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Create Your Own Magic


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Create Your Own Magic

  1. 1. Create Your Own Magic Using a CAS Self-Study NSEE – Orlando, Florida September 2008 Cathy Stablein and Jean Spahr College of DuPage
  2. 2. Create Your Own Magic… • The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education • Buy the self-study guidelines for Internship Programs…will work for Co-op too. • Assemble your team…
  3. 3. Create Your Own Magic, cont. • Dedicate a good amount of time and effort… • Be open-minded… • Why? It is good business & may produce program innovations and improvements that are magical!
  4. 4. Look at the CAS Components… • Mission • Program • Leadership • Organization and Management
  5. 5. Look at CAS Components, cont. • Human Resources • Financial Resources • Facilities, Technology, and Equipment • Legal Responsibilities • Equity and Access
  6. 6. CAS Components, cont. • Campus and External Relations • Diversity • Ethics • Assessment and Evaluation
  7. 7. Self-Assessment Process • Establish the self-study process and review team. • Understand the CAS Standards and Self- Assessment Guide. • Compile and review documentary evidence.
  8. 8. Self-Assessment Process, cont. • Judge performance objectively. • Complete the assessment process. • Let the magic begin!
  9. 9. Moving toward the Magic! • Based on what you have learned, what dreams do you have for your program?? • What magic is possible with the support of your team? • What will you do first??
  10. 10. COD Reality = Action Plans • During FY 08, the CEIP program manager, in collaboration with a faculty committee, conducted a CAS program self-study. During FY 09 recommendations from the self-study will be selected for implementation based on feasibility, available staff, etc. The impact of innovations will be measured via stakeholder surveys and student learning outcomes with the aim of a 2% increase in the balanced scorecard measures of engaging students, engaging faculty, and engaging the community in work- integrated learning.
  11. 11. Action Plan, cont.… • 9/3/2008 3:14:41 PM JEAN A SPAHR Based on the CAS self-study and changes at COD, I have selected the following areas for improvement over a three year period: adopt online forms and electronic permits; rewrite stakeholder handbooks; streamline the process of preparing students to pursue and succeed at coops and internships; and adapt to Datatel with the goal of streamlining the student registration and faculty payment process. Improvements in these areas should impact the Balanced Scorecard measures for this unit.
  12. 12. Magic at College of DuPage (COD) • Magical transformation from a “one person shop” with action plans to accomplish to a “one person shop” with a team of well- versed faculty offering support and ideas.
  13. 13. More magic … • Credit-based internship course for faculty… first time ever is underway! • “Academy of Faculty Scholars” working collaboratively toward program improvement.
  14. 14. Magical transformations to come… • Electronic forms and electronic Permits to Register. • New handbooks for stakeholders. • Streamlined process of preparing students to pursue and succeed at work-integrated learning. • Streamlined course registration and faculty payment process.
  15. 15. Looking to create your own magic?? • Consider doing a CAS self-study… review and plan. • Go outside your own department to tap faculty and staff. • Systematically go through all the CAS components, as appropriate to your program.
  16. 16. Looking to Create Magic?? • Sit with the results of your self-study for awhile. • Select the improvements that mean the most to you and your stakeholders. • Enjoy the process of working magic with the support of your self-study team!
  17. 17. Discussion… • Magical results… or any results at your institution using the CAS self-study guide? • Plans to begin a CAS self-study? Fears? • Questions… Concerns… Ideas…
  18. 18. Creating Our Own Magic… • Cathy Stablein, Professor of Journalism and Publications Advisor, College of DuPage • Jean Spahr, Manager of the Cooperative Education and Internship Program, College of DuPage • CAS Self-Study Committee and Co- op/Internship Faculty Advisory Board
  19. 19. Thank You • Amit Karnani • • Jaipur, India