” full 8.5”+ figures and market analysis from and Friday 12 April 13 4
  5. 5. Changing Computing Market Sales PC Sales Falling - down 7.6% EY12 70% increase in tablet sales predicted 2013 52 Million Tablets shipped Q412 (est. IDC) Impact Traditional mobile phone usage falling - SMS messages, voice calls Proliferation of devices and form factors - phones to phablets to tablets to dockable tablet/pc hybrids Support advanced HTML, HTML5 App stores - private, public Accelerated BYOD adoption because of strong smartphone and tablet sales Increased enterprise application availability Friday 12 April 13 5
  6. 6. Usage Applications and interactions across devices Phones, Tablets Desktop, laptop PCs Smart TVs, Games Consoles Second Screen Augments primarily application Used to manipulate/interact with application Extension In different locations not just fixed home/office capability and security based on location and device type Friday 12 April 13 6
  7. 7. Enabling Mobile Devices for Business Usage BYOD Employee owned device Employer installed and managed apps IT and Admins manage Apps and Data and not device Hardware support Microprocessor manufacturers have secure storage areas Samsung Knox Dual persona - one for work one for play. It's a reverse sandbox. Hardware supported OS security Friday 12 April 13 Knox Security Customised secure boot. Security enhanced android kernel US Government and DoD approved Info Security Individual VPN tunnel can be configured per app in the secure zone. 390+ it policies and 840+ MDM APIs 7
  8. 8. Technical Forces in Mobile Devices MOBILE DEVICES CONNECTIVITY AND BANDWIDTH Powerful CPUs and GPUs WiFi Multiple Sensors Increased 3G coverage Advanced Operating Systems LTE and 4G Networks Leads to richer, more responsive Readily available apps Friday 12 April 13 8
  9. 9. Feature Phones and Operating Systems Firefox OS HTML5 webapps App Store Devices from Sony, ZTE, Huwai and LG App Support: Zepto labs, box, ebay, EA, Wired, Disney Operator Support – over 16 operators Nokia Asha Consumer focus, entry level HTML4+ browser (Firefox Gecko layout engine) Huge marketshare Friday 12 April 13 Ubuntu Two devices, entry level and highend App librariesQt (heavy javascript, or native) HTML5 Cordova wrapped webapps Custom App Store Working to documentation of api and dev. Providing comprehensive design guides and patterns. Ubuntu will have Payment and Identify APIs Provides offline synchronization of preferences and json storage through Ubuntu One DB. 9
  10. 10. This is not enough Friday 12 April 13 10
  11. 11. 9 10 Friday 12 April 13 11
  12. 12. Next Billion Connection Growth 9 10 Friday 12 April 13 11
  13. 13. Other Mobile Devices INTERNET OF THINGS IMPACT Sensors, Tokens Increased sensory information Health monitors Flexibility of application usage Data Loggers Richer applications NEW DEVICE FORMS non interactive sensors Google Glass Friday 12 April 13 12
  14. 14. The Developer and User Ecosystem APIs, Integration and Social Networking Friday 12 April 13 13
  15. 15. API Open Developer Ecosystem Fosters innovation and quick turnaround of applications Relevant to enterprise apps and internet apps API Lead approach decouples client delivery from service evolution Don’t have to do this from scratch accelerators exist Friday 12 April 13 Characteristics Simple Expressive API Follows web idiomatic and architecture styles Build solid examples, documentation Allow live api invocation and have sandboxes 14
  16. 16. Financial Services APIs Payments Stripe - RESTful api, large adoption and huge investor interest Paypal - changed its api in response to Stripe’s success Banking Axa Banque France - RESTful api for account management, transfers, etc. Telecoms and others Samsung new APIs to foster adoption of its platform Wallet, S-Pen, AllShare GSMA oneAPI - payments, billing, location and identity services Smart, simple APIs lead to greater app adoption Friday 12 April 13 15
  17. 17. Samsung • launched • Wallet API • Allshare API (for device and TV media sharing and control) • S-Pen Api for new Note • Chat-on – custom Samsung messaging • Web API for devices and TVs Friday 12 April 13 16
  18. 18. OneAPI GSMA Led Initiative • Provide key APIs for operators to implement • Allows app developers to target one api • Generic T&Cs offered so app providers can just release apps APIs • Payment (integrated into billing) • Messaging (sms, mms etc) • Operator ID for user identity Running OneAPI Exchange Solution • AT&T • Orange • Telefonica • Vodafone • Deutsche Telekom Links • • Availability • Later this year Friday 12 April 13 17
  19. 19. Social Networking Not just for facebook American Express using public social networks for payments and discounts Corporate, walled social networks popular Drives app usage and adoption Incorporate Social Networking Features Sharing of Content Group communications Friday 12 April 13 18
  20. 20. Ecosystems APIs drive developer adoption Leads to shorter application turnaround times More innovation Social Networking grows user adoption and engagement Friday 12 April 13 19
