IITians For ITIs Program V0.96


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IITians For ITIs Program V0.96

  1. 1. IITians for ITIs A PanIIT program for driving excellence in technical training in India To Improve standard of living of the people of India what if IITians around the world could partner with Training Institutions and Industry to transform the landscape of technical training in India…? ITIs -- Industrial Training Institutes 1 http://paniit.team-for-iti.org
  2. 2. Shortage of skilled technicians is an obstacle for India’s growth. Manufacturing Infrastructure Services Industrial Training Institutes 2 Pan IIT - IITians for ITI Program
  3. 3. IITians have embarked upon driving excellence in technical training in India. Over 180 IITian members Pilot Projects at ITIs Blue Book Since PanIIT 2006 ITIs -- Industrial Training Institutes 3 Pan IIT - IITians for ITI Program
  4. 4. ITIs have the mandate to train the technicians ….. but most are considered lackluster institutes. Weak Outdated Institutional Curricula Framework Uneven quality Inadequate Infrastructure ITIs -- Industrial Training Institutes 4 Pan IIT - IITians for ITI Program
  5. 5. With IITians’ drive for excellence, ITIs will improve their quality and train a stream of highly skilled technicians Relevant Curricula Quality Infrastructure Institutionalized Excellence 5 Pan IIT - IITians for ITI Program
  6. 6. IITians around the world will partner to transform the landscape of technical training in India. Global brand  Volunteer driven Relevant Skills  Nation wide  Long term Broad Impact Industry ITI s ITIs -- Industrial Training Institutes 6 Pan IIT - IITians for ITI Program
  7. 7. IITians around the world have the ideas, expertise, contacts, reach and resources. Pilot project to introduce a new course IITians for Get ITI at xxx Advisory requirements f or a group new course f rom the industry Joint development of . Institute Management Committee (IMC) Community colleges curriculum by the advisory IITians for ITIs . board and the ITI principal . and instructors Curriculum development . Project Components Instructor’s training in . New course E-mail: akmathur@yahoo.com Requirement . conducting the course .  ITI to of f er the course URL: http://paniit.team-for-iti.org . ITI Sponsor and the instructors train the . students Local Principal  Local industry to . Industry Training provide apprenticeship to IIT Alumni to support the Principal of the ITI  Instructors the qualif ying students Quality  Help align the syllabus Apprenticeship  with the industry requirements  Government Pilot project: introduce a improvement new course at an ITI based Raise funds for equipment and teaching aids  State/Central on the needs of the local Students industry Directorate of Training Driving Excellence in Technical Training | June 16, 2007 3 IIT Alumni to personally and remotely mentor the ITI  instructors Mentoring Scholarships/sponsorships for ITI instructors  Krishan Khanna IIT Alumni to sponsor ITI students to participate in the  national/international competitions for skill standards and Excellence iWatch performance benchmarks e.g. WorldSkills Competitions promotion Support for acquiring certificates with international  recognition IITians for ITIs Alok Verma Professor, ODU – Business Plan 2007-9 7
  8. 8. Both the industry and government are supportive of our program. Support from the relevant central government ministry Central government funding to upgrade 300 ITIs this year $0.5m per ITI Sharda Prasad, Director General Directorate of Employment and Training 8
  9. 9. Both the industry and government are supportive of our program. Close cooperation from CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) Joint projects: Blue Book & Skills India 2020 Industry participation in the management of the ITIs under PPP scheme Gen. S.S.Mehta, Director General, CII CII is a non-government premier business association with a direct membership of over 6300 organizations 9 PPP – Public-Private Partnership
  10. 10. IITians around the world are excited about improving the quality of ITIs. Over 180 IITian Industry – CxOs & middle-level members IAS officers IT & Quality professionals Recently retired Recent graduates All campuses Business consultants Diverse batches Professors Diverse background Technical training 10
  11. 11. IITians around the world are excited about improving the quality of ITIs. Program Industry – CxOs & middle-level leadership IAS officers IT & Quality professionals Recently retired Rear Admiral R.M.Bhatia Program President – India Ex- Chairman, Mazagaon Docks Recent graduates Business consultants Professors Ray Mehra Program President – USA Technical training 11 President, PanIIT Midwest chapter
  12. 12. IITians will partner with the ITIs and the industry to help solve problems holistically Excellence Sustainability Pragmatism Fairness? Autonomy? Risk? Apathy ? Conflict of interest ? Demotivated? Arrogance? Ignorance? 12 Industry ITI s
  13. 13. IITians will uphold the creed of quality towards good educational governance. Problems Some possible solutions • Advocacy Autonomy? • Reach to higher echelons of government • IITians as honest arbiter Fairness? • Platinum/Gold/Silver industry partners • Engaged & networked Apathy? • Incentives to perform Demotivated? • Incentives to learn and perform
  14. 14. IITians will help solve immediate problems at the ITIs pragmatically. Quality improvement Support the Principal and Align the syllabus with the Raise funds for equipment management of the ITI industry requirements and teaching aids Mentoring Personally and remotely mentor the ITI Provide Scholarships/sponsorships for ITI instructors instructors Excellence promotion Sponsor ITI students for acquiring certificates Sponsor ITI students for skill competitions with international recognition
  15. 15. IITians will uphold a long term commitment to quality and excellence. Sustainable Resources/ Accreditation and benchmarking Infrastructure ecosystem • Demand • Identify the • Global mapping Equipment and standards trainer needed • Curriculum updated timely • Source it through the reach of IITians
  16. 16. IITians will prime the pump to develop a sustainable ecosystem Students Industry Curricula ITIs 16
  17. 17. IITians will measure and monitor the impact on partner ITIs in quantitative terms. Earning potential of Average salary graduating students Relevant Curricula % of students Overall Quality Infrastructure getting placement rate relevant jobs % of students Quality of ITIs with job offers placement. Institutionalized Excellence from the best employers Recognition % of applicants as a admitted as premier students institute 17
  18. 18. Can the ITIs train a stream of technicians who can compete with the best in the world? 18
  19. 19. Transforming ITIs will require IITians’ pursuit of excellence and relentless drive for success. Industry ITI s 19
  20. 20. Join hands with IITians in transforming the quality of technical training at ITIs Mentor the • Select an ITI of your choice management of • Drive the implementation and change program an ITI • Provide specialist input directly Help update the • Leverage your industry network training • Funnel the industry requirements about the relevant skill set to the ITIs program Provide training • Share technical training material • Provide expert trainers or facilities on loan to resources drive up-skilling of ITI faculty 20
  21. 21. Infrastructure to train streams of highly skilled technicians for a globally competitive manufacturing sector. 21
  22. 22. IITians for ITIs A PanIIT program for driving excellence in technical training in India Industry ITI s Driving excellence to transform the landscape of technical training in India To join now, visit http://paniit.team-for-iti.org ITIs -- Industrial Training Institutes 22