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April 2010 Loch Raven Village Crier


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Loch Raven Village Neighborhood Association Newsletter

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April 2010 Loch Raven Village Crier

  1. 1. Volume 64, No.4 The Village Crier april, 2010 Published by the Associates of Loch Raven Village, Inc., Since 1947 A cAlendAr Full of events! – see page 10 In honor of Earth Day cans and glass…Thank you to the many From the archives people who are helping. Many, if not most, lrv residents are James M. Flatley gladly participating in the new and im- proved single-stream recycling program instituted by Baltimore county this past lrV Cookbook February. It’s such an easy process now that we can just toss all of our materials entri es an d o r d ers into one container and set it out for col- – Due April 30th – lection every Friday. It wasn’t always so Help Support the Fireworks! easy and many of us remember the days of carting our recyclables to the park- ing lot on la salle road once a month Sun Shines on the 47th or so to sort and dispose of the materials annual Easter Egg hunt that we were unwilling to put in land- fills. Back in the ‘70s even this kind of program did not exist and the recycling movement was just getting started. One lrv resident did his part to help this fledgling movement along by volunteer- ing to pick up old newspapers. this is from the April 1978 Village Crier: I have started recycling newspapers by informing people that on a specific day I will be by to collect their old newspapers. the easter Bunny paid a visit to lrv I have asked for their help by bundling and helped kick off the annual village and placing their newspapers at the easter egg Hunt by cutting the open- same place their garbage is collected. ing ribbon. Kyra O’donnell & Kameron Brooks of Pleasant Plains elementary Recycling is essential in that everything school played the national Anthem on we have comes from the earth. It only their trumpets before the event. the makes sense to use our resources over large crowd of children & parents were and over again and not to waste them, greeted by volunteers from the lrv but to live more in harmony with nature Optimists, lrvA and the Gllrc. the by living more ecologically. volunteers handed out prizes after the I am now accepting aluminum cans… egg Hunt and the children had the op- and hope to eventually collect metal portunity to meet the easter Bunny and have their picture taken with him. Fun May Issue Deadline: 04/23/10 was had by all!
  2. 2. ExEcutivE committEE Membership – Wade Barnes Zoning – Gretchen sarkin President – Gretchen sarkin 410-828-8952 410-828-8952 Real Estate – leslea Knauff 410-823-0648 Vice-President – lori cullinan Pleasant Plains Elementary Liaison – 410-828-4507 Mary Noy 410-823-2672 Treasurer – leslie vallade Loch Raven Academy and Loch 410-821-7731 Raven High School Liaison – Secretary – cindy Mavrophilipos Thea Mussman 410-823-8285 410-339-7718 Web – transitioning Board mEmBErs Bruce Knauff Jerry Heilman ContaCtS 410-823-0648 410-823-3427 Bud thomas District 5 County Councilman – leslea Knauff 410-296-3922 Hon. vince Gardina 410-823-0648 Wade Barnes 410-887-3384 Fax 410-887-5791 cindy Mavrophilipos 410-870-2956 410-339-7718 Mary King Towson Times LRV Columnist – dimitri Mavrophilipos 410-925-1034 Sue Van Essen 410-665-2899 410-339-7718 Mike smith Towson University (off-campus darrell Krushensky 410-661-4466 resident complaints) – 410-823-6330 Kate Walkinshaw ryan Kane or Pat Frawley sue O’neill 410-704-2057 410-823-8765 Baltimore County Code Enforcement – Gary Herwig Mike Mohler, deputy director 410-665-1771 410-887-3375 committEEs - It takes a Village! Pet Locator – The Village Crier – Darrell Krushensky 410-823-6330 editor – lori cullinan Police – 911 or 410-887-2222 layout & co-editor – Kate Walkinshaw Proofreader & Archive editor – Mary noy Advertising coordinator – leslie vallade school news reporter – thea Mussman Architectural Review – darrell Krushensky Y aLrv mEEtings 410-823-6330 Block Captains – leslea Knauff 410-823-0648 Meetings are held on the By-laws – Mary King second tuesday of each month Citizens on Patrol – lori cullinan 7:00pm, Room 102 at the former 410-828-4507 Loch raven Elementary School Commercial Development – Open on Glen Keith Boulevard. Community Events – Open Covenant & Restrictions – residents are encouraged to attend, darrell Krushensky and to help in our ongoing work 410-823-6330 “to protect, maintain, and enhance Gardens – Gretchen sarkin the property values of loch raven 410-828-8952 village homes, and the quality of life Marketing – Open of loch raven village residents.”
