Myrna arcega how to use animoto


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Myrna arcega how to use animoto

  1. 1. Animoto is a website designed to help peoplecreate videos out of pictures. The user is able to choose any desired images and music they want, they are also given the option to download from well known sites. They can then make an Animoto short video (30 second) or an extended video with the material they have chosen.
  2. 2. With each step you undergo, there is a ‘ Tips for this Section’ button on the right hand side which will help you with questions you may have, as well as any dilemmas you may come across.
  3. 3. Select the length of your video (keep in mind that Animoto short will not be able to hold as many images in the short time period)Choose ‘create video’ to begin.
  4. 4. Choose to select photos from your computer, or download videos from websites.Instead of selecting photos fromyour computer, you may select to choose from these websites.
  5. 5. Choose to add more, add text,rotate, spotlight or delete your photos.
  6. 6. Choose to download music or select music from Animoto’s personal music guide.
  7. 7. Decide on the length of your video( keep in mind that it costs credit to lengthen your film.) Then select the pace of each image, and the cover for your movie.
  8. 8. Enter a title, description and producer name for your video.
  9. 9. Remix Button When you select the ‘Remix’ button you aregiven two options. The firstis called ‘One Click Remix’which means Animoto will scramble your images to create a new video. The second option is called ‘ Editing Remix’ which means that you re-createyour whole video yourself.
  10. 10. Click this button to start Click this button to view your creating your video videos.Click this button to view music Click this button for help. selection.
  11. 11. Reviewing your Video When selecting a previously made video, a bar will show up on the rightside that shows the exact details of your video. The title, producer, amountof photos, length of film, music artist and the status of your video will all be shown in this bar.
  12. 12. The toolbar at the bottomallows you to remix your video, send it to friends, post it online, download it, export it to YouTube, upload it to DVD’s, and use I-phone options.