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Food resources


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Presentation was presented with graduation students of Khagrijan College, Nagaon district Assam.

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Food resources

  1. 1. Food Resources By: Gulzar Hussain Email- Project Coordinator, Digital Empowerment Foundation, New Delhi Venue : Khagarijan College, Nagaon Date: 07/09/2016
  2. 2. Contents Food Resources World Food Problems Changes caused by Agriculture & Over gazing Effect of Modern Agriculture Problems of High Yielding Varity of corps & GM Corps  Problems of Fertilizers, pesticides & salinity
  3. 3. Food Sources Animal Plants Taste Perception Sweet Sour Salty Bitter Umami
  4. 4. World Food Problems Poverty Trap Lack of investment in Agriculture Climate & Weather War & Displacement Unstable Markets Food Wastage
  5. 5. Changes caused by Agriculture & Overgrazing  Global Effects  Regional Effects  Local Effects  Reduction in the growth of vegetation.  Reduction in the diversity of plant species.  Increased soil erosion as the plant cover is reduced.  Damage from the cattle trampling on the land, like paths made by cattle develop into gullies, which erode rapidly in the rain.  Dominance of plant species that are relatively undesirable to the cattle. Changes by Agriculture Changes by Overgrazing
  6. 6. Effects of Modern Agriculture Climate Change Deforestation Genetic Engineering Irrigation Pollutants Soil Degradation Waste Issues by Region
  7. 7. Problems of HYV Regional Inequalities Intraregional Inequalities Intercrop disparities
  8. 8. Problems of GMOs  GMOs are unhealthy  GMOs contaminate forever  GMOs increase herbicide use  Genetic engineering creates dangerous side effects  Government oversight is dangerously lax  The biotech industry uses “tobacco science” to claim product safety  Independent research and reporting is attacked and suppressed  GMOs harm the environment  GMOs do not increase yields, and work against feeding a hungry world
  9. 9. Problems of using Fertilizers Micronutrient imbalance Nitrate pollution Eutrophication
  10. 10. Problems of using Pesticides Death of non-target organisms Pesticide resistance Bio-magnification Risk of cancer
  11. 11. Problems of Salinity Water not absorbed by soil, is evaporated leaving behind a thin layer of dissolved salts in the top soil. Saline soils yield less crop Salt deposit is removed by flushing with good quality water By using a sub-surface drainage system, the salt water is flushed out slowly
  12. 12. Snap of Salinity
  13. 13. References • • •