  3. 3. crier editor Fields More Questions Advertising flyers can indeed add to have a method of communicating the the blowing trash in the Village. A “goings on” of lrv to each other. this law just went into effect that states that includes a weekly “Significant Events” a business can only hand deliver flyers report that is issued by sergeant Fink. to a residence once every six months. It lets you quickly review any significant That would require you to date any flyer crime events that have occurred within you get from any one business and track the towson area. You will also get ac- when the next one is delivered. Another cess to the village’s cOP patrol schedule option is to call the business owner to where you can see the list of neighbors request that they do not deliver to your patrolling the village on your behalf. If address. this can only be done on an in- you ever have an interest in trying out dividual basis, therefore the Association a patrol, simply hop on the schedule cannot make that request on behalf of anytime that suits you. If you would like the entire Village. Lastly, many flyers/ to be included in this network please advertisements have a “do not distrib- forward your email and request to ute” contact listed at the bottom that you can utilize. to stop the sun Plus, the Crier welcomes all questions, email the sun Plus service box with this concerns and opinions. However, we request at must ask that you stand behind them. Stranded shopping carts can be a All materials submitted for publication, nuisance. If you have one close to you including letters to the editor, must be that needs to be removed the most ob- signed. vious thing to do is to contact the store Lori Cullinan, Crier Editor that it belongs to. For instance, lenny schlossenberg, the manager of Giant, said that they do weekly neighborhood cart retrievals. If there is a stray cart near your property call the store at 410- 828-0006 and an employee will pick it up that day. they don’t want to lose the carts, and I suspect that most of our bordering businesses feel the same. If in fact it is not picked up within that day And it is on Baltimore county land, you can contact code enforcement and they will contact the manager on your behalf. There is a fine attached but the police have a very hard time enforcing it as it is seemingly hard to identify who took the cart. You don’t have to officially patrol to join the Village’s CoP (Citizen’s on Patrol) Program. While formal car/ bike/walking patrols are a cornerstone of a successful cOP program, the true deterrent of crime in a community is communication. did you know that we have a village cOP email network? We – continued from cover page 03
  4. 4. neighborhood Cleanup Your Neighborhood Printer lrv and Knettishall communities are holding a neighborhood cleanup on sat- urday, May 22nd from 8am to 12 noon at Pleasant Plains elementary school parking lot. the event is sponsored by Baltimore county and it is your oppor- tunity to dispose of your household dis- 1220-A E. Joppa Rd • Ste 102 cards in the dumpsters provided. Towson, Maryland 21286 Baltimore county has advised us that VOICE 410 427 0190 no electronics (tvs, computers, moni- FAX 410 427 0189 tors, etc.) or appliances with coolants (refrigerators/freezers) can be discarded at the collection site because of the pos- sible contamination of caustic materials, TM such as Freon, mercury and/or PCB. All 29¢ electronics can be turned in at the cock- eysville and Eastern landfills six days a * week for special treatment. More infor- mation will be published in next month’s crier about disposal regulations and compliance. Color Copies *$20.00 Minimum Order. Upgraded 24# White Laser Paper, since this is a volunteer run event, any- Letter Size (8.5’’x11’’) Single Sided, No Bleeds. Limited Time Offer. one interested in helping out, please contact Jerry Heilman at 410-823-3427 to sign up. Your Home Sold in 120 days or less at a Price Acceptable To You Guaranteed or I Will Buy It. Set For a Slow Down on Find out more about this offer at (click Glen Keith Boulevard on “Your Home Sold Guaranteed.”) or call 1-800-417-7690 id# 