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Corruption in football


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Corruption in football

  1. 1. Name : Mohd Akmal bin Norjam AfandiClass : BM 111 5 BStudent id : 2010487602Lecturer : Miss Norulhuda Tajuddin
  2. 2. - misuse of public office for private gain- Use of position of trust for dishonest gain
  3. 3. - sport played betweentwo teams ofeleven players each -witha spherical ball
  4. 4. The game is played on arectangular field of grass orgreen artificial turf,with a goal in the middle of each of the short ends.The object of the game is toscore by driving the ball intothe opposing goal.
  5. 5. • Easy way to win the game without ‘play’.
  6. 6. • No one canbribe where hecan bully• To get morepower so canlead everything
  7. 7. • accept a bribe if and only if their expected gain is greater than their current wage
  8. 8. • Bribe taker feel comfort with theirposition so can let the bribe giver winthe game..
  9. 9. -Make bias and unreasonable decision -Arrange the gameREFEREE
  10. 10. - not structurethe teamproperly forthe game- let him teamlost MANAGER
  11. 11. - Pretend not perform in game - Let opponent team score goal and winPLAYER
  12. 12. Bribe taker Bribe giver To get more money-To get more -Peoplemoney outside don’t- no big deal know-- people give, -Only somewhy not ? of the money-Only small -Popularitything / decision will increasehave to change
  13. 13. Bribe taker To get more money Bribe giver- serious - people soonproblem will know- why take - cowardsomething bad ? -Popularity will- so many decrease as youdisadvantage in jail
  14. 14. - Infrequently in big game- or in small game
  15. 15. For betterenvironment and no conspiracy
  16. 16. DISADVANTAGECORRUPTION• Effect on country development
  17. 17. Disadvantage corruption boringfootball game
  18. 18. Advantage corruptionsince corruption give ONLY bad impact to football !
  19. 19. • charged in court• punish corruptionoffenders heavilyeven if it is makecorruption a lowgain activity.
  20. 20. AkmalAfandy
  21. 21. • Johnston, M. (2012). Corruption control in the United States: law, values, and the political foundations of reform. International Review of Administrative Sciences , 78 - 329.• Maurice Kuglera, T. V. (2005). Organized crime, corruption and punishment. Journal of Public Economics , 1639– 1663.• Rajeev K. Goel, M. A. (2010). Causes of corruption: History, geography and government. Journal of Policy Modeling , 433–447.• Treisman, D. (2000). The causes of corruption: a cross-national study. Journal of Public Economics , 399–457.••