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Bmyo presentation

  2. 2. GENERAL DESCRIPTIONOF BMYO BMYO is the specific “branch” of the young people’s mission, directed to and involving the young in general. BMYO indeed flows from the self-same overall youth organizations in Municipality of Maco, but is carried out as a concrete expression addressed to the young in their everyday situation.
  3. 3. BAGONG MACO YOUTH ORGANIZATION An important first step in any youth organization- is knowing and understanding the targets of the organization. In BMYO, awareness and understanding of the youth are essential towards relevance and effectiveness.
  4. 4. By youth, we mean those single persons who are between 15-35 years of age; they are the main targets ofBMYO, but emerging as well are those who do not fall under those general characteristics (such as unwedmothers, youth in the streets, members of other Christian denominations orreligious, indigenousyouth, Muslim Youth, etc.).
  5. 5. The young people in Maco, in general, is family oriented, highly interpersonal, not very society oriented, personal but individualist in relating with God, nominal in their faith, distant from the Church’steachings and life inspite of their feeling of belongingness.
  6. 6. BAG-ONG MACO YOUTH ORGANIZATION -is a local youth organization and non-government organization in Municipality of Maco, ages 15-35 years who are dedicated to the development of young people in Maco, co that they can become leading participants in sustainable community and national development now and in the future.The BMYO serves as a guiding framework for youth development and empowerment with collaboration of government organizations, and civic youth sectors in Maco. It outline steps that will help concretize what the youth themselves desire, specifically all theyouth in 37 Barangays of Maco who play a very important role in ensuring change, transformation, policies, programs and courses of actions are carried out.
  7. 7. The BMYO shall compose of allyouth sectors in Maco likeSangguniang Kabataan whichis the highest legislature and itumbrella the youth organizationslike Pag-asa Youth Association(PYA-Out of SchoolYouth), Diocesan YouthApostolate (DYA) highest youthorganization in Roman CatholicChurch, Tribal & LUMAD YouthOrganization, Young One’sUnited for Responsive Services(YOURS), Youth Ministriesfrom anydenominations, Muslim YouthAffairs, Maco Youth for Peaceand Development and manyother civic youth organizations.
  8. 8. The Young People in Maco Strengths: Qualities and skills of the young people themselves Example: Creativity, Dynamism, Commitment, and many others, and also skills in communicating, organizing, and planning.
  9. 9. WEAKNESSES Weaknesses: various insufficiencies or needs: Example: lack of funds and programs, as well as some qualities and skills; absence of support from various sectors. Discontinuity and transitoriness: some programs are sporadic, leader’s tenure is shaky as well as the participation from youth On the part of the youth leaders themselves: certain negative traits are present Example: lack of witnessing, immaturity, and childishness, and insensitivity among others.
  10. 10. THREATS Threats: Social problems such as the volatile peace and order situation, lack of support, various socio- economic problems and others. Attitudinal and behavioral problems: prejudices and biases, multiple diversions and attraction, and “crab mentality” among others.
  11. 11. VISION(Panglantaw) Bagong Maco Youth Organization shall generate smart young people who are active participants in sustainable and equitable community and national development efforts as well as improving the infrastructure of youth in Municipality of Maco with a dynamic and harmonious relationship in linking the youth to the authorities, stakeholders and the society.
  12. 12. MISSION(Tumong) To develop and empower the young people in Maco and instill in them the spirit of Volunteerism towards active participation in community and development as well as promoting and collaborating youth working relationships with other civic oriented groups through networking partnerships.
  13. 13. GOAL (Tumong) BMYO aims to help instill values that will promote the culture of excellence, pursuit of learning and patriotism in young people and commits to opportunities that will strengthen and equip the young one’s with life skills, desirable attitudes and values through advocacy, spiritual, social, moral, economical, sportsmanship, political, environmental, excellence in leadership through its programs- networking, research, capacity building, advocacy and resource development.
  14. 14. OBJECTIVES (Tinguha)1. To have unity between the young people in Maco and its society2. Coordinates and implements some programs designed to help the youth be more aware of the issued surrounding them.3. Share ideas, gain valuable insights and networks to any youth sectors and groups to aid them in their youth development efforts.4. Participated by young people from 37 Barangays, the program’s objective is to promote friendship, love, peace, unity and mutual understanding.5.To have camaraderie to all youth sectors, Christians & Muslims, LUMAD, and other Youth Organizations in Maco.6.Establish and strengthen the youth relationship with the Divine Providence.7.Provide opportunities for Personal Growth and to encourage community involvement.