1072 Call 24/7 for recorded information that explains this offer Jason dance and John Kelly are hap- py to report that they were able to ob- Baltimore City - 410-342-4444 tain all the signatures required to gain Baltimore County - 443-745-2734 approval from Baltimore county to Email: Website: implement new speeding deterrents on Using new & innovative approaches to home Glen Keith Blvd. construction of traf- marketing, including state of the art technology, fic calming speed humps (like those on abundant online presence & years of experience, Pleasant Plains road) should start by Tim Hodgin sells more homes in Loch Raven Village than any other Realtor. Read what his late spring. recent satisfied Sellers have said about his home selling system. Call or email for your free analysis the residents of the village and the Association members would like to thank Mr. dance and Mr. Kelly for spearheading this initiative. We ap- preciate your efforts and are all safer “Tim Hodgin sold my home in because of them. “Tim sold our home in 16 days 13 days for 100% of my ask- during the double blizzards! He is extremely professional & ing price.” His home selling executed every in & out of our system is truly amazing. I home sale. Use him if you recommend him to all home want to sell your home.” - The sellers in the community - May Issue Deadline: 04/23/10 Sarangoulis Family Kristin O’Ferrall page 04
  5. 5. SChooL nEwS Pleasant Plains Elementary encouraged to come for a personalized tour of the school’s facilities, including students and staff are busy preparing grade-specific classrooms, the Library, for the spring musical, Aladdin Jr. re- Fine Arts wing, and the state-of-the- hearsals for singers, actors and dancers art computer lab. visitors will observe are going on after school and many staff teachers instructing and interacting members are involved in the behind-the- with students and will also receive an scenes work of sets, costumes and props. information pack detailing IHM’s aca- Shows will be April 22nd - April 24th at demic excellence, accreditations, and 7:00pm. Bring the kids and enjoy this extracurricular activities. bit of disney magic! Calvert hall College Loch raven academy the Calvert hall College theatre Congratulations! Mr. Alex Wolf of Department presents Joseph and the lrA has been selected as the Baltimore Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by An- county Outstanding educator using drew Lloyd Webber April 16, 17, 23, 24 technology. He will be recognized at the at 7:30pm and April 18 and 25 at 2pm at Maryland society for educational tech- the school’s McManus theater. tickets nology (MSET) Conference on April 30th are $5 for students and senior citizens, and May 1st at the Baltimore conven- and $10 for adults. Group discounts tion center. available. tickets can be purchased at Lra will be presenting the musical the door or in advance by contacting the- How to Eat Like a Child on the follow- ing dates: Friday, May 14th @ 7:00pm, Calvert hall continues to build Saturday, May 15th @ 7:00pm, Friday, upon the 2009-2010 theme, “Beyond May 21st @ 7:00pm and Saturday, May ourselves…Beyond our halls,” 22nd @ 7:00pm. Tickets will be sold at through numerous service projects and the door. donations to those in need. Over eas- Showcase night is thursday, april ter break, 15 students and 3 faculty 15th. Please plan to visit from 6:30-8:30 moderators traveled to new Orleans to pm to experience displays and demon- work on rebuilding projects to help the strations of students’ accomplishments city in its continuing efforts to recover and classroom projects. from Hurricane Katrina. In March, the school donated $8666 to the Mt. La Salle Immaculate heart of Mary College/School in Nigeria, Africa as part towson resident and IhM 7th grad- of the annual Mission drive. the Hall’s er Maura Ford was recently named a latest initiative is to raise awareness of 2010 Carson Scholar. The Carson Schol- the devastating effect of malaria in Ma- ars Fund scholarship program awards lawi. students have joined the “What’s $1,000 college scholarships to students the Buzz” program with area schools, for their high levels of academic excel- including Loyola Blakefield, Gilman and lence and dedication to community ser- roland Park to help support disease pre- vice. scholarships are awarded solely on vention. students at these schools can the basis of academic achievement and donate $10 to help families in Malawi humanitarian qualities. purchase a mosquito net. through their Spring open house is tuesday, efforts, calvert Hall students provided april 13, 2010 from 9:00-12:00. nets for 350 families. visitors and prospective families are page 05
