Autism Friendly Village , Hyderabad for Children and Adults with Autism


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Autism Ashram is an exclusive residential facility for children and adults with autism in India- near Hyderabad, just 38 km from Secunderabad Railway Station.
Created and Conceived by professionals and Care4Autism Center, the parent organisation.

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Autism Friendly Village , Hyderabad for Children and Adults with Autism

  1. 1. The Autism Friendly Village (India's First & Largest Residential living & Learning Center for children & adults with Autism ) Center for Alternative Residential Environment for Children & Adults with Autism as Autism Ashram A Not-for-Profit Initiative of Simply Give Foundation & Care4Autism Center (Pioneers in Autism Residential living in India – Setting Standards)
  2. 2. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 2 Location ● Kesavaram Village ● Shameerpet Mandal ● RR District ● Telangana ● 26 Km from Bolarum Rail Station ● 38 Km from Secunderabad Rail Stations ● 70 Km from Shamshabad RGI Airport via ORR
  3. 3. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 3 Anil Kundra, President, @ The Autsim Friendly Village
  4. 4. Nestled among 200 mango trees- A 9.5 acre, well-designed architectural marvel for 50 children A well-designed architectural marvel with 9.5 acres of open space for children and adults to feel ‘free and liberated’. An aesthetically designed campus with ample landscapes clubbed with amenities of international standards , wi-fi campus. An ideal location to pursue quality living. The campus is scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to meet the demand in independent / assisted living for our special guests. The Autism Friendly Village 4
  5. 5. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 5 Target Age Group ● 7 YO Age of Entry ● Boys and Girls ● 7YO – 10YO ● 11YO – 14 YO ● 14YO – 18YO ● 18YO – any age ● The Autism Ashram already has 46 children ( including 8 females ) and adults with autism in the age group of 7YO – 40YO.
  6. 6. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 6 Pro le for Placement in AUTISM ASHRAMfi ● Children and young adults aged 7 to any age group ● A diagnosis of Autism or Asperger’s syndrome ● Learning and communication dif cultiesfi ● May also have signi cantly challenging behaviour and socialfi dif cultiesfi ● Placement is not refused to any child/adult with a diagnoses of autism, rich or poor, caste creed or religion. ● The ashram runs with parental support and public donations.
  7. 7. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 7 Residences . Single Rooms Bath Attached ● Room size 12 X 16 ● Bath 4X8 ● 6 Ft Corridor ● Block of 10 Rooms as per age group ● Room once alloted to a child, will be his permanent room till he lives on-campus. ● All rooms are fitted with mesh doors/windows/ventilators for mosquito protection.
  8. 8. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 8 Personal Care ● Every child lives with a buddy/caregiver 1 on 1 ● Caregivers share the same room with child and is a continuous companion as well. ● 24X7 Holistic care ● Every caregiver chosen with great care. Most are nurses or special educators. ● Children upto 14 Yrs live with female caregivers
  9. 9. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 9 Saatvik Food ● No onions and Garlic ● Only Vegetarian Food ( GFCF) ● Breakfast @ 8 am ● Snacks ( twice a day ) @ 11 am and 5 pm ● Lunch @ 12:30 pm ● Dinner @ 8 : 00 pm ● Requests for special diets will NOT be entertained. Our decision in this regard will be binding.
  10. 10. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 10 Facilities Autism Ashram has a Complete Special School on-Campus ● Speech Therapy ● OT / SI ● 2 Acre sensory garden ● 18' X 30' Swimming Pool / Hydro Therapy ● Wi-Fi Campus ● 50' X 70' Skating Rink ● 30x60 sft Vocational Center Barber Shop ● Solar geysers for Hot water 24x7 Massage Center ● 24x7 Hours Generator back-up Daily Life Skills Center ● AC rooms on request 30X60 Prayer Hall
  11. 11. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 11 ● All children have to take up-to five different activities each day from house work to learning a new skill. ● All activities aim to increase energy levels, improve health and lifestyle and improving daily living skills. Day Activities ● Activities include: ● Cooking / Vegetable Chopping groups ● Arts and crafts ● Yoga / Relaxation ● Massage Therapy ● Gym / Exercise ● Healthy living groups ● Swimming ● Cultural, spiritual affairs ● Dance / Music groups ● Gardening/Horticulture therapy
  12. 12. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 12 Transparency The entire facility has cameras online and parents can watch their children with static IP anywhere in the world at fixed times. The CCTV facility is to help parents know their child is safe and in good health. The time schedule is fixed to ensure parents do not get obsessed with cameras all day. Parents can walk-in any time, day or night into the facility ONLY if they stay over-night with their child. Casual visitations are NOT permitted since this may disturb the child and create behavioral issues.
  13. 13. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 13 Parent Stay on Campus ● A parent, either a mother or father has to stay 7 days minimum on initial placement to wean away a child into the community. ● A 4 room facility for parents willing to stay with their children on a short-term / long term basis at a nominal contribution to cover food expenses. ● During the stay, the parent has to contribute his time by helping us run the facility either in adminstration or kitchen etc based on their skills. ● Only parents are permitted on Joining day. ● Grandparents NOT permitted to stay during the first week of JOINING. ● Potential parents interested in visiting the campus have to stay on campus for a day by paying a small donation for their stay and boarding.
