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We offer a web-based app that changes the way e-commerce businesses analyze and manage their marketing budgets.

With Oh My Stats they can see customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value and return on investment for each marketing campaign they run.

Having this data at their fingertips allows our customers to make correct decisions about maximizing the outcome of their marketing.

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Ohmystats.com Pitch Deck

  1. 1. online marketing data analysis tool for e-commerceROI, %
  2. 2. PROBLEMTypical way of assessing marketing efficiency:1. Gather costs from all sources in different formats. 61% of companies2. Download sales information from a database. don’t have the3. Convert the data into a common format. human resources and expertise to do this4. Put all the data in Excel and, finally, analyze it.PROBLEM— takes too much time— requires expertise (SQL, advanced Excel skills)
  3. 3. IS THE SOLUTION What works? What doesn’t? ROI, CAC and CLV show which campaigns work best. How much do customers cost and how do theyCompare data across all marketing pay off?activities. See how campaigns Show customer acqusition cost and returns for every campaigndevelop and what works best. and how they change.
  4. 4. MARKET OVERVIEW 47000 There are 611000 >2 000 000 online stores in the world.663 000 463 000 1 100 000 with an annual turnover of < $250 000 84 000 79 000 are Oh My Stats’ target customers. With an average monthly bill of $300, our target market exceeds $4000000000 with 16% CAGR .
  5. 5. TRAC TION First payment 43 9 companies in pipeline now: companies in pipeline at the beginning 11 canceled; Sales of the year started 27 in progress;Developmentstarted 4 integrating; 2 paying clients. Beta requests
  6. 6. MAIN COMPETITIORS OUR ADVANTAGES— Fast and free setup. Integration only takes a couple of hours. Not only is setup free, but we also offer a free 14 day trial period.— Easy to use. Clients don’t have to hire an analyst – anyone familiar with marketing can use the system.— No vanity metrics. Only data essential for marketing decisions.— Low cost. The average monthly cost of using is 10 times less than that of similar packaged solutions.
  7. 7. TEAMAlexey Alexander Yaroslav TanyaKulichevskiy, Tischenko, Markin, Misyutina,CEO CRO CTO UI/UX DesignerBio: CMO at Groupon Cofounder Cofounder Bio: Designer at ArtemRussia, Executive at Evil Martians at Evil Martians Gorbunov Design Bureau,at Ostrovok.ru UI Design Lead at Netcracker, http://infotanka.ru + Uber Development
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODEL CUSTOMER → INTEGRATION → FREE → SUBSCRIPTION ACQUISITION 14 DAYS TRIAL—­ Face to Face — Fast and simple VISITORS MAX, MONTHLY MONTHLY PRICE— Partnerships JavaScript — Secure and accurate 10K 99 $— Online Sales Rest API 100K 149 $ 500K 499 $ FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES 1M 799 $— SEM automatization (we know ROI, so can optimize spendings) > 1M individual approach— Remarketing platform (we can show relevant ads based on user behavior)
  9. 9. http://ohmystats.commail@ohmystats.com