  6. 6. Leslea S. Knauff, Realtor® Your Loch Raven Village Expert! & Accredited Home-Staging Specialist TM Staged homes sell faster— Come learn for more $$!* & play with us. FREE STAGING ACTION PLAN We’re a non-profit cooperative When you list with me! with programs for 3 and 4 year olds, where parents are active participants 410-627-2441 (cell) in their child’s earliest education. 410-667-3733 (Off/VM) We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment, conveniently located in your neighborhood! Contact GLRRC at 410-887-5309 *According to the National Association of Realtors.® Family Owned & Operated Collision Repair & Mechanical Timothy Fosbrink Service for all makes and models Evelyn H. Johnson Honored by all insurance companies Heather N. Hayes M. Neal Coleman $15 oil change for most vehicles with this ad LY O W MI A Burial & Cremation Services N F ED • SINC E 198 2• Pre-Planning & Pre-Financing Dan Hicks, owner an Available and LRV resident OP ED d E R AT Allow Our Family of Professionals CALL US TO SEE HOW WE CAN to Serve Your Family SAVE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE! 410-668-2300 2720 Sisson St. Baltimore 21211 8521 Loch Raven Blvd. 410.889.2262
  7. 7. Congratulations to trish and ryan and his son, scott, lives in timonium. Voegtlin of Glen Keith Blvd. on the birth the family would like to thank the won- of their daughter, Remy, on March 7th! derful neighbors on clyde Bank road who shoveled the snow, took out trash Congrats to David harrop for earning and recycling, and looked after charlie the Arrow of light, the highest award in and lee coard’s home during charlie’s cub scouts. He is now a Boy scout in recent illness and passing and lee’s re- Troop 742. cent back surgery. the family has been greatly touched. Marion holmes, who served as LrVa secretary for 35 years, had to our condolences to renee Brown move from her home on Glen ridge road and her family of Pleasant Plains road. in December 2009. She is now residing renee’s mother passed away on Friday, in the Maryland Masonic Home in cock- the 26th of March. eysville. Her friends and neighbors wish her well. Calling all Seniors! We’d like to honor Charlie Coard of Clyde Bank road our 2010 graduates. Send in details! passed away on February 12, 2010. Mr. coard and his wife, lee, have lived Please send us your news and in their home since 1958. His daughter, happenings! May issue deadline: trish spicer, lives on doxbury road 04/23/10. Mail to Loch raven Book Club & LrV BuLLaSt April is national Poetry Month and oyStEr r o the Book club will have its annual Po- 11pm. etry Meeting on April 22nd. Just bring ay 15th @ 7- Saturday, M ns a poem to read and discuss! We’ll be kville Garde heritage Par altimore meeting at 7:30pm at a member’s home. road B 7631 harford e Parkville Call Rita for directions at 410-825-0002. 21234 (L ocated in th enter) We’ll be celebrating the Book Club’s 5th Shopping C Anniversary on May 20th with dinner 00/person at 7:30pm at the Orchard Marketplace. tickets: $30. V (Book selection to be announced) Please Sponso red by aLr e Barnes join us! contact leslea at leslea.knauff@ Contact: wad or call 410-823-0648. 410-870-2956 page 07