  14. 14. Exit & Refund Policy • A Child joining AFV is permitted to withdraw within 10 days of joining with NO questions asked. • The parents have to contribute 1 month Contribution ONLY. • Thereafter, on withdrawl, the entire annual contribution is payable by the parent. • The deposit is Refunded with a PDC payable after 1 year from date of withdrawl. • The Exit & Refund Policy is presumed to be accepted by the parents & is non- negotiable.
  15. 15. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 15 Building Design ● The entire facility is single level buildings and no terrace approach for children, thus ensuring safety. ● The facility has a doctor on-call and a nurse 24x7 in case of children being sick. ● All staff live on campus only, to ensure care all round the day and night. ● The kitchen and dining area is 1800 sft ● Meditation / prayer hall is 1800 sft for children and to de-stress staff. ● 1800 Sft of Vocational space ● 5 children per acre only accepted ie a total of 50 children / adults only.
  16. 16. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 16 Security & Safety The facility has round-the-clock professional security staff manning all entry and exit. Night care and watch staff ( Only care-givers ) monitors sudden illness or any meltdowns. ● The entire facility is under electronic surveylance 24x7 and parents are given access to Live CCTV inputs of their child's room and other common areas. CCTV broadcast is subject to technical / server breakdowns occasionally. ● The head care-giver monitors every childs health every day including recording their temperatures. ● A driver with a car is stationed on campus for emergency care. ● The Clinical Director and Head, Ms Cinu Philip stays on campus. ● The President of AFV lives on-campus to intervene in case of emergency.
  17. 17. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 17 Typical Activities for the Day ● 630 -730am: Walk / Exercise /Yoga - Groom for Day Program/Work; ● Eat breakfast; : 7.30 am – 8.00 take medications; make beds and straighten up rooms; ● Leave for day's program 9am -10:00 am: Day Program (School or Vocational) 11 am : Snack-time 12.30 pm - 1.00 pm : Lunch and Clean up 1.00 - 3:00pm : Afternoon Program ● 3:00 pm : Arrive home and rest . ● 3:45pm-4:45pm: Work on self-care skills ● 5:00pm-5:15pm: Snack time ● 5:15pm – 6.30pm: Walk/Exercise and play time/Cycling ● 6.30pm - 7:30pm: Help prepare and set up for dinner ● 7.30pm -8:30pm: Dinner and clean up ● 8:30pm - 9:30pm: Shower/Leisure Time ● 9s:00pm-10pm: Ready for sleep/Quiet Time 9. 0pm-6:30am: Quiet Time
  18. 18. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 18 About Us ● The Autism Ashram is created by professionals headed by Ms Mansi Bagwe, MA (Autism) from UK & Dr AK Kundra, Mphil.,PhD and Mrs Jyotshna Kundra, Mphil( Edn) • CFA Society Registered u/s 12AA of the IT Act 1961 vide. No. DIT(E)/17(06)/12A/2013-14  wef 20/06/2013 is an 80G Exempt Society. • i-CARD : The AFV is a India-Center for Autism Research & Development with PhD Scholars visiting regularly for research. Continuous Development: ● Every year a foreign expert in autism will be visiting the Facility for 15 days on campus to help update the facility.
  19. 19. Mission & Vision Mission Statement : CARE4AUTISM CENTER’s mission is to provide high quality home  for individuals with Autism and its related developmental disabilities, so they may experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that accompany learning, self-expression, self- care, productive work, and interpersonal and community experiences. Vision Statement : CARE4AUTISM CENTER’s vision is to be a pioneer & leader in the field of autism, connecting a full range of services for persons with Autism and their families. Our goal is to provide a lifetime continuum of services for children and adults in a transparent manner requiring on-going care and treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder in a community based structured living
  20. 20. Donations Accepted • Any parent willing to donate Rs 50,00,000/- towards cost of 1 block of 10 rooms will have the Block named after their loved ones. • Their child lives FREE on-campus as long as he/she wishes. • A parent who donates Rs 5,00,000/- can have a room named after their loved ones. • Smaller donations in cash or kind accepted from parents / donors / philanthropists. • Parents are welcome to share their birthdays/anniversary on- campus. • Parents are also encouraged to celebrate deepavali / dussera / holi / christmas on campus • All Donations by cheque in favor of CFA Society or Care for Autism Center.
  21. 21. BANK DETAILS • HDFC BANK ● A/c 15551450000104 ● Name : CFA Society Or ● A/c 15551450000114 ● Name: Care for Autism Center ● IFSC : HDFC0001555 ● MICR : 500240026 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 21 ● Credit Card payments Accepted ● Lgin ● Go to DONATE NOW ● Register as donor ● Follow step by step guidelines to pay via Credit card through secure HDFC Payment Gateway • All Donations to "CFA Society" Exempted approved U/S 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide: F.No. CIT(E)/Hyd/47(09)/80G/2014-15 Dated 13/03/2015
  22. 22. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 22 Visits by Prospective Parents ● Visiting Us: By prior Appointment on WEEKDAYS Only. ● Parents visiting the facility will need to demonstrate serious interest by making an advance refundable deposit of Rs 10,000.00 prior to visit ● Potential parents interested in visiting the campus can GET a FEEL by stay on campus for a day by paying a small donation for their stay and boarding. ● Casual visits are NOT entertained . DO NOT request for ● " seeing " the facility. The children staying on campus are NOT exhibits! ● Child with Autism MUST accompany the parent on any visit ● Single parent can stay on-campus permanently if needed. ● Visitors NOT permitted on weekends.
  23. 23. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 23 Need Help ? Call us NOW! ● ● ● ● ● ● Email: ● ● Phone: 9849884321 / 9032002310 ● 040-2786 2310
  24. 24. 09/25/16 The Autism Friendly Village 24 Thank You! ● If you or anyone you know is diagnosed with Autism, then email our details to them. The AFV is fully operational and places are full in the first phase. ● Block your place NOW for future vacancy ! ● You may be helping a child or parent who may be panicking with thoughts of “ After us, what?