  21. 21. Latency Network Latency is the bottleneck, not download speed Users expect mobile websites to load in <4s , average website takes >9s Slower user experience affects long term behaviour [MSFT, GOOG] Increasing performance can mean a reduction in opex and an increase in revenue Page views drop as page load times increase [AOL, GOOG] Google found increase search page results from 10 to 30 (an increase in load time from 400ms to 900ms) caused a 25% decrease in people searching Friday 12 April 13 A year-long performance redesign resulted in a 5 second speed up (from ~7 seconds to ~2 seconds). This resulted in a 25% increase in page views, a 7-12% increase in revenue, and a 50% reduction in hardware. 20
  22. 22. Apps Friday 12 April 13 21
  23. 23. Mobile App Active Interaction Layer Considerations Web site Disconnected nature of mobile apps Native App Latency of connection and data and processing overhead SMS Notification Passive Interaction Battery is still a concern, reconnectivity adds latency Sensor triggers - eg location based User’s home screen is important, be there for good reason Friday 12 April 13 22
  24. 24. HTML/5 Friday 12 April 13 23
  25. 25. HTML5 The Promise Broad device support - feature phones, smart phones, desktop, smart tv Reduces time to market Depth of features - rich, expressive apps are possible Industry Support The Reality Write once run anywhere is still not there Browser support varies wildly Need to test on all supported devices and browsers quirksmode great resources Friday 12 April 13 24
  26. 26. Friday 12 April 13 25
  27. 27. HTML5 – FT Labs Experience Report Background • One app for all devices and platforms • Responsive Design Good Practice • Automate testing using eggPlant • Implemented (and open sourced) ftlabs • Fast click – remove 300ms delay for touch access • FT Scoller and FT Columnflow – layout and navigation Problems • HTML5 payments not elegant (Mozilla is fixing this) • No standardized webapps ad ecosystem: no clear standard on placement of ads and size • Managing large downloads a challenge Friday 12 April 13 26
  28. 28. HTML5 Apps Belt and Braces approach Broad device support - feature phones, smart phones, desktop, smart tv Reduces time to market Be smart with HTML based animations and transitions - they are not all smooth as native Augment with mobile and touch accelerators eg FT fastclick, scroller Drawbacks Still evolving, varying support for newer features Still need to test on all supported devices Latency on mobile still important - javascript still needs to be interpreted 1k of JS ~= 1ms of processing, so a jqm page can add about 300ms. Target delivery of page is 500ms. Friday 12 April 13 27
  29. 29. Native Apps Do it for good reason - real estate on home screen is precious - examine technical drivers and business ones Strong user experience is a key to continued use The power of notifications are driving greater interactivity and engagement Friday 12 April 13 28
  30. 30. Interaction and Visual Design Friday 12 April 13 29
  31. 31. Reduced Visual Clutter Clear Friday 12 April 13 Hundreds Haze 30
  32. 32. Gesture Driven - Responsive Paper Friday 12 April 13 Letterpress 31
  33. 33. Interaction Models Touch Gestures Voice Friday 12 April 13 32
  34. 34. Interaction Models Touch Gestures Perceptual Computing non touch gestures | facial analysis speech recognition | close range depth tracking Augmented Reality Friday 12 April 13 Voice 32
  35. 35. Immersive - Predictive Google Now Timely information Friday 12 April 13 Facebook Home Seamless App Location based alerts 33
  36. 36. Sensors Sentient Apps CAMERA OCR TRANSLATION ’02 HP LABS | ’10 APPS (WORD LENS) | ’12 GOOGLE NOW Compass | Gyro-meter Location Based Triggers - Alerts - Push - Configure Contactless NFC, BT Device Pairing - Payments Friday 12 April 13 34
  37. 37. User Engagement Customer engagement and interaction strong trend third party support through libraries and services Connectivity + OS support leads to direct interaction and usage monitoring Native notification enhances usage and understanding Study and learn what your users do Friday 12 April 13 35
  38. 38. Immersive | Predictive single container sensor usage and triggers Reduced Visual Clutter flat ui | chromeless Responsive Gestures | Perceptual | Voice Augmented Reality Seamless Interaction + Visual Trends Friday 12 April 13 36
  39. 39. What’s the purpose of your app? Channel extension Ecosystem integration Reactivity User Engagement How does it enhance users’ experience of your offering Friday 12 April 13 37
  40. 40. Aim for Excellence Excellence in interaction gestures visualization Seamless Lead the Trend Meaningful Engagement Friday 12 April 13 38
  41. 41. Recommendations Mobile is more than a channel Build an ecosystem Develop sensible APIs Plug mobile into the service fabric of your wider application and services You need a strategy for the different mobile channels Web and native apps are different things Innovation and excellence in native mobile apps always pays dividends Friday 12 April 13 39
  42. 42. Attributions Usage Reports comScore_Reports_February_2013_U.S._Smartphone_Subscriber_Marke t_Share asymco report!introductionto-web-development-for-nokia-devices.html Latency Interaction Models secured-perc-productbrief-q1-2013-327943-003us.pdf Images <a href="" target="_blank">No Phone</a> designed by <a href="http://" target="_blank">Scott Lewis</a> from The Noun Project <a href="" target="_blank">Sensor</a> designed by <a href="http://" target="_blank">Jessica Christine</a> from The Noun Project Checkmark location based app Haze app Paper app Letterpress "" Tablet designed by Luis Prado from The Noun Project Smart Phone designed by Icothlon from The Noun Project Friday 12 April 13 40