  8. 8. do. these are things you can do all year round, not just on earth day. But if you want to do something special on earth day, there are lots of places you can go, like cromwell valley Park. It’s outside, free, and fun for the family. You can go on hikes through the woods, splash through streams, and even invite your friends to come along for a picnic! It is great fun, something MY family has en- joyed for years. also, Baltimore hosts great events in honor of Earth Day. these include: OFEST April 17, 2010 ECd Hill Park Noon-6 pm at Drui od Day: April 21, 2010, Fo anting Project ee Pl Food Film + Tr rth Day: Sustain- April 22, 2010, Ea Planting Project Earth Day 2010 able Living + Tree ion at the Earth Day Celebratin Baltimore ok kids. there is a very special day National Aquarium coming up, and that is Earth Day, on April 23 celebrated on April 22nd. Now some of you may not know what earth day is, so let me tell you. earth day is a day when we are supposed to stop and take a look around us, and see what we can do to help make our planet a better place to live. there are lots of things you can do to help. like at home, you can recycle plastic, paper, and glass. If it can be re- cycled, then you should recycle it. turn off lights when you aren’t using them to save electricity. don’t waste water. you can even recycle at school. not This just in all schools, but some schools, like my flower, cand: Flynn Walkinshaw’s soda can - le holders school Pine Grove Middle, have special fessional artist Mar were inspired by pro- que co bins in the lunch room for plastic bot- “tras rnblatt’s (www. with your trash h” art. Make ar tles, capri sun packs, and soda cans. wh - great t ere recycling insp idea! You never know this way there is not as much waste iration will come from. coming from the school, thus reducing our negative impact on the environ- I strongly suggest going out and ment. We also have a recycling club that doing something in honor of Earth collects soda cans from home. Kids bring Day. the planet we live on is special in the crushed cans, and turn them in. and unique, perfect for us to live, so the students get student service learn- take care of it. Jr. Editor ing hours, the school gets money from turning the cans in, and Mother earth AilishO ’Donnell, is helped. If your school doesn’t have programs like this, ask a teacher or principal about it, and see what you can page 08
  9. 9. Cromwell Park Events Daffodil Festival Saturday, April 17th at 10am to 4pm. TALMAR Gardens will host its first ever Daffodil Festival here at cvP. enjoy live music, food, face hillendale painting, nature crafts & more. $5 per animal hospital car donation. tAlMAr Horticultural center at eck Farm. dr. donald c. Mills art in the Park - Sunday, April 18th at Veterinarian 10am to 5pm (Rain date - Sunday, May 25th) Featuring artwork by local and regional artisans working in a variety doctors hours by appointment of media. Food, Wine & entertainment! Reservations NOT required. All ages. $5 410.296.5411 per car donation. sherwood Farm. 6839 Loch Raven Blvd. Children’s Gardening Club – begins Hillendale shopping center Saturdays, April 17th! Ages 5-13 years old. Grow vegetables, flowers, & herbs Monday-Friday 9-6 while exploring the natural world of our Saturday 9-1 garden. Join us to play, learn, craft, and eat tasty foods you grow yourself. On the 1st & 3rd Saturday’s of each month in the children’s Garden located at the Willow Grove Farm. April 17th thru October 16th. Ages 5-7 meet 9:30am-11:30am. Ages 8-13 meet 10:15am-11:45am. $25 members/$35 non-members. Loch raven Baseball Celebrates opening Day! loch raven Baseball will celebrate the opening of the season with a parade on Saturday, April 17th. The teams, t-ball through 13-15 age group, will march from White Oak school to Oakleigh elementary school beginning at 9am. the celebration will continue with the introduction of each player, dedication of field #2, the singing of the National Anthem and the playing of baseball games. the day will also include conces- sions, raffles, games and an airbrush vendor. come join the fun! May Issue Deadline: 04/23/10
