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Mar 2014 mbamsm_ebsco_spna


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MBA Library BI

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Mar 2014 mbamsm_ebsco_spna

  1. 1. Masters Program Library Resources Amy Lorson, MLS Kentucky & Southern Indiana OCLS Librarian Lexington Educ. Center (859) 519-3020 Louisville Educ. Center (502) 261-5019
  2. 2. Off Campus Library Services • Research involves locating magazines, books, encyclopedias, websites, etc., to provide you with legitimate and verifiable information so you can write a paper. • The Off Campus Library Services homepage is the best place to start your research:
  3. 3. Recommended: ▫ The best database to use for finding magazine articles:  EBSCOHost – Business Source Complete ▫ The best database to use for finding financial information:  Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage ▫ To find a regular book, use the Ebrary collection ▫ To find a website use a search engine, like Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo!, etc.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Now click on Business Source Complete…
  6. 6. You will need to verify that you are an IWU student. Login with your username/password (like the portal) OR use your last name and 14-digit library access number.
  7. 7. Enter your search term(s). Just like Google, this is keyword searching. Next, click Search.
  8. 8. Keyword results gives over 8,500 citation matches! {Much better than Google’s 198 million matches!} Still, this is way too many to sort through. Let’s try searching by
  9. 9. Use the down arrow next to Select a Field (optional) and choose SU Subject Terms… click search…
  10. 10. Now we have 2,700+ citation results! Read the left hand side of the screen to keep choosing options to limit your results…
  11. 11. 1. Limit to only full text 2. Limit to scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals. 3. Limit by date.
  12. 12. There are 250+ Full Text, Scholarly articles, that have been written since the year 2008. To view an article, scroll down the list of citations…
  13. 13. **The Cite function is not 100% accurate. It does not always match the APA 6th edition!**
  14. 14. That is how you find magazine articles in Business Source
  15. 15. What else is available in this database?  You can find company profile reports containing: ◦ Company History ◦ SWOT Analysis ◦ Competitors
  16. 16. To find Company Profiles. Click on the word MORE in the toolbar. A dropdown menu will allow you to choose Company Profiles. This will give you access to a Datamonitor or Market Line report specific to your company.
  17. 17. Type the name of the company you are looking for in the search box, then click Browse. Company Profiles contain information on PUBLICALLY traded companies!
  18. 18. Now a list of results appears. Click directly on the name of the company…
  19. 19. ONE STOP SHOPPING! You now have a screen where you can link to information from journals, magazines, newspap ers, etc., AND you can click on the MarketLine Report to read the complete company
  20. 20. This report on Yum! Brands includes items such as company history, revenue analysis, SWOT analysis, top competitors and more!
  21. 21. Here is the SWOT for Yum! Brands.
  22. 22. Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage  This database provides investment research on: ◦ Stocks ◦ Mutual Funds ◦ Companies ◦ Industry Over
  23. 23. From the OCLS homepage locate Article Databases and click on the word Business
  24. 24. On this screen click directly on Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage…
  25. 25. Click on the down arrow to choose an industry. If you are writing a report on Yum! Brands…
  26. 26. …an industry report on Restaurants will provide you with additional information…
  27. 27. You can also find company specific information…
  28. 28. P/E = Price-Earnings Ratio
  29. 29. Historical information going back at least 5 years.
  30. 30. Need help from a librarian?  Start at the library homepage ◦  Click on Submit Request under KEY LINKS (Left side of screen).
  31. 31. OCLS can only contact you via your IWU student email account!!!! •Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. •For InterLibrary Loan (ILL) allow up to 3 weeks, although it is usually only 3-5 days.
  32. 32. You will also receive an email for each request submission.
  33. 33. Research: I still need help…  The library may be able to help you find articles via a Research Guide.  A Research Guide is: ◦ A step-by-step guided search. ◦ Each guide is developed for you individually, with search terms specific to your request.
  34. 34. Often when you receive a Research Guide (RG) we will direct you to a database other than Business Source Complete or NetAdvantage.  Need info on becoming more environmentally friendly at work? Try the GreenFILE database.  Need info on the pros/cons of raising minimum wage? Try the Opposing Viewpoints database.  Need info on veterans and PTSD? Try the Military and Government Collection database. It is the job of the librarian to guide you to the best database to use.
  35. 35. Enough about research… What about writing the paper?
  36. 36.  FREE grammar check and proofreading software.  ◦ You must create an account using your email account or you will be charged a fee!
  37. 37. Paste or Upload Your Text For Review
  38. 38. Open your document and highlight to copy/paste your information into the review screen… The Document Copy/Paste Process
  39. 39. Student
  40. 40. Student
  41. 41. Student
  42. 42. Student
  43. 43. Student
  44. 44. Grammarly Plug-In software  Grammarly has a plug-in available for Word and Outlook. You can make corrections as you go through the document.  Go to the bottom left of the Grammarly page and choose the MS Office Plug-In. Follow the onscreen directions.
  45. 45.  When you are in Word you can find Grammarly on your toolbar.  Follow the onscreen directions.  **Must already have account with Grammarly!**
  46. 46. APA Writing Style • APA stands for the American Psychological Association. • APA is the writing/citation style used at Indiana Wesleyan University. EVERY paper you write at IWU MUST be in APA format. If you do not use the APA format, you may be committing plagiarism!
  47. 47. Located at the end of the OCLS APA 6e Guide:  A sample APA formatted paper is included at the end of the APA 6e Guide.  A sample APA References page is included in the APA 6e Guide.
  48. 48. APA Learning APA is a process. As you progress through your studies, the APA aspect of your writing and research should become more familiar. Use your book. Search online. Ask the librarian.
  49. 49. The library is here to help!  ◦ Click on Submit Request for an email form. ◦ 1-800-521-1848 Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am–8:00 pm Friday: 8:00 am–5:00 pm Saturday: 9:30 am-2:00 pm  Lexington Education Center Library ◦ 859-519-3020  Louisville Education Center Library ◦ 502-261-5019