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Hyderabad to hungary truly global

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Hyderabad to hungary truly global

  2. 2. GLOBAL GREEN VISION Customer satisfaction through implementation of highest application standards at every element of the chain from seed to shelf. MISSION  To go public and doubling its turnover to around $200 million by 2015.  To achieve expected valuation to be about $1 billion by 2018.
  3. 3. STRATEGIES  Expanding productprocesstechnology development by improving the standards of every elements of the supply chain from seed to shelf.  Identifying and acquiring similar food companies.  Collection of best quality of raw materials from the best producers.  Catering to the needs and preferences of different populations in different countries.  Market Penetration:- o Product Development(Existing Markets ,new products) o Market Development(New Markets, Existing Products) o Diversification(New markets, new products)  Implementation of superior manufacturing facilities.
  4. 4. EXPANSION  In 1992, Joint venture with a European partner.  In 1996, Acquired 100% stake in entity, which was then renamed as the Global Green Company Limited.  In Dec 1999, acquisition of VST natural products limited, which made global Green undisputed leader pickled cucumber business in India.  In Aug 2006, acquisition of Belgium based Intergarden N.V. and the complete “Intergarden Group of Companies”.  In Sep 2008, Global Green acquires the Hungarian company, Puszta Konzerv Kft.  In 12th March 2010 Rabo Equity advisers and Gautam thapar avantha group announce and investment of $10 million.
  5. 5.  Human Resource- Managerial, Technical, Skilled, Unskilled and Semi Skilled.  Power –Quality and uninterrupted supply.  Water-Quality and continuous supply  Land  Waste disposal-solid, liquid, bio-degradable  Affluent treatment Mobilization Of Resources
  6. 6. 1.Technical Feasibility: Mechanized Primary processing Secondary processing Pickling Canning Bottling Chemical treatment Storage FEASIBILITY
  7. 7. 2.Commercial Feasibility:  Availability of resources at minimum price, such that revenue will exceed the expenditures. 3.Finacial Feasibility:  Investment US $10 million by Ravo equity advisors and Avantha Group Return on investment
  8. 8. Becoming market leader- by acquiring competitors. Entering new market – through join venture, product development. Efficient use of advance technology. Develop new business opportunity through new product and services. Before starting any business – conduct feasibility study. Optimum utilization of all available resources. Value addition enhance profit margin. Efficient supply chain management i.e. growing LEARNING
  9. 9. THANK YOU Group Members: 1. Anoop Mishra (12201005) 2. Chandra Prakash (12201011) 3. Rajaduiuti Mahapatra (12201033) 4. Rajan Kumar (12201034) 5. Ramesh Mishra (12201035) 6. Suvrojit Choudhury (12201043) 7. Yogendra Yadav (12201045)