  10. 10. eVeNTS CaleNdar / apr-May aLrV annual Elections report will be made available. General Meeting Contact: Gretchen Sarkin 410-828-8952 Tuesday, April 13th, 7pm. IhM 19th annual Spring Carnival Babcock Presbyterian church Saturday, May 1st, 12pm-6pm. Speakers: Lt. Lynn Mullahey, Immaculate Heart of Mary school delegate Aumann Food, Games, Moon Bounce & more! Board member positions available. Loch raven Kiwanis Meetings the 16th annual Friends of Celebrating 60th Year!! towson Library Book Sale Wednesdays, May 5th & 12th, Thursday, April 15th, @ 5:30pm - 8pm. @6:30pm. Pappas Restaurant (Taylor & Friday, April 16th and Saturday, Oakleigh). Optional Meal ($20), April 17th, @ 9am- 5pm. Sunday, call aheadContact: Judy LaFlame April 18th, @ 1pm - 4pm 410-499-0018 or towson library street level meeting rooms. First Choice Sale Night, $10 “Fleawash” fee, Ftl free. Free admission on Fri., Saturday, May 1st @ 8am - 2pm. sat. and sun. Flea market and carwash Babcock Presbyterian church Meet and Greet Elected Officials Sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 701 and Candidates Wednesday, April Spaces Available: $10 each 21st, @ 5pm Seven West Bistro, Contact: Fawn Hartline 410-661-7379. drink & Food specials, senator Jim Brochin, delegate Bill Frank, Babcock Church Spring Flea delegate susan Aumann, and Market and BBQ delegate steve lafferty. r.s.v.P. for Saturday, May 8th, @ 10:00am- 2:00pm. dinner: 410-337-9378. Limit: 250. Rain Date May 15th. Babcock Presbyterian church Loch raven Lacrosse Spirit Day Spaces available, $15 Saturday, April 24th, 2010. All teams Contact: Emily Meoli 410-494-8641. have home games. Food and Kids’ Activities.come support the home teams. LrV Bull & oyster roast Saturday, May 15th @ 7-11pm Joseph and the amazing techni- Heritage Parkville Gardens color Dreamcoat calvert Hall college 7631 Harford Road (Located in the High school theatre department Parkville shopping center) April 16, 17, 23, 24th @ 7:30pm. April Sponsored by ALRVTickets: $30.00/per- 18, 25th @ 2pm McManus Theater For son Contact: Wade Barnes 410-870-2956 tickets email Dumpster Day/neighborhood LrV town hall Meeting Clean-up Wednesday, April 28th, @ 7pm. Saturday, May 22nd, @ 8am to 12pm. Pleasant Plains elementary school (Or until dumpsters are full!)Pleasant sponsored by senator Jim Brochin Plains elementary school Parking lot. Speakers: Chief of Police, James sponsored by Alrv and Baltimore Johnson & reps from Bc code county enforcement LrV neighborhood “Sweep”! Will take place first week of May. Baltimore county code enforcement May Issue Deadline: 04/23/10 page 1 0
  11. 11. SErVICE aDS and on-time. Prepared to start immedi- Ed’s Lawn Care Services never cut ately. 410-336-5271. Your lawn Again! You Will Have the Best looking lawn In the neighborhood. sat- a-aaa tree Service tree removal, trim- isfaction Guaranteed! Grass Cut/Trimmed ming and thinning. shrubbery removal /Clean Up, Semi-Detached $30-$50/End of and hedge work. 25 years of experience Group $25-$40/Inside Group $15-$25. LRV and fully insured. loch raven resident, no Resident for 28+ Years. Free estimates. job too small. John 410-321-0921. Call Ed 410-371-5317. Powerwashing Junior at Archbishop adept Lawn & Stump storm damage curley High school, needs to help pay for cleanup. lawns mowed. tree and shrub high school/college expenses. Will power- removal. Hedges trimmed. Free estimates. wash decks, porches, steps, sidewalks, fenc- LRV resident. Call George 410-665-3683 es, sheds, siding, etc. supervised by caring uncle nick, a resident of doxbury road. heaths awning Services complete Call 410-262-6812. service Provider. new customers call and ask how you can reduce your service cost Bushes/hedges/trees trimming & shap- by 40-50%. New and Refurbished Frames ing don’t just “cut” it but “trim and shape” and covers, replacement Awning and it...there Is a big difference. Junior at Arch- Winter covers, Awnings (Patched, re- bishop curley High school, needs to help pay paired and reseamed) Frames (repaired, for high school/college expenses. Supervised replaced or removed). Free estimates. by caring uncle nick, a resident of doxbury Call 410-343-0081 or Road. Call 410-262-6812 happiness house Cleaners let me cus- Cullen Roofing & Siding Co. new roofs tomize your house’s cleaning needs to fit & repairs, aluminum gutters & spouts, your family’s lifestyle. My rates and service gutter guards & cleaning, trim work & can’t be beat! For a free estimate call Angela siding. longtime lrv resident. call for a at 410-812-7005. I live and clean in LRV. free estimate. 