  15. 15. CORE VALUES(Kinauyokang Kinaiya)B- Batan-on nga May M- Muslim, Bisaya, Tagalog, ug LumadBarugananA-Andam Molihok sa Tinood A- Angayan nga Kabatan-onan na Mo-alagadnga Kabag-ohanG- Giya sa Maayong Pagtolun- C- Cooperation ug Panaghiusa Palig-ononanO- Ordinaryong Nakigharong O- Outright, Good Governance, Authentic Social Servicesug Nakiglambigit PalihokonN- Nagdala ug Kasadya uban saPanagdaitG- Gugma ug Kahamugaway BAGONG MACOMapa-ambit
  16. 16. Characteristics of BMYO BMYO is: Healthy, Active and Dynamic Youth Environment in Maco, concerned with the growth of the total person, youth focused (protagonist of, priority for, and preference to the young) communitarian (rooted in relationship), interactive, and self- duplicating. The characteristics are the trademarks of BMYO, it faithfulness to its vision and its mission. They would also identify and distinguish youth organizations with and from the other organization, in the aim of a closer and cordial carrying out of the Youth Organization.
  17. 17. Settings of BMYO BMYO presupposes an openness to reachout to the young in whatever situation they are in. These settings are mainly: Formal Settings: MunicipalLevel, Youth Centers, Parishes and Churches, Campuses Informal Settings: Settings outside (Schools, Colleges and institutions, which may not have aUniversities) Centers for Youth fixed structure (malls, Billiardat Risks, Barangay and Puroks, Halls, Basketball Ecclesial Youth Organization Court, bars, parks, etc.)and movements, and families- emerging settings.
  18. 18. Stages of BMYO Since BMYO is an active, healthy and dynamic youth organization it is therefore inevitable that it undergo different stages, as it undergoes the process of growth, both in its structure and application; Sowing of the Seed, Nurturing for Growth, and Harvesting of the Fruits.
  19. 19. Components andStrategies of BMYO These components are the different systematic approaches of BMYO that are used in relation to the needs of the young; Youth Empowerment, Leadership and Capability Building, Evangelization and Catechesis, Fellowship, Advocacy for Environment Awareness, Drug Addiction and other symposiums that are promote social significance, social action, volunteerism, and Youth Activities. Each component requires its own strategies.
  20. 20. In beginning BMYO, it would be helpful to identify our potentialaudience in this organization, given the situation that we are in.CROWD: refers to the young people in Maco.COMMUNITY: refers to the involved youth.COMMITTED: refers to the young people who are open to, orhave committed themselves in leadership and service, or deepentheir faith life.CONGREGATION: refers to those who take part in the Church’ssacramental life.CORE: refers to those have committed themselves to share theservice and dedication among the young in BMYO.
  21. 21. Agents of BMYO Agents of BMYO are people who have responded to take leadership roles for andbe stewards of the youth; they are the Beacon of Hope: SK Officials, Barangay YouthLeaders, Cluster Coordinators, Youth Ministers (Clergy, priest, religious leaders,) MuslimYouth Leaders, LUMAD Youth Leaders, Catechists and Teachers, Young Professionals,Student Council Leader, the family and young people themselves.
  22. 22. Foundations and Rationale of BMYORepublic Act 8044:The Youth in Nation-Building ActAn act creating the National Youth Commission, establishing a NationalComprehensive and Coordinated Program on Youth Development, AppropriatingFunds Therefore, and for Other Purposes.
  23. 23. SECTION 1. Title - This Act shall be known as the " Youth in Nation-Building Act".SECTION 2. Policy - The State recognizes its responsibility to enable the youth tofulfill their vital role in nation-building and hereby establishes the NationalComprehensive and Coordinated Program on Youth Development, creates thestructures to implement the same and appropriate adequate funds to providesupport for the program and implementing structures on a continuing sustainedbasis.
  24. 24. The State hereby declares that "Youth" is the critical period in a person’s growthand development from the onset of adolescence towards the peak of mature, self-reliantand responsible adulthood comprising the considerable sector of the population from theage of fifteen (15) to thirty (30) years.
  25. 25. The State further declares the National Comprehensive and Coordinated Program on YouthDevelopment shall be based on the following principles:(a) Promotion and protection of the physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being of the youthto the end that the youth realize their potential for improving the quality of life;(b) Inculcation in the youth of patriotism, nationalism and other basic desirable values to infuse in them faithin the Creator, belief in the sanctity of life and dignity of the human person, conviction for the strength andunity of the family and adherence to truth and justice;(c) Encouragement of youth involvement in character-building and development activities for civic-efficiency, stewardship of natural resources, agricultural and industrial productivity, and an understanding ofworld economic commitments on tariffs an trade and participation in structures for policy-making andprogram implementation to reduce the incidence of poverty and accelerate socioeconomic development; and(d) Mobilization of youth’s abilities, talents and skills and redirecting their creativity, inventive genius andwellspring of enthusiasm and hope for the freedom of our people from fear, hunger and injustice.
  26. 26. STRUCTURES OF BMYO Local Chief Executive SK Federation President Adviser BMYO President Vice President Secretary Associate/ Treasurer Associate Vice President Internal Assistant Assistant Treasurer External Auditors/ Cluster CoordinatorsBusiness Managers Board Members Barangay Youth Leaders Committee HeadsYouth Representatives CROWD
  27. 27. Facebook OrganizationBmyo