New Years in Las Vegas- Social Media Campaign


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Final Presentation for ADV 420 New Media Driver's License

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New Years in Las Vegas- Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. CAESARS PALACE NEW YEARS EXTRAVAGANZA A WEEK OF HUMOR, MUSIC, GAMBLING AND LUXURYMonday, December 3, 12 1Let’s begin by a show of hands... How many of you have been to Las Vegas? Those of youwho said yes, why are you not there right this instant?Imagine, its New Year’s eve. You are free of any responsibilities: no homework, no choresaround the house. Don’t you want somewhere fun and exciting to begin the New Year? Howabout an entire week, in the most exciting city on earth?
  2. 2. LAS VEGAS AIRFARE IS EXPENSIVEMonday, December 3, 12 2Prices are only going up from here
  3. 3. CAESARS IS LUXURIOUSMonday, December 3, 12 3One of the nicest rooms Caesar’s has to offer
  5. 5. CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW Month of December All-Star Weekend Giveaway Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Go Big or Go Home!Monday, December 3, 12 5In order to drum up a larger internet presence for my client, Caesars Las Vegas, I am proposing an internet campaign promoting the week leading up to New Yearsat Cesars Palace Hotel and Casino. The idea is to create a campaign that integrates use of Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Instagram, all in an effort to give away 4free trips to Vegas and an all-star week-long stay at Caesars. The package includes tickets to all of Caesars marquee shows that week, including Celine Dion, JerrySeinfeld, and the new show, Absinthe, free breakfast at any of the hotels renowned restaurants, and a $5000 shopping spree at the world famous Caesars forum. Ipropose that Caesars goes big or goes home, because a chance to win a contest like this, especially over New Years and a value of over $15,000, will easily attractwidespread social media attention if executed correctly.
  6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE Social Media Users 21-39 Age Group People who want but can’t affordMonday, December 3, 12 6We plan to attract social media users of ages 21-39, although Vegas and Caesars surely appeals to all ages. 21-39 year olds are very active on social media, and areyoung enough to desire a trip to a place like Vegas, despite that they might not be able to afford such an elaborate trip. This age group has embraced social mediaoutlets like Pintrest and Instagram in addition to Facebook and Twitter, thus helping to cover as many bases as possible.
  7. 7. PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Number of Applicants Tracking Hashtags Maintain future relationship Likes, Retweets, Regrams, Pin BoardsMonday, December 3, 12 7We will know that the campaign is a success based on the number of applicants participating. We plan to design the campaign in a way that engages multiple socialmedia accounts of each individual users. That is, one will have to like and repost something on Facebook promoting the contest, tweet or retweet using specialhashtags, and post on Instagram and Pintrest using the same hashtags. Users will know that the more actively they participate in the contest, the better theirchances of winning. Our goal is to raise awareness of Caesars, especially as THE destination for Vegas travelers, but also to maintain a relationship with contestapplicants once the contest is over. Of course, giving away these trips is an investment in hopes of attracting far more travelers who may not have known all thatCaesars has to offer. Because applicants will have followed, liked, and connected themselves to various Caesars pages, we will be able to continue to raiseawareness of our brand.
  8. 8. FACEBOOK Contest Page Creation “Like” Celine Dion, Jerry Seinfeld and Absinthe Why should you win?Monday, December 3, 12 8On Facebook we plan to create a page that is devoted to the contest itself. We will then require users to like Caesar’s and a variety of other pages, and makepostings describing why they should win. They must also like Celine Dion and Jerry Seinfeld’s pages, both of which will be incorporated into promoting the contest byhaving their pages post about it as well.
  9. 9. TWITTER Three weeks Follow@CaesarsForNewYears “Hashtag of the Day” retweet #CaesarsForNewYearsMonday, December 3, 12 9On Twitter, we will release a new hashtag each day for the three weeks leading up to the contest deadline, and users are invited to retweet each tweet as well ascome up with their own to incorporate the theme of the day, with the hashtag “#CaesarsforNewYears” included each day as well.
  10. 10. INSTAGRAM Follow @CaesarsForNewYears “Like” Competition “Hashtag of the Day” Re GramsMonday, December 3, 12 10On Instagram users will compete for likes and comments on their photos, and will have to incorporate the day’s hashtags. We will also send out an Instagram eachday promoting the contest, which we will invite participants to send out to their followers as well.
  11. 11. PINTREST Unique Pin board Hashtags “Perfect” trip to Vegas What do you want most?Monday, December 3, 12 11On Pintrest participants will create pinboards of their dream trip to Vegas, including these hashtags and inviting creative ways to incorporate what they want mostout of their trip. The more activity - including postings as well as reactions from other users to their postings (think Klout score) - that we see from any individualuser, the better their chances of winning.
  12. 12. BUDGET $300/hour Three Week Plan $75,000 in hourly fees $30,000 retainer fee $30,000 incentive for 100,000+ applicantsMonday, December 3, 12 12This contest will prove expensive. Caesar’s will be paying for airfare, lodging, food, tickets to shows, and the shopping spree. This, of course, is in addition to whatthey will be paying me. In order to run this competition, there will be many hours spent planning and executing it in order to make it a success. We plan to chargeon an hourly basis, with incentivized goals if the campaign reaches the levels of attention that we hope to garner. We charge our clients roughly $300/hr, in additionto other employees that will be working on the case. Since the event will run for three weeks leading up to the week before New Years, we will be charging roughly$75,000 in hourly fees, a $30,000 retainer, and an additional $30,000 incentive if we can attract at least 100,000 applicants. This will likely happen, and thus wepredict Caesar’s will spend well over $150,000 on this campaign
  13. 13. WHY PARTICIPATE? Airfare Best Hotel in Vegas for One Week Celine Dion, Jerry Seinfeld, Absinthe $5000 Shopping Spree at Caesar’s Forum FoodMonday, December 3, 12 13Let the fun begin!!!