410-337-6777 or 410-665-1414. Family owned and operated. M.H.I.C. #6460. tJ’s Lawn & Landscape Prompt, courte- ous, local service. lawns cut, with or with- Plumbing & Drain Cleaning service out bagging. shrubs and hedges trimmed & repair, loch raven village resident. properly. shrubs and hedges removed. Master Plumber, quality work, no job too Garden care including clean-out, weeding small. Call John @ 410-296-4450 and mulching. Yard and leaf clean-ups. See Classifieds on back cover – Hauling, light moving, and delivery. com- plete outdoor services. 20 years experi- ence. Call Terry, 443-275-2853. to PLaCE an aD: Lawn Cutting Service I have been spe- submit your ad via email (pdf) to cializing in lawn-cutting services in your Send a printed community since 1998. I offer an honest, copy with payment to: reliable and quality service at very reason- The Village Crier P.O. Box 9721 able prices. I take care of your property as Baltimore, MD 21284 if it were my own. If interested, please call No ads will be taken by phone. Jim at 410-296-2092 for a free estimate. rates: Classified Ads - $5.00 per Plumber Your neighborhood plumber 25 words, 50 word max. for all plumbing services, 25 years ex- Professional Services - $25.00 per ad, perience, lrv Homeowner, reasonable 50 word max. rates, dependable service. call Bill at 410-960-4751. Payable to: Associates of loch raven village, Inc. home repairs by Scott, LLC. Handy note: All service Ads are to be paid in Man services. Maintain the value of your advance of publication. home.Have small repairs taken care of be- fore they become large repairs. reliable May Issue Deadline: 04/23/10
  12. 12. CLaSSIFIED aDS Furnished bedroom for rent in pri- vate home on Drumwood Road. Rent $400 monthly plus $25 for internet. No smoking. Tom Baumeister Use of kitchen and laundry. Call 410-823- LANDSCAPING SERVICE 3560. LrV Babysitting single mother looking LANDSCAPE to make some extra $. I have a teen-age design • installation • maintenance daughter and now have the time to baby- sit in the evenings and on sundays. Please shrub removal • small tree removal call Kim @ 410-303-6177. LAWNS fertilization • installation • aerating lrV Cookbook over-seeding • sod e n t r ies a n d o r ders I – Due April 30th – Also: stump removal, grading, trenching, tilling Help Support the Fireworks! Licensed & Insured Support the 2010 410-692-6540 Fireworks Display! Thank you for your past support 50/50 raFFLE and patronage! $2 per ticket. available now! Aberdeen Please Vol winner chosen on May 11th Barksdale Jerry Heilm at the aLrV Board Meeting Clyde Bank Please Vol WhO’S your blOCK CapTaiN? Cottage Lane Darrell Kru Tom Baumeister Contact: any Board Member to purchase! LANDSCAPING SERVICE DellswayLarry Schafer Rita Palme Deveron Doxbury & Grandson Bradley Ko Paula Fraz LANDSCAPE Contractor, inc. Drumwood Sue O’Neill Edgewood (even #s) Stacey Tem design • installation • maintenance Edgewood (odd #s) Doug Brady shrub removal • small tree removal Feldbrook Please Vol REPLACEMENT WINDOWSChuck Zelle Glen Gary LAWNS WITH Keith, East TRIM Jacki Smith Glen CUSTOM fertilization • installation • aerating Glen Keith, West Avery Hard over-seeding • sod BOW &Ridge WINDOWS Kimberly G Glen BAY Greenway Gary Herw INSULATED STEEL DOORS Corrine Rat Joppa & Loch Raven Village flags for sale! STORM DOORS show yourstump removal, grading, Also: village pride with this hand- Kennoway Pat Keller ALUMINUM TRIM Kirkwall Janet Brow some flag. trenching, tilling Dark green (similar to the LaSalle Jerry Heilm village banners) with white and yellow artwork. Pole not & Insured standard Licensed included. EXPERTNess Loch WORKMANSHIP Christophe Loch Raven2050 MHIC Please Vol 410-692-6540 size. They are $15 each, and quantities Loch Shiel Mark Frank are limited so don’t delay! Please send Mussula Please Vol your Thank you for your past support Balti- payment to PO Box 9721 410-256-4710 Myamby Kathy Faga more, MD 21284.patronage! and We’ll be happy to work 410-663-8446 Pleasant Plains Rob Metcal out delivery or pick up. Pleasant Plains #2 M. J. Simm Putty Hill Pat Oxnard Aberdeen Please Volunteer Putty Hill #2 Please Vol