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Business plan pack house

  1. 1. Pack House with Vegetable Grading Unit Presented ByAchintya Damera Prachi Mishra Sushree Gayatri Jena Monalisha Ghosh Laxmimani Marandi Krushna Chandra Hembram Suvrojit Choudhury Nilamadhab Patra
  2. 2. Objectives To provide services of• Value addition • Low cost preservation and • Storage of semi-finished vegetables by Cleaning, grading ,sorting , packing , packaging , Cooling , Loading & Shipment
  3. 3. Mechanism of Pack House Farm Produce Pack House •Cleaning •Washing •Drying •Sterilizing •Inspecting •Grading •Packing & etc. Retail Stores Consumers
  4. 4. Opportunity Assessment • Social benefits with special reference to employment generation. a)Direct employment b)Indirect employment c)Women/S.T/S.C. employment
  5. 5. Availability of raw material • Abundant quantity of vegetables available in the district( Koraput) as well as in surrounding area throughout the year.
  6. 6. Analysis Market Technical Financial
  7. 7. Technical Analysis • Components of pack House • Plant Capacity : Installed Capacity/Hr. : 500 kg. • Location: Koraput District (Odisha) • Site: Kunduli Haat (Distance from market -0 k.m. ) • Land Size : 2 acres
  8. 8. Major Components • Cleaning : Cleaning of vegetables • Trimming: Trimming down the unwanted leaves, stems, roots etc. • Sterilization Unit: A spray unit is provided along with a water tank. Safe chemicals can be dissolve and sprayed for surface sterilization of vegetables . It extends shelf life. • Inspection Table: To remove the rotten vegetables manually. • Grading Unit: To grade of all round vegetables in different sizes.
  9. 9. Contd.. • Packing: Weighing Unit: A platform type digital weighing scale of capacity is provided for weighing of finished goods. • Packaging : Polythene Sealer: Electric operated sealer is provide for packing of vegetables in polythene packets. Plastic Ghamela: To collect the graded vegetables in respective weight vegetables.
  10. 10. Contd.. • Waste Water Treatment – Further utilization for irrigation purposes • Cool Chamber: Option 1: Own trading products will be stored Option 2: products stored on rented basis. The rent charge is Rs.0.30 /Kg/12 hr (Maximum 300 days storage)
  11. 11. Market Feasibility • First intervention of its kind. • Availability of raw materials. • Need for pack house.
  12. 12. Backward & Forward Linkages • Backward linkage with farmers with reference to either providing services or purchase of raw material • Forward Linkage :
  13. 13. Wholesaler Pack House Retailer/Supe r Markets Hotels
  14. 14. Financial Analysis • C ost of t he Pr oj ect – 5-6 cr s appr ox. • M eans of f i nance –Pr om er s, Subsi dy(R r i ya Kr i shi ot ast Vi kas Yoj ana ,N ABAR ), Ter m Loans. D • Fi nanci al A ysi s – nal The proposed unit has a huge market demand & the site itself has a good market access as the site is at “Kundul i H aat “ . U t shal l be r un ver y successf ul l y by conver t i ng f r esh ni ungr aded veget abl es t o gr aded, w ashed val ue added pr oduce w ch i s di r ect l y r eady t o consum pr oduct s. The uni t has hi e gr eat advant age f or m e pr of i t abi l i t y as Vi zag (*a t our i st or pl ace) w her e N num ber of hot el s ar e avai l abl e & dem and i s qui t e hi gh.