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  1. 1. KUMAMOTO 13106210 Akiko Oshima
  2. 2. POPULATION Kumamoto Prefecture: 180thousand people Kumamoto City: 67thousand people Rank of Population in Japan: 23 SPECIALTY Basashi Karashi Renkon MAYOR Seishi Kouyama GOVERNOR Yoshiko Shiotani
  3. 3. Kumamoto Castle This picture is Kumamoto Castle. I think Kumamoto castle is the most famous in Kumamoto, so a lot of foreigners visit there every year. Do you know MUSYAGAESHI?? This is curving stone walls. The reason that to drive enemies. Kumamoto Castle became 400 years this year. This castle built by Kiyomasa Kato and completed in about 1607. ⇒ Musyagaeshi
  4. 4. Kurokawa hot springs A lot of various hot springs gathered. We call it Kurokawa hot springs. In Kurokawa hot springs, we can use Nyuutou Tegata. This is like passport, but we can use only 3 times to soak in hot springs. When you have a chance to go Kurokawa hot springs, Please eat ONSEN TAMAGO. It takes about 1 hour and half an hour from Kumamoto city.
  5. 5. ..ASO.. We can see crater. Aso has a lot of nature, the temperature is low a year on average. When tourists came from other prefecture, they always go to Aso. The highest marks is about 1592meters. Near Aso, there are Kusasennri. In there, we can get up on horses. Left picture is Daikanbou. If we go to there, could see beautiful scene.
  6. 6. Tsuujyunbridge The span of the bridge: 75.6m Flashing is sometimes perform. If we request, the flashing sometimes perform. In 1960, this bridge was nominated important cultural property. Originally, this bridge was to send water to Shiraito tableland where the place scanty of source of water. To make it took about 1year and 8 months. Completion: The year 1854 Place: Yamato town Height: 21.4m Width: 6.3m
  7. 7. AMAKUSA AMAKUSA There are “Amakusa Go Kyou” Tenmon bridge, Ooyano bridge, Nakano bridge, Maeshima bridge and Matsushima bridge. And then, Amakusa has a lot of beach. When we go to swim, almost go to there. Do you know AMAKUSA SHIROU? He is one of the most famous person in Kumamoto. His real name is MASUDA SHIROU TOKISADA. Right picture is Lippuru Land. This is the most popular spot in summer.
  8. 8. Famous people from Kumamoto Cream Stew: Ayumi Kataoka: Shingo Suetsugu: Aki Yashiro: They are comedian. He is Track & Field athlete. He has good scores. She is a baseball player, and Plays in Golden Golds. She is a singer, and sing Enka mainly. Kiyoko Suizenji She is enka singer too. Almost people know her name.
  9. 9. festival Kumamoto : Oshiro Festival Fujisakiguu festival Yatsushiro : Yatsushiro Myouken festival Tamana : Otawara festival Yamaga : Yamaga tourou festival This costume made from Japan paper. A lot of people walk in down town with horses. They are blowing bugles.
  10. 10. Rosso Do you know Rosso? This is soccer team from Kumamoto. A lot of people from Kumamoto thought that we want to make J league in Kumamoto. The team had good results. Players : About 37 players Logo Lank : 2 They play at KKWING, Suizenji Stadium mainly. Club Color : Red Foundation : 1969